Let's get this show on the road On December 10, 2017 at 4:03 PM by navi yemon

There stood all four of them in complete silence as a buzzing sound whirred from the oblong jet-black portal patiently waiting in front of the group. Navi wasn’t sure why the other two men were so adamant on not stepping into the portal. Somehow, she felt no sort of nervousness when she continued to study the intrusive oval shaped passageway in the middle of the frigid garage. To her, it felt all too familiar. She racked her brain as to why being introduced to the certain contraption didn’t have her as skeptical as the two men who seemed to keep migrating centimeters away from the portal. They seemed to have just as many questions for Andras as Navi usually had. Other faeries are weird she thought amused by the fact that these new ideas and experiences placed in front of the two others were at first immediately disregarded and denied.

Both Dorian and Troy though seemed to slowly be warming up to the idea of the portal. As to whether they’d actually enter, would be an entirely different feat. Navi watched Andras’ facial expressions to see if there was a break in his usual façade. “Ah-ha!” Navi blurted out loud as she saw his brows furrow in puzzlement as he tried to answer all the questions that were thrown his way. She noticed too late though that she had stated her realization out loud. Not wanting the attention drawn her way she rushed back to tinker with the wheels and bolts on the work table hoping they would assume she had been preoccupied with the project that laid sprawled out on the counter. Listening from afar, she heard Andras try to be as patient as possible with the criticism thrown his way.

“If he thought it was dangerous, I’m sure he would have told you all before?” Navi spoke out shortly. “If you are his friends, don’t you think he wouldn’t want to put you in harm’s way?” she genuinely questioned as she glanced from Dorian and then to Troy. Before she could listen to a response from either party she continued to tinker on what seemed to be turning into a small face for a watch. It seemed like an eternity had passed and, yet they were still asking one question after the other. Becoming restless, she walked straight through the small gathering of men and up to the portal, reaching her hand into it. Feeling an odd tingling sensation, she removed her hand and looked down to examine any damage that could have been inflicted upon it. Nothing. “Huh,” she gaped in amazement.

This time, without fear but pure curiosity she thrusted her whole body into the portal. It wasn’t as awful of a feeling as she expected the travel to be. Her body became enveloped with that warm tingling sensation as it felt her body was comfortably melting out of its mold. Suddenly, a bright white light reached her pupils. All she could see at first was blurred white specks, but her vision soon came in focus to show a plethora of snow frosted trees across a mountain scape. Confused as to where this was at she tried surveying the area more, but she felt a tug at the collar of her shirt that pulled her straight back through the portal into the garage full of now utterly shocked faces.

“Why did you want to show us-,” she started to speak until Andras gave here a disapproving nod as he released his hand that was clamped down on her shirt. “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” she mentions cheekily to the two surprised faeries standing before her. “Look here,” she grabs Dorian by the hand and walks him closer inches away from the portal. “See? Right here,” she says pointing to the lower area of the portal causing Dorian to bend over and look for the thing she was pointing to. As soon she watched him shift his focus to the spot she gave a shove and pushed him right into the portal. Seeing his whole body disappear from sight she turned to Andras and said playfully, “Well it looks like Dorian was a bit eager to get going. Shall we?” she continues reaching her hand out to Troy and leading him now through the portal to the other side. Finally she thought to herself as she waited to see the familiar bright white appear in front of her eyes again.



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