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The Sun Also Rises

How he adored that more sensual kiss he was afforded! That gesture, this time, far less innocent and more ardent then that initial kiss, Dorian wholly content to meet that embrace eagerly. That soft sound of pleasure stirred within his throat. How easily Sebastian might pull those more intimate desires from him! How readily he responded to even that near chaste touch. Dorian reluctant to let Sebastian shift away from him even now and yet those near whispered words so held that promise of what else might be enjoyed between them later that evening. That promise of tomorrows ideas lingering still. Dorian content to make up for every moment he had spent in that office and away from the vampire those past few evenings. Sebastian had been decidedly patient with him, the Monarch assured he could not bear to spend another evening within that room. That simper finding his lips as Sebastian lent away at last, that simple contentment in that moment surely prompting the man to inquire further of their wedding and those few plans that still needed to be made. That date a plan of decided importance and one they surely needed sooner rather than later if only so that extensive guest list could begin to formalise their own plans to attend.

Any attempts by either man to discuss those upcoming nuptials was abruptly ended by Maxwell’s excited appearance. That prized sock thrown about with such glee that Dorian could hardly stop that grin from finding his own features. The Monarch snatching up the free end of that sock to challenge the puppy to that game of tug. A game Dorian would, eventually, be destined to lose each time once that dog had grown into the sizeable body those books assured him the breed would have. It was Sebastian’s very mention of that need for more toys for that growing puppy that prompted the Fae King to readily agree, Dorian mentioning just what those books had said on that topic of teething. The man having come to take the raising of that puppy as seriously as he would a child. Maxwell having become just that in so many ways for the pair- even if neither of them had fully intended as such. A part of that Fae King so relishing that idea of raising that little being with Sebastian, puppy or otherwise. That vampires assurance they would surely raise him just fine prompting that grin to return to his own lips. How curious it was that Sebastian, so prone to worry of any and everything, was by far that more relaxed ‘parent’ in every sense of the word. Dorian so often content to worry over that puppy’s wellbeing. His lovers far more relaxed approach to that upbringing so often needed to reassure the Monarch himself that all was entirely well. Maxwell, after all, was one of the few pets Dorian had so ever had the chance to look after all. That responsibility taken on with a great sense of duty. Those words near playfully offered then.

“I do suppose I am fond of how he has turned out so far.”

It was that suggestion of a winter wedding however that distracted the mans thoughts now. Dorian wholly willing to oblige his lover on such a thing if only for the sheer practicality of it. They needed those extended evening hours, after all, Sebastian was hardly the only vampire in attendance at that wedding. Dorian briefly given to consider Arlo in turn even if he was yet to meet the man. It would afford them far more time to enjoy that evening without being rushed were it held in late winter. Dorian so hardly having considered those guests- at least until those lines of worry seemed to find his lovers features. The sheer amount of time he spent within Sebastian’s company perhaps assuring him near wordlessly of just what that worry was. Sebastian simply incapable of not considering those guests and yet- it was that very compassion within the man that Dorian so adored all the same. The Monarch content to reassure him of the mildness of those Italian winters and too- the sheer number of people in attendance. Sebastian sighing at last before commenting that he surely knew. Dorian allowing that chuckle to hum within his throat.

“I think it quite endearing that you care so much.”

He offered simply and yet entirely truthfully. After all, Sebastian was hardly a born Italian and yet within a matter of months he would be the Prince of Italy itself. That he cared enough for those people to worry of their comfort was yet another assurance that his lover was surely right for that role that would be thrust upon him even if Dorian remained assured the man still had not yet, fully, come to terms with his new position in life. Such a thing sure to take time. How fortunate that they should have an eternity. Dorian turned toward that calendar then, the man eyeing those days before settling upon that Saturday, February the tenth of next year- his gaze turned back to Sebastian then for that hint of approval of a date chosen sooner rather than later. That near glorious grin finding his lips at that ready agreement as his head bobbed.

“I shall make sure the wedding planners are told this evening then. They will be delighted to have a date.”

