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Amelia had every intention of thanking Troy for his patience and his good attitude for the night. She knew he was not one who really enjoyed parties or hosting, but he was being a good sport because she was hosting a party where he was expected to attend. In fact, she had it on her agenda to making sure he had a good helping of dessert in their bedroom when their guests finally left. It was the least she could do to thank him for being so patient.

As she began to make her rounds making sure everyone had a drink in their hands, she answered all questions asked of her to the best of her ability. When Troy made his quip about it feeling like more than 5 months since they met, she could not help but chuckle. “Most don't move in and have kids all within five months. Maybe that's why it feels longer.” Amelia had never expected to have kids at all, so when she fell pregnant so soon after meeting Troy, it had come nothing short of an absolute shock. But despite all that had happened, she did not regret anything. Would she want to do things differently if given the chance? Absolutely not.

The conversation easily went towards her pregnancy, something she expected. It was entirely unheard of for a vampire to fall pregnant, so she had expected many questions about her pregnancy. Unfortunately, she wished she had more answers than she was able to give. With how rare the event was and with how fast the pregnancy was progressing, she wasn't sure she knew much about her baby other than it was growing quickly and could be born at any moment.

As if on cue, another contraction came and went, causing Amelia to temporarily lose her focus as pain crippled her body. She held onto the bar tightly as she tried not to show her discomfort to Troy or to her guests. After all, she was here to entertain, not be a damper on their fun.

Dorian's questions about names and gender had her offering him a smile as soon as her contraction alleviated. “Unfortunately, our child likes to keep his or her legs closed. We don't know the gender nor the name. I'm afraid we will be terrible parents.” She was only joking, letting a light laugh come from her lips. Troy and she had not even talked about names. They had been too busy trying to A. Come to terms with becoming parents and B. Preparing for their child. They simply hadn't had time to think of a name to call their baby. “However, I am convinced our child may be vampire. It craves a blood type I usually abhor. And while I have had many hundreds of years to curb my appetite, this child does not know self control - it craves Troy because he is a fairy.” Amelia had never had trouble resisting Troy's blood. His blood was only drank in times of high emotion and ecstasy. It was their way of climaxing together when they were intimate with one another. But this child...this child wanted to taste Troy's blood all the time. Thanks fully, it had a mother who knew self control.

Amelia smiled as Dorian claimed that he and Sebastian had adopted recently. Amelia had not heard of them adopting a child in the news and was pleasantly surprised when he handed them a picture of the Rottweiler puppy. “He is adorable!” Already she could feel her motherly instincts take hold as she cooed over the little puppy.

It was then that the cook came into the room and announced that dinner was served. Amelia smiled as she looked towards both her guests. “Follow me to the dining room.” She began to lead the small group of individuals through the house and towards the dining room. Her arm was joined in Troy's. However as they just managed to enter the dining room, the grip on Troy's arm tightened as another contraction came, making Amelia pause with pain. She had not meant to alarm Troy, but these contractions were beginning to get uncomfortable. Although they were not close enough to scream labor, they most definitely made Amelia pause.


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