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death incarnate & night triumphant

Andras is entirely amused once that dam is broken and Lani’s question spill through, her eyes wide in amazement. There is a bit of relief that shudders through his frame when he casually explains that power he wields as she doesn’t shrink away in fear, did not look at him like he was some sort of monster or look at him as if he could be used. It was rather satisfying that she looked at him as nothing more than a male; a real person. His dark eyes glance downwards, softening around the edges as she rattled off a series of questions regarding his power. Giving her a moment to finish her thought process, he pauses, gathering his own thoughts and debating how best to explain to her. “Yes, I can come here whenever I want and bring whomever I want,” he nods in agreement, “However, there are limitations to my power. It’s much less taxing to tie my power to objects within our own world and in doing so it creates a portal. I can open a portal anywhere if I need to but it’s dangerous and exhausting,” he murmurs glancing back at Lani.

“When I brought you here, I opened a portal rather than finding the nearest door. I wasn’t sure if you would make it and didn’t want to chance going all the way to my Townhome in order to get you here. That’s why I needed to sleep after you woke up, it’s immensely draining; that more exhausting because I was transporting not only myself but you as well. If I hadn’t been so focused on getting you here we very well could have been lost in another world,” Andras explains again casually. He wanted to be honest with her, she was here now and there would be no hiding the truth about him and who he was especially when she met his people. Though, he was a little… uncomfortable telling her exactly how long it took to remake this world so he pauses, thinking of a way to get out of it though he doesn’t manage to find a loophole. Sighing through his nose, his dark eyes travel back to the woman on his arm, eyes crinkling in amusement, “Centuries, it’s still a work in progress,” he mutters quietly, preparing himself for the shock that would surely cost Lani’s features. He was well over 1500 years old, he just hoped she wouldn’t ask exactly how old he was.

He’s pleased when their conversation switches directions, easing away from the age conversation. When he mentions he might be able to rework the concept of communication within the snowy world, he glances down at Lani noting the clear disbelief written in her eyes as their gaze meet. Her words register within his mind and he merely offers a smile, “Of course, I wouldn’t want your boyfriend worrying about you, or your family,” he winks at her teasingly. For as much... watching over her he did, Andras wasn’t entirely sure if she was taken or not. Perhaps it was a bit of a prying question, or maybe he was being selfish in wanting to know; still, he was careful to hide the curiosity that wanted to bloom on his features. The shifting of her hand onto his forearm draws him from the recess of his mind enjoying the touch of her slender hands upon him, that make satisfaction once more boiling up from the pit of his stomach. How he wanted to tug her closer and get her heart racing again, that blush that so constantly adorned her cheeks was so entirely delicious.

His thoughts are immediately snatched away as she comments that there was never snow on her birthday. Furrowing his brows, he looks down at her, “I forget humans like to celebrate all those traditions,” he murmurs as an idea begins to swirl in his mind, “Happy early birthday, Lani, I’m glad I could gift you the snow,” he chuckles quietly. The silence is companionable as they walk through the winter wonderland, only breaking it to tease her about her lack of questions. Amusement dances in his eyes at her response, tilting his head back he laughs loudly, the sound reverberating off the trees and landscape. “Perhaps I will have you oblige me another time,” he states humored. Excitement glimmers in his eyes as he drags Lani to the top of that hill to reveal the city below. The soft gasp that emits from Lani’s mouth has his gaze focusing on her once more, reading her expression turn from awe to wonder. The utter joy that so coats Lani’s face has Andras returning her smile and there is that satisfaction again that dances in him again at her comment that his home was beautiful.

Dipping his head, “You’re welcome, I’m pleased to know that humans can still feel something other than hate,” he responds in kind as she turns to watch the Fae children running amuck through the town. Instead of turning to watch his people below, he keeps his eyes locked on Lani, noting the fondness that creeps into her that seemed to soften her gaze even more. Again, that stirring could be felt in the pit of his stomach, the one he tried stifle again and again; even his constant chant in the back of his mind that she was a human and she was far to breakable could not stop it. When she turns to look at him before breaking away, his arm feels oddly cold without her touch but he continues to watch her as the childish delight enters her eyes. Curious, he monitors her movements as she bends down to grab a handful of snow, packing it together to form a ball, “Don’t you dare,” he laughs wickedly though there’a no bite to his words. Yet, he doesn’t attempt to dodge the attack, the soft snow landing squarely against his chest. Instead, he merely raises his brows, “Ah, I see how it is. I save you and this is how you repay me?” He chuckles again as he flares a wing, snapping it forward to send the snow on his right side towards Lani, entirely engulfing her. “I warned you,” he muses before he tilts his head back and roars with laughter at the sight of the woman covered in powdery snow.

Folding his wings in once more, he amuses the girl as they continue to exchange balls of snow until the cold chases them indoors once more.

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