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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Maybe things would have been different had she grown up with a little more familiarity with boys and men, she might not have been so shy as he remains over her in that ever since natural state, but she hadn't. There had been a couple boys back in her hometown that had noticed her and taken an interest, but she'd been too young to venture down that road with any of them - not that she even could have given they fact that her parents had raised her better than to go wandering through such uncharted territory. She had been able to maintain that purity, that innocence through those challenging high school years when many of the girls her age were bedding with their boyfriends (or a variety of other that might so much as show the smallest sliver of such interests). That was not to say that Beylani did not wonder what such moments of passion felt like, what feelings would overwhelm her when someone might look at her that way one day. Just like most girls, she had those silly fantasies on occasion of sharing a night with someone that might so captivate her heart, had read those cheesy romance novels and sighed wistfully here and there at those more intimate chapters, wishing that she might be considered even just half as fondly by another. And yet, it still surprised her that he would sleep without any clothes and she can't help but wonder if perhaps this was how he always slept. She never had been comfortable sleeping in her own bed so bare, relishing in the gentle embrace of something against her skin, and it is this polar opposite that tempts her curious mind that almost escapes from he control though she is quick to reel it back in when those hazels were on her. Now was not the best time to let that wandering mind of hers dare to explore those darker, bolder thoughts. It's not like anything would ever happen anyway, or so she was able to reason with herself.

Velvet baritones usher quietly into the dark room igniting only by the glow of the flames that continued to burn, their presence and the way that their warm light touched his skin certainly not helping her current situation or those churning feelings she is only just now beginning to feel in faint recognisition that she refuses and pushes away. Her voice eludes her and instead she simply looks up into those hazel eyes bashful lyrics, stricken into speechlessness. She is thankful that he does not seem to have the slightest clue of those things running wildly within her mind only to cast faint glimmers within those baby blue depths unable to look away from him. This seemed too much like some sort of beginning to a scene of passion in a movie or book but she immediately bats away that girlish and silly thought, quick to remind herself that friends could wrestle around in bed without it meaning anything... At least, that was what she was going to convince herself to believe. How could someone like Andras ever think of someone as common as herself in such a way beyond friendship? He was suave and daring, alluring and very much attractive - enough to evoke in the blue-eyed blonde such slight stirring she hadn't felt towards another in a long while-, he could have any woman he could want. Someone flawlessly beautiful, someone smart, someone wealthy. Someone fae. Surely he would never feel anything for a human when he could surely find a stunning woman of his own kind to steal that roughishly charming heart of his. That simper of his flickers across those chiseled features of his face that for one reason or another she almost wanted to reach a hand out and touch yet she remains like puddy under him and a shy smile teases those blush-colored lips of her own. For what reason, she wasn't truly sure or at least that was what she wanted to think though she could only guess and how she felt embarrassed for thinking that she might even have considered the fact that she found find him and find herself in this... peculiar position. When he slides off of her and she is standing and he promises to be finished with his shower, the moment that left her warm in more ways than one is gone (almost) and she hurries quietly out of the room to leave the dark fae man to his own devices. That would give her some time to collect herself again with the hope that she might not make herself look so foolish, even if the skin along her next still seemed ignited where his fingers had brushed against her neck.

She is sitting on that white couch now, bidding that heart of hers to slow and those silly thoughts to vanish, yet she is only successful to calming that rapid beating. Casting those baby blues out to the snowy landscape, she observed the sun drawing nearer to those jagged peaks in the far distance. So much time had passed her by and somehow it only felt like fleeting moments between last night and the present though she supposed if was likely due to the fact that she'd spent most of the past twenty-four hours unconscious. Those words from the kind older fae woman still echo within the recesses of her mind, thinking back on how the very man who had pinned her to that bed beneath him was a being of royalty. She was almost in disbelief to think that those sultry eyes would belong to someone that ruled, and she tries to tell herself there was no way any of what had happened in that room was real. So, why was it then that a part of her still felt that tickle of butterflies that seemed to find her again? How could it be that after only knowing him for such a short while, knowing so little about the fae man, she had somehow managed to leap from a fondness she'd been certain was nothing more than what one friend would feel for another to a fondness that ran much, much deeper? Why was it that it all seemed real instead of something she was creating in her own mind? A soft sigh ushers quietly through her as she again tries to push away those feelings. If he knew she was beginning to feel for him - even if she tried to fight that feeling every single step of the way stubbornly - she couldn't help but think he would only reaffirm that she was being ridiculous. Maybe it would take him telling her the very thing that deep down she hoped she wouldn't hear from him to snap her out of all this. She draws a deep breath slowly and exhales to calm the rest of those shaken nerves, finally able to push those thoughts aside (for the time being at least) and she rises from her seat to move across the living room to sit at the dining room table where she waits patiently for the dark fae man to appear at the bottom of those stairs.