His hand reached easily for his lovers then. Dorian content to suggest they shift from that office. The Monarch entirely tired of looking at those walls. Sebastian leading that way downstairs with Maxwell in tow before Dorian tugged the man down and onto the couch beside him. He could hardly help that nervous flutter that seemed to shift that rhythm of his heart in those moments that followed. Dorian plucking that little black box from his pocket to present it to his fiancé then. The Fae King near intently focused upon his Consorts reaction in those moments in which he lifted that lid to display that white gold and solid gold wedding ring. That near nervous tension leaving him only at that soft utterance that it was beautiful. That near sigh of relief leaving himself in that moment, foolish though it surely was. Dorian paused then to offer some explanation of that ring he had taken so long to craft. Gold not a medium he had worked with on near any occasion before.

The vampires gaze shifted to meet his own then, Dorian looking away from that ring now, that simper upon his lips surely matching Sebastian’s own at those softly uttered words that he would surely never forget just how much he loved him. The Fae leaning forward then to steal but another kiss from the man he adored in that sweet moment.


That singular word was near uttered against Sebastian’s lips as Dorian lent softly away to take that offered left hand. The Monarch entirely content to do as Sebastian had done for him that night of their engagement and afford that ring its proper place. Dorian unable to deny that utter delight he took from this singular moment. After all, the world itself was destined to watch their wedding and yet there was something significantly more intimate about this singular moment here and now. One shared between them alone. Those wedding rings seen upon each other only by one another for that first time and with no one else to interrupt. His free hand reached forward then to slide that Heart ring from Sebastian’s finger, that sudden silence of sorts felt within his own ring almost disconcerting before he moved to place it upon the ring finger of his lover’s right hand- that steady thrum returned. His fingers moved to take that wedding ring then, Dorian slipping it neatly and perfectly into place on the ring finger of that left hand. The mere sight of it alone enough to spread that warmth throughout his chest all over again.

“I quite think marriage suits you.”

He commented softly, that playful note within those words once more as he released his lover’s hand. Affording Sebastian that chance to admire that ring as I rested within its proper place. That possessiveness of sorts within the Monarch far more delighted then he was sure he should be to see that ring nestled firmly in place upon the finger of that man that was his alone. That ring somehow solidifying that singular thing- as if it had not already been solid enough. Dorian leaning gently against his lover then, if only for that simple closeness and yet surely there was still but one thing to discuss. Dorian near certain that, if left to Sebastian, that topic would not be discussed at all until they stood before the marriage certificate and discovered they hardly knew what to sign. Dorian wholly reluctant to afford that singular moment any displeasure and yet- with that date now set and those wedding invitations to be sent, surely they need decide on that final step of sorts? Their last name. Dorian’s hand lifting then to rest upon his lover’s knee and draw the man’s attention to him.

“I think, Mon Cher, that there is still one thing we need to decide upon. Have you, perhaps, given any thought to what you would like to do with our name?”

Sebastian, he was assured, had likely given such an idea a great deal of thought and a great deal of worry. After all, that coat of arms had near distressed the man entirely alone! Even Dorian inclined to admit that the matter of names had proven to be a difficult one and problem he himself had spent rather a long while considering- not to mention that consultation with his own parliament on just what he was allowed to do. After all, no union between two men had ever occurred in any royal house before, the matter of names, in that case- a rather critical one and yet in this Dorian was perhaps inclined to speak of his own idea first. His gaze lifted to his lovers own then.

“I have spoken to my Advisor and it seems that I cannot remove my name entirely, because it is the royal name and house and yet I thought, if you should not be terribly opposed, that I might take your name as well?”

Sebastian, after all, was the very man he was marrying. Dorian entirely willing to take up that last name in turn. In truth he found he quite wanted too. The Monarch continuing softly then. Dorian unable to help that slight nervousness that tugged at him all the same.

“How does Sebastian and Dorian Ellington Brownlow-Cust Aragona sound to you? It is terribly long I know but we would truly only need it for those official things. For the matter of practicality and introducing ourselves in that non-official capacity I thought we might simply be the Ellington-Aragona’s? Only if you should like it too of course.”

That soft simper tugged at his lips once more at that suggestion of sorts. After all, Sebastian’s family name was important to him, Dorian unwilling to ask the man to give it up if he should not desire too.

Dorian Aragona


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