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Dorian AragonaHis Royal Majesty, The King of Italy

He could hardly help that easy smile that found his lips as Sebastian’s hand came to rest upon his waist. Even the most subtle of touches, it seemed, capable of coaxing that delight from the Monarch as he reached to take that offered wine from Amelia. Dorian’s curiosity upon that pregnancy surely clear and yet the Fae King so strove to assure his own curiosities remained nothing short of respectful- even despite the sheer number of questions that so threatened to overwhelm his mind. In all the world he had never heard of a vampire pregnancy, much less one so achieved through a union with one of his own species. Fae so notoriously poor producers even at the best of times. The entire thing was terribly baffling and yet- despite it all- Amelia appeared the picture of health. Dorian allowing that soft simper to find his own lips at that clear affection that existed between Amelia and Troy as they bantered over that veritable date of conception that, in most circumstance, might well have placed some measure of doubt upon just whom the true father of the child was. Dorian, in that moment, holding little question over the truth of it despite those impracticalities. That love between them was so strikingly clear. The Fae King so given to wonder if such a thing between Sebastian and himself was equally as clear to those whom might look upon them. Dorian shifted gently in that moment to press but a little closer to his fiancé in that simple touch of affection.

It was a simple matter, to allow his own affinity to so silently embrace the room. Those lights of life blossoming before his eyes to afford him an answer to that singular question he had so long pondered over and yet- he had hardly anticipated that answer in any sense. The impossibilities of a vampire child- a born vampire- had been far beyond his own expectations. Dorian near stumbling over his own words then, that sip of wine he took far more significant then he should surely have allowed it to be and yet he moved hurriedly to correct that fault with the simple grace of his position in life. Dorian largely oblivious to Troy’s own astute observations of himself as he made some effort to query Amelia further on the gender of the child or even whether or not she and Troy had discussed names. His head nodding simply at that assurance that gender was unknown before the Italian was near given to surprise once more at Amelia’s admittance that she had readily considered the possibility of a vampire child if only for her belief it already craved blood- Troy’s most potently if only for his species. Fae, it seemed, a favoured blood by vampires not yet even born! Dorian glancing briefly to Troy and back to Amelia once more in clear intrigue.

“I think, perhaps, the prospect of your child being a vampire is perhaps one well considered, it seems.”

He offered the words simply, Dorian unwilling to offer further information in that moment if only for the fear of whether or not it was truly appropriate to do so. Had a born-vampire ever existed in all the world? Surely they feared for their child’s safety as it was? Dorian so given to consider then just what that Hunter Council might think were they to ever find out. The Fae King reached effortlessly to pluck that mobile phone from his pocket then. Dorian making every attempt to assure the continued pleasantness of that conversation as he spoke of his and Sebastian’s own recent adoption, that picture of their puppy birthing the screen as he turned to offer it to the other couple. The Monarch so choosing that singular moment of distraction to press his affinity to Sebastian alone and afford his lover that knowledge of what he too had readily seen. That subtle tightening of Sebastian’s hand against his waist so assured him the vampire had observed just what Dorian had seen for himself. How unfortunate they might so be forced to wait some hours before they might discuss it. The King allowed that affinity to fade once more as that grin found his features again in response to Amelia’s delight over that puppy. Dorian allowing that chuckle to fall from himself at Sebastian offered comment and too Troy’s mention of both that increasing size and Maxwell’s predispose to ‘slobber’ and teething.

“We have quite discovered the teething phase already. He has a great favouritism for Sebastian’s socks and the chair legs in out dining room.”

It was foolish perhaps, that simple pleasure Dorian so took in how well that little puppy was growing all the same and the fashion others so seemed to delight over him. After all it was, perhaps, largely unlikely Sebastian and himself might ever have a true child of their own, that puppy having so quickly become a surrogate of sorts and one the Monarch so readily took pride in. Maxwell was, after all, something Sebastian and himself had so set to raising together. That alone decidedly significant to the Fae King. Amelia’s request to so follow her to the dining room was met with another nod, Dorian’s thoughts still positively turning with all he had come to discover this evening before the vampire woman abruptly seemed to pause, Troy hurrying to her side as that clear look of pain seemed to cross her features. The anxiety within the other Fae’s voice decidedly clear as Dorian so glanced toward Sebastian once more. Did Troy and Amelia not keep a physician in their home?

“Perhaps it might be best if Amelia’s is attended to. Is your Physician close by? I can have someone from my security team take you if you require to get their quickly?”

There was, perhaps, a slight touch of anxiety to Dorian’s own voice in that moment. The matter of pregnancy and childbirth was one he was distinctly unfamiliar with. After all, such things, within his own time, were firmly the business of women alone. Even the King himself was sent away while his Queen laboured. Only other women so permitted to bare witness to such things. Dorian himself decidedly unfamiliar with those processes. After all, he had never taken a wife. His understanding of birth limited entirely to the presentation of the baby to the father after the process itself was long since over. That further worry gripping slightly at him still with that singular fear for Amelia’s own safety. Women in his own time terribly prone to dying during childbirth and yet- was she not already dead? What of the child? Dorian’s hand so tightening within Sebastian’s own then.

“If you should like we can surely have dinner another night?”


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