As he has promised, she is not left alone for long, baby blue gaze staring out to the glittering snow that covered the earth just outside the lodge turning to rest back upon that strong frame that moves easily across the room. Surprise flickers across those bright eyes as she notices Andras' choice of apparel, loose sweat pants and a loose charcoal t-shirt with those wings of his still accenting his strong shoulders as he moves to sit in the seat just across from Beylani. This was a new side of the fae man she hadn't seen, and he looked entirely comfortable which was enough to bring that small yet sweet smile to her features. With a wave of his own hand, food appears and again she is mystified. How was it that food could just materialize like that? And how did the lodge know what to make? Did Andras have some sort of magic that allowed for him to decide what was on that fascinating menu? How she wished such things were possible in her own apartment! She is made aware of just how hungry she was when the savory smells of the roast and cooked vegetables reach her senses and she is content to accept his invitation to serve herself first before he helps himself to the delicious food between them. Tenor tones reach out to her as he places whatever he wishes on his own place, hazel eyes looking up to find baby blues and the young woman offers him a gentle smile."A little sore and perhaps a little weak still, but other than that I feel just fine", she replies genuinely though she says nothing on how she truly felt more than just fine, still battling against those thoughts that again tried to resurface."And you? It couldn't have been the easiest of things, bringing me all the way here...". Wherever here actually was. Those words were spoken softly, almost carefully as she remembers how he'd reacted when she'd come to. She was more work less expecting another fierce scolding from the fae man at the timid query of how he was feeling, unable to forget just how utterly drained he'd looked earlier. After all, if not for her foolishness, neither of them would have had to test the limits of their bodies - though obviously his was better built for such things, much better built.

What the blue-eyed blonde hadn't expected was to find worry flickering ever so subtly in those eyes of his, only further surprised by the softness of his next words as he apologizes to her and causing her to pause in lifting that fork with a cube of that pot roast and speared piece of carrot to those lips. She reflexively tilts her head ever since slightly to the side in puzzlement."What do you mean? It wasn't your fault, what happened. If anything, I should be the one apologizing. I should have thought things through better and neither of us would be feeling the aftereffects", she admits gently to Andras before finally taking that bite, letting those rich juices fill her mouth as she chews. It was nothing but true really. She could have made the decision to stay home, or at least take her car instead of walking but at the time the streets seemed more easily traveled by foot that tire. There is only the briefest of pauses when again those midnight tenor tones of his usher forth into the calm quiet of the room followed by a wry yet apologetic smile and again she offers him a gentle and almost tender smile, glittering gaze filled with understanding."There's nothing to apologize for, Andras. Let's be honest, I more or less deserved it. I'm sorry that I put you in such a position... and I want you to know that I am so grateful that you were there...", she replies softly, truthfully as she takes another bite of succulent pot roast that nearly melts in her mouth after only a few chews. Suddenly, that gentle smile that danced across blush-colored lips takes on a bolder and teasing nature, a smile flickering in baby blues as they hold those hazel depths of the fae man."I think the only thing you really owe me as far as apologies go would be for shattering my camera", she mentions playfully, almost daringly as she reminds him of that night they'd met. She was entirely too ready to forget about the vampire that had nearly taken her life, eager to try and put that night behind the both of them though if he sought to gain something from reflection of that dark night, she would be more than happy to oblige him. After all, she did owe him her life.

Beylani Rose~
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