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death incarnate & night triumphant

Lani stumbles through an answer as he scents the young woman; desire flooding through his body. How he very much wanted to sweep the plates to the ground and tug her close. Eyes darkening, her manages to lean back, her response allowing a lazy smile to toy on his features, “I’m glad you like it,” he murmurs just as their conversation shifts to more personal things. Andras is a bit wary in his answer, though Lani’s response has him blinking in surprise. How very interesting this young woman was. Brows arching in amusement, “I’m pleased to know you think so,” he laughs quietly at her, a small lift of his shoulders as he shrugs. As the courses come in one after another, he watches as Lani downs the wine just as he does and from nowhere she comments cheekily that he would no longer be able to tell if she were blushing or not.

“Oh, but I do rather enjoy making you blush, Lani darling,” he purrs at her, his dark eyes traveling her frame as he notes the way she sways slightly in her seat. Perhaps she had too much to drink, he had forgotten humans had such silly laws about the legal age for drinking. When he inquires about her meal, he’s satisfied with her answer; at least to an extent. “I think I would very much like to taste your cooking one day,” he responds easily, though he realizes a touch too late what he had just implied. It would mean nothing to the woman across from him, but to him… to him it would mean so much more. He’s thankful for the food then as he continues to finish his food, along with that delicious red wine in front of him.

They continue to chat, exchanging words as their conversation flows freely. He enjoys the ease of chatting with Lani before their last course arrives. They dig in and he complains he’s about to burst at the seams, followed by Lani’s own agreement. Laughing quietly to himself, her suggestion she might try a Fae restaurant has Andras raising a brow at her, “I suppose that could be arranged,” he agrees, his eyes twinkling mischievously. Pushing back from his chair, he grasps his jacket and moves around the table, slinging it around Lani’s shoulders. Pulling her chair out for her, he helps her to her feet, her whole frame wobbling from the amount of alcohol intake. “I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed yourself,” he murmurs in her ear, though he doesn’t comment on the fact she thought she was lucky to have him in her life.

Truly, the woman would be better off without him; yet, he couldn’t manage to stay away. “Lani darling, I think you’ve had far too much to drink tonight,” he laughs lightly as he wraps his strong arm around her waist, taking most of her weight before leading her back the way that they had come. It doesn’t take long before they are in the elevator and descending back into the lobby, his arm securely wrapped around Lani to keep her from falling over. Eyes softening, he glances down at the woman, watching her carefully before he’s tugging her from the elevator, back into the cold and into that heated limousine. “I’m taking you home,” he murmurs to her once more, allowing his arm to sling across her shoulders as she hiccups every now and again.

Their drive is quiet, exchanging a few words back and forth until they pull up in front of her apartment building. Opening the door, he grabs the rest of her clothing, along with Lani’s hand and helps her from the car. Noticing that she is precariously wobbly, he bends down and picks her up, tucking her head into his chest like he did all those nights ago as he flew her to Somnia, racing to save her life. With graceful strides, he maneuvers the two of them into the building, up the stairs and into her own apartment. His dark eyes are wary, searching for the feline that had so attacked him last time he was here, though the little she-devil seems to be hiding, realizing it was him. Searching for that bedroom, he makes his way carefully into her room, setting her gently on the bed, he reaches for her shoes, removing the strappy black heels and placing them quietly on the ground. Reaching for the blanket, he pulls it over her slender body. Leaning forward, he brushes his lips against her forehead, murmuring against her skin, “Goodnight, Lani,” he says quietly, remaining only long enough until she falls asleep.

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