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death incarnate & night triumphant

Her dry sense of humor has Andras quirking a smile at Navi. At least she was blunt and straight forward, he preferred to get straight to the point rather than beat around the bush. So, that dark grin tugs at the corner of his lips as he shoves his hands casually into those black slacks, offering the faerie a dip of his head in agreement, “You’re correct,” he states frankly listening to her next set of words. He had suspected as much, the girl seemed accustomed to long and cold nights; he had found her in a tree. For the moment, he doesn’t deign to respond, he would find a more appropriate time down the road to inquire as to who she really was and where she was from.

Fishing the key from his pocket, he makes quick work of the lock, allowing Navi to enter before him with a sweep of his hand. He notes the hesitancy in her frame but Andras remains patient, he wouldn’t rush her into something she wasn’t certain of, so he pauses for as long as she needs before she finally steps over that threshold. Allowing the door to snick shut, the Fae locks the door efficiently, ignoring the momentary scare he had given the girl. It seemed all new to her, perhaps he should have eased her into it rather than… throwing her into it.

Too late now.

Before he has time to explain anything to Navi, he notes the childish grin that so adorns her features and she takes off, quickly exploring everything she could about his townhome. Astonishment fills his eyes briefly before his own faint smile tugs on his lips, waiting at the base of the stairs for the girl to finish her inspection. She seemed to bright and alive. It was a new side that he had yet to see of her and he suspected he would find out a great many more things about his fellow faerie. Gesturing towards the stairs, he leads her up the flight, crosses the room and plops himself into the lush couch. Her first question has Andras sniffing at her, “I enjoy wide open spaces, I don’t like to feel caged in,” he answers casually.

He barely has time to finish answering her before she prattles off several more questions, a hint of laughter escaping his lips, “Not all houses are the same. The modern world has changed much over the centuries, there are different styles of homes now ranging from very large to very small,” he replies patiently before his own hazel eyes travel down to the furniture he seated himself on, “It’s called a couch,” again he responds, his brows furrowing in concern briefly. He hadn’t realized she was that out of touch with the world. Perhaps he should introduce the girl to Dorian, he was still learning about the world as it is today.

It doesn’t take long before Navi moves closer, inspecting the couch before she flops herself down next to him – right between the two cushions as the seat practically engulfs her. The look of horror that so dances across her features has Andras chuckling darkly. Her small hands grip onto him as she heaves herself upwards, stating she did not like the couch. Amused, he merely shakes his head, “It’s because you were sitting on it wrong,” he laughs again, “I admit, I’ve never seen someone sit on a couch wrong until you,” he calls after her as she enters the bedroom and returns with a blanket wrapped around her small frame.

Arching a brow at her, he doesn’t comment on her announcement that she would be sleeping here on the floor. Watching her carefully, Andras merely shrugs at her before standing, stretching his long limbs above his head, “What is what?” he asks, dropping his arms to his side, looking down at the faerie again. “You know, there is a bed in there if you don’t want to sleep on the floor,” he points with a hand to the room she just exited. “If you want to sleep on the floor, that’s fine by me, but a bed is more comfortable.”

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