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death incarnate & night triumphant

Andras is entirely aware of the satisfaction that so crosses Lani’s features at her small feat of besting him. He had been taken off guard, not expecting the woman to be so bold; yes, he had urged her to be brash and to play his game, he just didn’t expect her to catch on so soon. Once he releases her slender body, he snaps his jaw closed and clenches it as he moves away, desperately needing that distance from the woman. He was knee deep in shit. It doesn’t take long for him to regain that carefully constructed control of his, though desire still pools in his stomach as he watches her push that little black dress against her frame. How he could watch her for hours on end and not be bored! And before he knows it, he’s sitting down in that chair, gesturing with a hand for her to change; delighted to watch her oblige him.

What he does not expect is when the woman exits the changing room, there is not an ounce of embarrassment written on her features. She is bold, she is daring, she is… teasing him. Those dark hazel eyes travel from her bare toes so very slowly, inching their way up until they lock with her own blue eyes. That wicked smile of his toys on his lips, midnight lyrics complimenting her and her response has him blinking exultantly. Oh, she wanted to play? Andras would oblige her. Rising from that seat, he disappears around the corner and retrieves those strappy black heels he had eyed earlier, returning to Lani and kneeling before her, dark eyes locking with hers once more as he slips each foot into their respective heel. Hearing her heart start to race, he’s pleased when that beautiful flush so coats her cheeks once more, a lazy smile dancing upon his lips as he casts her a knowing look.

Allowing his calloused fingers to trail on the back of her calf, murmuring sultry words to her. He has half a mind to remain where he is, to lead her back into that changing room and demand she remain quiet while he worshipped her body. Still, it takes a moment to gather his thoughts before he’s rising from his knees, breaking eye contact with her before he retrieves her clothes and gently places them in her hand. Leading her back to the desk, he ignores the woman’s prying eyes and annoyed looks she gives the couple. Wrapping his fingers around her much smaller hand, he leads her outside to the waiting limo, the surprise that etches its way onto Lani’s face has him grinning down at him. “I figured you wouldn’t want to walk all the way there,” he shrugs in explanation as he helps her into the vehicle and sliding in behind her.

Pouring themselves champagne, he clicks his glass against hers as he raises it to his lips and takes a sip though he mentions their dinner plans prior. Lani’s reply is almost instantaneous and he coughs a little at inhaling the champagne, his voice coming out choked and there is surprise so coating his lyrics, “Ah, is that what you would like, Lani?” he chuckles quietly, “Careful darling, or you might get exactly what you wish for,” he growls his warning at her, not entirely speaking of just dinner. Taking another sip of the champagne, he reaches over and takes Lani’s clothes from her hands, his fingers snagging on her bra she had so hidden. Pulling the revealing piece of fabric from her clothing, he dangles it in front of them, inspecting the white lace, “You have spectacular taste, Lani darling,” he grins wickedly at her, “Perhaps next time we go shopping you can model little lacy things like this for me,” he purrs darkly at her, pulling the fabric away before she can snatch it.

Once he’s satisfied he’s tormented her enough, he folds the undergarment and slips it back into the clothes and sets it on the other seat. “Those can remain here for the evening, I very much doubt you want to carry them around for dinner,” he states before his dark eyes glance up, noting that they had arrived at their final destination for the evening. Setting his empty flute on the little bar within the limo, he plucks Lani’s glass from her fingers and does the same with hers. The vehicle comes to a halt and Andras is pushing open the door, the cold air swirling into the confines of their warmth. Slipping out of the limo, he turns to help Lani and when she is standing next to him, he offers his arm in that gentlemanly fashion of his and leads her to the massive building that practically reached into the sky.

“There’s a dining area at the top of this building, a woman told me about it,” he explains before quickly leading her into the building. Finding the elevator, he quickly keys in the password to reach the private dining hall as the glass elevator shoots them quickly upwards. Still, he allows his arms to remain linked with Lani, enjoying her warmth though he is so very careful to not make any suggestive comments in the confines of the elevator lest she find that bold streak again. Andras wasn’t entirely sure he could take much more of her, their day was proving more difficult than he could imagine. The more time he spent with her, the more he wanted her. It was absurd to him! Before long, they reach the top as a loud ping announces their arrival. Tugging her out of the elevator, they are met with a pretty little hostess, nodding her head towards them.

“We have a reservation for two, it’s under Stein,” he tells the hostess, revealing his last name to the woman on his arm; and how he loved having her there. The hostess gathers an assortment of menus before leading them to their table, a private little dining area with a view of the skyline. The sunset was only beginning to fall behind the mountains, casting an orange glow across the city. It wouldn’t be long before the lights would flicker on one by one. Grinning down at the woman, “So, what do you think? Forgive me, it’s not outside nor do you have me all to yourself but I can surely arrange that for another time. I hear their food is exquisite too,” he murmurs before leading her to her chair, pulling it out and helping her get settled before he removes his black jacket, slings it over his chair and sits down, his tightly fitted button up almost revealing the corded muscle beneath. It was easy to hide the warrior he was beneath fancy clothes.

“I hope you’re enjoying your birthday, lady,” he grins wickedly at her, across their intimate little table, a small candle flickering at the center. He doesn’t have time to say much before the hostess hands them a menu each, explaining that these were the wine options and there was a four-course meal being served for dinner. Andras quickly waves them off, returning the menus to her, “The four-course sounds delightful, we will do that along with the wine pairings,” he replies to the hostess who merely nods her head and bustles off towards what surely is the kitchen. “I hope you don’t mind, I assumed you had more questions,” he grins wickedly at her, giving her the chance to make small talk or not. It isn’t long before the first course is being served, a delicate white wine accompanying the salad, the greens mixed with an assortment of delicious fruit and nuts.

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