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Wake up to your dreams
And watch them come true

Even if Nadya had never joined Frost or had the twins, her relationship with her brother had been doomed from the beginning. Their vastly different childhoods had made sure of that. They Would have never seen eye to eye. Her brother would always see the world as something evil to get away from while Nadya was very much a part of that outside world. It had just taken far too long for Nadya to finally release that child's niave hope to have her brother in her life again. She should have accepted the memories of her childhood as just that…memories to be left in the past.

Those tears ceased from the young woman. Frost was right that family was a chosen thing just as much. Her adoptive pack had raised her as their own. Now the Chimera pack was her family and that’s where her attention should lay. With a soft sigh she released that battle from her mind and asked for Frost’s help in getting the youngest pack members to their room. In the beginning of Frost being around her children she had been watchful, wary even, but now there wasn't even a backward glance given to the stallion as she led the way upstairs. Once Micah was settled did she voice the singular question to her boyfriend. She had tried to keep the twins relationship with their uncle and father but after being pushed away so many times it was no longer worth it. She did not want the twins to become aware of the fact they were ignored in any sense. She didn’t want them feeling like something was wrong with them. But it also raised the concern that since she never spoke ill of the others towards them that they would resent her thinking she had been the one to keep them away on purpose…out of spite. Those worries didn't have long to latch onto the young mother though before her boyfriend's arms wrapped around her. The simple gesture calming her, feeling overwhelmed with the care of it. How he had a way with her. She nodded slightly as she turned within his arms after a moment so as to rest her head briefly on his chest. “You're right.” Nadya spoke softly, planting a kiss to the skin of his neck where the collar of his shirt stopped.

Nadya offered the sleeping twins one last look before shutting off their bedroom light allowing the glow in the dark paint on their ceiling to come to life with it’s celestial magic. In silence Nadya held Frost's hand, leading him to their bedroom. How grateful she was for everything Frost had done for them and how she truly wished to show him. She gently nudged her boyfriend backwards to sit on the edge of their bed while she remained standing between his knees. “You've done so much for us.” Slowly she dipped her head to steal a heated kiss from the man. “How will I ever repay you?” She smirked, her fingers toying with the button of his shirt before her fingers dropped to the hem of her own shirt to draw it up and over her head leaving her in dark red lace bra before him. It only remained to be seen what his next move was.

Nadya Tetradore


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