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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Part of her wanted to tell him. There were words that would find the tip of her tongue and that soft voice in the back of her thoughts would tell her to let them go, whisper those feelings that echoed in every heartbeat, but time and time again she would tell herself that now was not the time and that the time very well might never come. Those feelings, they seemed almost forbidden for the young woman to hold them as she did. They were just friends, she and the dark fae man. It wasn't supposed to go any further than that, or at least it had never been planned or intended. Their beginning could not have been the furthest and farthest thing from that fairytale "love at first sight". She'd never dare to say that the first time her baby blue gaze met those dark and foreboding hazel depths, there was magic or fireworks or sparks. If anything, the very first thing Andras had ever made her feel was fear. She'd been fearful of him as he descended from that tree, large bat-like appendages flared as the man charged at her beneath the increasing light of dawn. He'd towered over her then and she'd never felt so small in front of another until that moment. She'd been uncertain of whether or not that would be her final moment, bewildered and shaken as she was forced to see the reality of the world she'd lived in, thinking for so long that beings like him were nothing past folk lore and legend. The first time they'd met, it had been the exact opposite of warm or friendly. Never would she have thought, even when that fear subsided and was replaced by endless fascination and wonderment, would she have thought that they would end up here. Had she looked into some crystal ball and seem the future that awaited her, had she gotten a glimpse into what would be, the blue-eyed blonde might have laughed or scoffed and thought it all some simple magic trick or illusion of some sort. Had someone told her that one day she'd have feelings not only for a man that had once been so intimidating in those very first moments but for a High Lord of a fae kingdom, she would never have believed them. That was the funny thing about fate though, wasn't it?

Fight as she would and argue with herself as she so pleased, there was never any escaping that which had begun to grow and bloom in her beating heart for him. It was a small thing still, only having just felt the warmth of that figurative sun as it came into existence and yet she kept that small thing to herself, guarded gently by metaphorical hands as she tried to hide it from the world, and most of all, from him. Denying that she cared for him more than just a good friend hadn't worked in the least in stopping that seed from taking root in her soul, and so she had resorted to shielding that delicate blossom from those predatory eyes, from the rest of the world and even partly from herself as she tried to bury it in self doubt and beneath the weight of heavy uncertainty. There were so many conflicting and confusing questions that in turn led to questions she felt herself yearning to ask him. Had he ever felt love? Had he ever felt heartbreak? Was there room in his heart for someone special to him? These were only just a small handful of questions that she longed to have answers to, equivalent to two palms full of ocean water scooped out of the sea that stretched on and on into forever. And yet, despite the newfound boldness that seemed to overcome her whenever she was near him, she felt so certain she would never have enough courage to ask these questions of him, let alone allow herself to ever think that should she ever gain an answer to these questions that they would even possibly pertain the her. Then, in that very same moment, as she would finally feel as though she were coming to terms that her feelings would never be reciprocated by the one that so captivated her, he would do something, say something that would only grow that small blossom in her heart and she would feel all those almost entirely convinced near certainties that he would never care for her like that would come crashing down and she would be found by those fantasies that always washed over her in the most inopportune of moments. Oh, the things that he could make her feel...

She wanted to blame the champagne, think that maybe it was beginning to get to her as this was really her first true drink and it was only natural that she would be so easily affected by the sparkling pale liquor that she found to taste surprisingly good. Maybe that was why she continued to sip on it, even as he growled that warning that she might get what she wanted - not that he truly knew what it was that she wanted or if he did he was certainly skilled at hiding it - only to suddenly snake out that white lace bra as he examined it, grinning wickedly as he almost cruelly teased the young woman so flush in those fair-skinned cheeks, nearly planting her slender hand dangerously close to... certain things, all in an attempt to retrieve that article of clothing. He says something then that takes her by surprise and she is quickly moving away after offering her own cracked reply moments before realizing where her hand had found itself. He found her attractive? Baby blue eyes locked with his, as if to see if there was any truth to be found beneath that wicked glimmer of amusement and she feels her heartbeat quicken as she sips on that champagne and glances briefly at the window at the building they passed by to distract herself. The boldness falters now, proving to be as unpredictable as the fae man that awakened it and she is struck speechless as she casts a shy look to Andras just as their limo pulls to a stop. They climbed out of the vehicle and she takes his arm as though it were the only place she wanted to exist - and perhaps she did - and they walk over into the building only to stop before the elevator doors. He speaks then of using those wings as he winks down at her and she feels that smile upon blush-colored lips grow ever so slightly bolder once again."I'm sure I would not be the only one to be startled by such a sight for the first time", she agrees playfully as a gentle note of laughter filters softly through her sterling voice as they step into the elevator and climb ever higher until at last they reach the top. They're greeted by the hostess as they arrive and are guided to the almost romantic feeling dining area where Andras helps her into that chair before removing his jacket and settling into the seat just across from her when those fantasies come rising to her forethoughts and as she notices the muscle beneath that tightly fitted shirt she dared to imagine unbuttoned one by one in the dark of that lodge by nothing more than firelight... His voice pulls her away then and he is looking at her with those predatory eyes and midnight tenor tones purr darkly at her."You shir - I mean, your shirt is very nice. It looks good without the jacket I think", she stumbles less than gracefully through her words, trying to feign that boldness now as she offers him a kind smile before those satin words offer her the relief that her mind was in fact safe - unless otherwise course she betrayed herself. Had she nearly said she'd been thinking of him shirtless!?! Surely the champagne was just messing with her. She is grateful when the white wine and salad is placed before them and to her surprise it is the white wine she lifts to her lips first before the salad. She poses before him those questions she'd been dying to know the answers to after a deep drink or two before she places the glass down, and after they are spoken she begins to eat the fancy-dressed greens. There is surprise flickers fleetingly through the hazels eyes as she seems to contemplate the answer he would give her.

