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Wake up to your dreams
And watch them come true

From the moment Nadya joined Frost’s pack so many of her worries had melted away. That great weight lifted from her shoulders of being the only one to protect the twins. It had given Nadya a new sense of hope; for that she would always be grateful to Frost for. Frost tended to her needs in those emotional moments that plagued her over her family whether he knew it or not. She had a secret window into the man beneath that mask and every time she saw him, her care for him grew. So when his arms wrapped around her in that protective fashion, her heart swelled and she turned about to face him.

Seeing as the twins were now tucked in safe and sound for the night there was no reason to not show him just how much she cared for him. It was easy to lead him from one room to the next and guide him to perch on the edge of the bed to kiss him. It was harder to know where to begin. Her fingers itched to be against his skin as they teased at the hem of his shirt before deciding to give him a nice view first and lifted her shirt away. The way his eyes always dilated when he looked at her figure alone was enough to heat her flesh.

Nadya enjoyed how she could make him lapse into his native tongue as the blood was surely lacking in his brain. Nadya’s eyes fluttered at the fresh sensation of the warmth of his affinity mixed with the brush of his lips against her skin as they trailed to join in a heated kiss once more. “I suppose that sounds…fair.” The last was trailed off in a breathy sigh of pleasure as those lips closed around their target. Her fingers tangled in those thick white locks of hair in encouragement. It was hard to get her brain to think with the wonderful pleasure nerves he was striking. Wasn’t this supposed to be about him though? Wasn’t he supposed to get more out of this?

“It’s.…hardly fair though…that I should be the only one without a shirt.” Nadya gathered her thoughts enough to slowly pull away. However, she didn’t go far as she slid onto his lap with a knee on either side of him on the bed. With a smirk she gave a teasing rock of her hips against his, that friction alone of their clothed confinement sending a little jolt up her spine. Her lips descended against his once more after unceremoniously divesting him of his shirt. Her fingers traced the flat planes of his chest and ridges of his stomach, knowing full well the hidden strength he possessed beneath those lean muscles. “Hmm…didn’t you mention before…that I should learn how to ride? Well…you know what they say…practice makes perfect.” Her eyes sparkled with mischief at the innuendo as she looked back into those violet depths of his with her fingers having made their trail down to play with the button of his pants…waiting.

Nadya Tetradore


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