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Although the night had not gone how Anna thought it would, it was actually turning out far better than her expectations. She had simply started the night determined to get a game out of Sebastian. Now they stood within a boutique looking for a wedding dress so she could attend his wedding. Although the child vampire was still a little unsure of someone else taking up Sebastian’s time it was at least not another girl so she figured she could handle it. The saleswoman’s mistake at her being the child in this picture was hardly the first time it had happened and wouldn’t be the last; it was her curse as much as her gift.

Anna’s attention was quickly diverted to the plethora of dresses that hung on the rack while the saleswoman made an attempt to help narrow the search down. Even if Anna couldn’t put words to what she wanted, she was even less likely to accept help in finding it..she’d know it when she saw it. The woman’s pick was only offered a wrinkle of her nose before declaring a dress she found to be the chosen one. Her excited gaze glanced from the dress to Sebastian and back to the woman as she looked the dress over.

The woman’s tone of concern caused Anna’s features to mirror Sebastian’s in that brief moment of fear that the dress wasn’t going to work. There was honestly no telling how Anna would have reacted if she had been told no. That initial emotion took some time to ebb from her system as the woman explained that it simply had to be altered. Both turned their sights towards Sebastian, Anna’s features once more held in anticipation for his answer. Slowly the corners of her mouth turned up into a smile, her form lifting onto her tiptoes as she bounced in excitement, “Thank you!” Anna practically hopped the entire way to the fitting area that the woman guided her to.

Anna was quick to put on the dress and settle onto the small raised platform. It certainly showed that she was capable of restraint as she stood completely still while the woman pinned, lifted, and measured the required areas. “Alright sweetie, all done, you can get dressed now.” “Ok!” Anna happily changed back into her street clothes before rejoining Sebastian’s side and grasping his hand once more. She was still humming in her excitement beside him as the woman explained to Sebastian that he’d get a call when the dress was ready. Anna stared back at the dress being hung for the tailor as they stepped out of the store back onto the street.

It was only then that Anna seemed to snap out of her state slightly to notice just how late it actually was. She eyed the starry sky in consideration before toeing her shoe slightly at the sidewalk. “I…he’s gonna be waiting for me, I have to go.” The one whom she had selected as a doll had been told to go wait at the playground for her tonight. She had to hurry or she would miss her chance at an easy meal. Anna wrapped her around suddenly around Sebastian’s middle in a quick hug before taking off down the street in the opposite direction.


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