Andras is silent for a moment before he settles have fork beside the dinner plate and at last he gives the blue-eyed blonde the answers she'd craved for some time now, her eager attentiveness distracting her from the hostess that takes away the salad and brings them more wine and the soup to go with their meal that Beylani almost reflexively reaches from and takes a drink of as she listens to the fae man, intrigue dancing brightly in her gaze. Maybe a small piece for her had assumed that he hasn't really been born in Somnia, especially if it was a world that he has created. What truly takes hold of her though is when he reveals the her his age and surprise finds her features. She knew that he was likely much older than he appeared, but she never would have guessed him only just barely older than one thousand and forty years old! The surprise does subside though and she simply offers him that sweet smile as she indulged on the delicious and perfectly temped appetizer."You certainly look amazing for your age. Not a day over thirty", she replies playfully. Maybe she should have been shocked, frightened even. But why would she? The young woman saw no reason why his age should make her fearful in the least, if anything it sort of made sense looking back on that afternoon as they walked through the snow that day back after the lodge. Maybe she was really just beginning to feel that new yet pleasant warmth that came with the wine she finishes before the woman comes back to clean up their bowls to make room for the main course. She is not paying any mind to the clank of plateware though as Andras begins to say something before suddenly dismissing it altogether. This causes a brow to rise in curious question as she watches something unreadable flash across his gaze. What did he use his birthday to celebrate then? He'd promised her only five questions though for the day and so she took that thought and figuratively placed it into her back pocket. Something in the young woman told her that there was something about his birthday that he wasn't willing to share just yet, but she respects their bargin and leaves it at that as the main course comes out, the seasoned fish and vegetables making her mouth water as their glasses are filled with deep red wine this time.

By the time that the main course is finished and she has taken the last drink of that red wine in her glass, she knows without question that she was a little out of sorts. The fae man chuckles lightly and she gives a bright smile despite the flush on her cheeks."At least now you might find it harder to know if you're making me blush, you tease", she says cheekily, her words not yet slurring but it was clear that she certainly was under the influence. She hadn't expected to drink this much, but one is only twenty-one once, right? Midnight tenor tones usher gently past those lips of his and Beylani nods lightly as she takes her first bite of the perfectly cooked fish."I truly am, it's all so well cooked and seasoned which is better than I can say for my own cooking", she says with laughter in her eyes as they continue to exchange words, about Ida or the lodge, even touching ever so lightly on the Winter Solstice Festival. With dinner finished, the table and cleared and dessert is placed in front of them. She was nearly ready to burst and yet it looked so... pretty. Surely if it looked that pretty it had to taste just as good, and so she indulged in the sweet ending to their meal and their night, deciding that it was best that she not finish the last of the wine in her glass. She brushes that cloth napkin across her lips to ensure that she didn't have chocolate anywhere it didn't belong before she flutters thick lashes over baby blues are undeniably handsome man across the table. Andras speaks once more and she nods in agreement through the warm flush."I couldn't agree more, I feel like I might burst. Though I hope I'll get to look try a fancy fae restaurant next", she says through a trickling giggle though her gaze softens in that moment as she pauses ever so briefly."Thank you for such a great time tonight. I'm lucky to have someone like you in my life", she says gently as she stifled a hiccup that attempts to interrupt her words of appreciation. Yes, next time she would really need to take it slower with those wines, especially considering how she was beginning to realize she enjoyed the various flavors and each type.

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