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Elain was always aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world. She knew that there were good people out there in the world that would help out their fellow humans - or beings perhaps was the better word in regards to the entirety of that which existed - and then there were those that did the polar opposites. They were the less than savory individuals that had a preference towards watching those around them struggle instead of offering a hand to help them in even just a small way. They were the bullies and the arrogant assholes that cares for no one but themselves, reckless and with little guilt or remorse for those that they hurt. And then, there were the ugly people that stole and killed... They were the beings who took whatever they wanted, whether they was intended for them or not, ready to commit murder if it meant making money for more drugs, alcohol, or something their insatiable and gluttonous greed. She was familiar with the good beings, and much to her dismay, she was also no stranger to the ugly. The bad she could deal with just fine, they did not strike into her heart fear and if anything they were more or less easy to avoid. It was the ugly beings, the monsters that took lives and ripped apart families that she couldn't stand. Not only for her own past, but for all the wickedness that she could see in the world as she would watch the news to keep up on the worldly events that may or may not somehow affect those around her. It was her least favorite thing to watch on the television, but a part of her insisted that it was entirely necessary.

Despite all the darkness and despair that there was in the world, the honey-blonde young woman with a heart full of love to give was determined to be one of the souls in the world ready to help remind others of the light and beauty that could be found it one looked just a little harder for it. Seeing the bad in something was always easier, and perhaps some who walked past three young woman on the streets smiling brightly to anyone that might make eye contact with her thought she was just one of those fraudsters or scam artists out to use an innocent visage and pretty face to make her way in life. That was what she considered whenever her acts of warmth or friendliness were quickly batted away with distrustful looks and silence, and while perhaps such rejections should have wounded her spirit and readiness to give anyone the time of day, that couldn't be farther from what took place within those glacier blue eyes. She gave those weary strangers the benefit of the doubt. After all, she hadn't known anything of what they might have been through, how poorly the cruel reality of life might have treated them, and so she took no offense when she was turned away, instead simply choosing to believe that they had their reasons and that was always enough for her. To each their own. Besides, it wasn't like her brother was among the stereotypical good people in the world, even if he really wasn't lumped in with the bad or the ugly. He was a good guy with a good heart, he just refused to let the world think that he was for fear of letting others in and she knew just how much the murder of their parents had damaged his trust in the world the siblings walked in. She only hoped that the day would come where he would let the light in at least a little. Nothing meant more to her than the happiness of those she loved like the family she lost those years ago.

The white-haired woman continues to eat the apple she'd chosen from the whicker basket, baby blues seeming to watch each and every move that Elain made and yet the young woman hardly minded or cared. The best way to learn about someone was to watch and listen after all, and she was hopeful that those observant eyes of Vhalla's would earn the honey-blonde a little more of her trust, only turning a curious look the older woman as she speaks of everyone becoming something they don't want to though she refrains from bombarding Vhalla with questions on what she mean exactly. Such things needed to be earned nine times out of ten, Elain was completely understanding of this fact that there were so few so ready to trust someone they knew nothing of. In reality, it was the wiser of the mindsets to have when living in a big city like this where crime was sure to be relatively high. She trusted her own instincts to know if there was something dangerous nearby, it came with the territory of being a dark hunter. While she did not act as many of her kind did, she was thankful for the sharper senses and advanced reflexes and strengths that could prove to be necessary at some point during their stay here in Sacrosanct. She was ready to settle down finally, not having to look over her shoulder and see the past so clearly. She and Lazarus needed this fresh start in a place where they were just two more strangers wandering the streets, but with that fresh start that their own lives so craved, the young woman also intended on making friends where she could. What better way to lay down those roots?

When Vhalla accepts her dinner invitation as she hands her payment to the owner of the stand, Elain is nearly bursting with radiant excitement, glacier blue eyes glittering like ice beneath the weak sunlight as she beamed an ever bright and warm smile to the woman she nearly considered a friend already."Excellent! Come on, let's get going then! I'm sure my brother is probably wondering if I got lost or something", she answers brightly, trying to keep the higher pitch of her voice under control in case there was still remnants of that headache plaguing the white-haired woman. They walk most of the way in silence and Elain casts a curious glance over to Vhalla to notice that brooding expression, unable to keep herself from wondering just what sort of thoughts danced through her mind while entirely aware that they likely weren't any of her business. Vhalla soon speaks again though, and the honey-blonde young woman is only silent for a moment in contemplation, though very little was needed."My whole family is made of dark hunters. It's mostly the men that carry out the family business with clients requesting their services, but being my father's daughter, it was required that I become one as well. My mother was hesitant about the whole thing, and honestly so was I, but I also knew how much it meant to my father. It was an excruciating experience, but I don't have any regrets about it", she goes on to explain, though she leaves out the details of just what those services were. It wasn't out of some desire to keep a secret but rather more out of expectancy that the white-haired woman would know exactly what profession most all dark hunters carried out for those who might hire them. It was almost impossible to think that the sweet young woman was descended from a long line of well known and well-off dark hunters, but she knew either question or hesitant pride just who she was and the heritage that she carried over those shoulders of hers.

They soon arrive at the front door of the townhouse and Elain reaches into her coat pocket to retrieve the keys, unlocking the door and ushering her newfound companion inside, casting a quick glance around the living room to realize that Lazarus was likely still in his room, possibly brooding as usual."Please, make yourself at home", she says warmly while gesturing to the chairs that filled the small living room. She is happy when Vhalla doesn't hesitate to do so, the woman seeming to become at least comfortable as she admits she'd never had a home-cooked meal, warranting a gentle look of surprise from Elain before she smiles sweetly and unpacks the vegetables before opening the fridge to retrieve the thawed chicken."Just a chicken, veggie, and rice casserole. My mom always made them so good so I'm hoping I can manage just as well", she answers briefly as she begins preparing the ingredients. A giggle bubbles past her lips as Vhalla offers her assistance while also warning that she hadn't ever cooked before and Elain turns her icy blues back to the white-haired woman."Well, we can learn together then sometime. But you're a guest so don't you worry about helping", she says as she turns back to cutting the zucchini ever so precisely."So, how long have you been in Sacrosanct?", she asks curiously while glancing up from them to time to Vhalla. It seemed like a nice, safe place to start before asking too many personal questions. Not everyone was as open as Elain, after all. She knew this all too well, mostly thanks to her brother whom she fails to hear stirring around on the second floor.
Elain Chase Daray
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