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death incarnate & night triumphant

Andras is so entirely wickedly delighted that he has encased Lani’s attention so completely that as he drags his gaze down her frame, her heart is thundering wildly in his ears. A knowing smile stretches across his lips when she’s unable to reply, perhaps due to his closeness. Again, his nostrils flare, scenting her, her delicious scent as heat radiates off her body. He remains there for a moment longer, even Ida comes down the stairs and chastises him. Offering her a wink, he pulls back, sketches that bow and returns to Ida. Their conversation is easy and light, a familiarity between them, as if they had known each other for a very long time.

When Ida begins to question Lani, Andras is surprised when she stands and comes towards them, planting herself right next to them, her eyes glancing down at the clothes. Allowing the two of them to converse, he merely takes the time to study Lani while she’s unaware, ”That’s good to hear, dearie. All of these clothes should fit just fine, make sure you bundle up. I don’t think you need much help changing now, if you would like some assistance please let me know,” Ida smiles warmly at her just as Andras butts in, “Ah, if you do need help Lani, you can always ask me for help,” he grins over at her suggestively, that teasing note coating his lyrics.

A resounding slap is heard against Andras’s bare arm as he looks down at Ida laughter rolling off his tongue, ”Andras! You’re almost as bad as your mother was,” Ida exclaims, adorning a scolding face thought there is light in her eyes as she huffs and scuttles from the room. Andras watches her go just as Lani questions if they were going outside, his midnight eyes travel back to the girl, his head tilted at her excitement, “We can if you would like,” he pauses, grinning down at her, “Why don’t you go get changed and we will meet back down here. Dress warm,” he comments before waving his hand and the food disappears. Turning to leave, he heads for the stairs, pausing at the bottom of them before he turns and looks at the girl again, “You can continue to use my room if you would like. If you want to take a look at the other rooms be my guest, just let myself or Ida know what you prefer,” he calls to her before ascending the staircase once more to change.

For God’s sake, he needed a shower. A cold shower.

Knowing he wouldn’t have the time, he merely makes his way up, back to that spare bedroom, changing quickly into thicker pants and a thick jacket, he retrieves a scarf and slings it around his neck, before pulling on warm boots. Andras allows his wings to remain out and he’s back in the dining room shortly after. Sitting down, he lets his wings settle around the back of the chair again, his gaze lingering on the fire as he waits for Lani patiently. It doesn’t take her long to return downstairs, and the man stands just as she enters the room, “Ready?” he asks just as he offers an arm like he did that night he gave her the camera.

Waiting for her to take it, he leads her towards the front door and opens it, the crisp air engulfing them immediately. He tucks his wings in tighter to his back, so he doesn’t knock the poor girl over, as they step out onto the cobblestone path, the sun shining brightly on the fresh blanket of snow.

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