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Wake up to your dreams
And watch them come true

In the depth of her thoughts and the sorrow that saw those tears flow freely down her face, Nadya was unaware that the house still had an occupant. She didn’t care to breakdown or cry in front of any of the pack, old or new, just as she didn’t in front of her children. She didn’t want others to think she was incapable or weak but sometimes the emotions ran too deep and there was no more room to shove them down any further.

The sound of scuffing on the floor caused Nadya’s body to tense, turning her head away from the sound to hide her face and stifle her tears. At Frost’s proximity now that pack bond along with that deeper one they shared as a couple pulled tight. Nadya relaxed slightly and allowed herself to look up at Frost as he seated himself beside her. She didn’t know really how to answer his question. Did she start from the beginning and tell it all or just the highlights? It seemed like an awful lot to relive through retelling the entire thing.

“I know you said my brother wouldn’t accept the paper; I didn’t expect much either but to just see it as us doing our part. Just…the uncaring-“ Nadya sniffed and glanced to the twins as she gripped Frost’s comforting hand. “He wouldn’t even acknowledge the twins.” They had done nothing to deserve anything the Nightshades had thrown their way from the beginning. Innocent children being shunned and even an attempt on their life once. Nadya managed to regather herself enough to continue. “He said the same as you, that he’s done and wants nothing to do with Chimera…but…but he’s so adamant about a face-to-face meeting with you.” Nadya shook her head. “If someone is done and wants nothing to do with someone then they don’t demand a face-to-face. It doesn’t make sense and makes it seem like there’s something else being planned.”

Nadya lifted her free hand to gently sweep aside that lock of hair that obstructed her view of Frost’s eyes. “Please, don’t go, at least not alone. I may be overreacting but I just fear that he’ll provoke you into doing something so that a war can be declared.” She hated having these doubts and fears about her brother but what else could she believe based on his behavior and words?

Nadya Tetradore


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