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The moment he mentioned the term loneliness, Andras realized he had made a grave mistake. The girl before him had begun to thaw towards him and he could see that adamant wall slam down over her emotions as if it were a living thing. He might have winced, if he wasn’t so entirely good at controlling his emotions. Instead, he smiles. Perhaps not the most pleasant way to handle the situation, but he was curious. As she continues to explain how she valued her space and that she was, indeed, not lonely, Andras’s grin widens slowly until her tirade is complete. “Of course, you aren’t,” he winks at her, that devilish smirk so adorning his features a hint of teasing coating his lyrics.

When he extends his hand to help her to her feet, Andras is pleasantly surprised when she accepts it. However, he does note the flush that so creeps up her neck and scatters across her cheeks, a brow arching in a questioning manner though he doesn’t deign to speak on it. He’s honestly impressed, the way she stares him down even though her cheeks are pink with embarrassment, and only looks away when he explains a bit about his townhouse. Offering her the spare bedroom, that small genuine smile sneaks its way onto his lips again. Giving a small dip of his head he turns on a heel and begins to prowl through the forest.

There was only a moment’s hesitation before he could hear Navi trailing after him. Slowing his stride so that she came abreast with him, his dark hazel eyes travel down to her as she begins to ply him with more questions in regards to iron. Amusement twinkles in his eyes as he listens to her patiently, enjoying the stroll beneath the trees. He pauses for a moment, deciding how he might best explain it. “Iron is a fickle thing. It weakens us, allows us not to use any magic and in some cases if you are exposed to too much of it, can kill you. Though, that typically only happens with very young faeries. For the most part, say you threw me in a cage full of iron, I would feel sick and weak and most likely would not be able to use any of my powers, however, it wouldn’t kill me. Same for you, you might be immobile but it wouldn’t kill you.”

He pauses for a moment to allow Navi to catch up just as they exit the forest, the hard sidewalk beneath their feet as they stalk into the light of a nearby street lamp. “Iron will always affect us, there is not one faerie in the world who is immune to it, but over time, if you constantly work with it, you can manage to work past the sickening feel the iron brings on. It will nullify your magic but if you are ever in a life or death situation, knowing how to work through the pain iron brings, comes in handy.” His explanation is nothing but thorough, the Fae doesn’t mind explaining these things towards the girl, if anything, he was rather enjoying himself. It had been a long time since he was able to share his experience with another.

“I’ve had extensive training with iron so I’m able to endure much more than an average Fae can. I trained in iron chains at a young age so I might be able to fight my way out if the need ever arose. If you would like, I’d be happy to share that training with you, though I will warn you, it’s not pretty and it’s not easy,” he says a bit sternly just as they are approaching a townhouse. Walking the few steps up towards the house, he fishes a key out of his pocket and quickly unlocks the door. Stepping back, he waves his hand out in front him, gesturing that Navi go first, “After you,” he states. Waiting until she’s inside, he follows after her, shutting the door and locking the dead bolt.

Reaching over, Andras flips on the light switch to reveal the first level. An expansive spare bedroom with its own closet and bathroom, another door leading towards a two-car garage and stairs leading up to the next level. Gesturing her to follow, Andras moves up the stairs with elegant grace, “The first floor can be yours, it gives us a whole floor between us so you can continue with your… solitude,” he snickers just as they enter the next landing. The next floor reveals the kitchen, a living room and another bedroom, the décor expressing that of wealth, though everything is well worn. It was homey and cozy in a way.

Strutting towards one of the couches, he plops himself down, allowing his ankle to come up and rest on his knee, his arms slung over the back of the couch, “This will only be temporary, I will have your room ready at the lodge in a few days, but for now, feel free to use all of this space,” he says, a small smile toying at the corner of his lips. “Do you have any questions?”

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