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The Sun Also Rises

Troy’s near teasing words had a fashion of prompting that grin to the Monarchs lips all the same. That comment that Sebastian and himself would likely be joined at the hop in the wake of the media circus that seemed to forever carry on with their upcoming February wedding was perhaps not entirely incorrect. Dorian chuckling softly before they made their way inside to greet Andras himself and that curious young Fae woman whom seemed content to hide behind the elder Fae man as if she feared the outside world itself. Perhaps she did. Dorian hardly inclined to blame her for it in any sense. He allowed himself to be led to that garage then. The Monarch assured that this was a truly curious place to start a house tour and really- it was hardly very grand at all. Why on earth Andras might desire to show them a near empty garage that sported little more than some shelving, some boxes and a few old parts he hardly knew and yet- ever polite- Dorian made some effort to at least appear intrigued by the place.

It was Andras’ words however, that rapidly drew his thoughts away from any attempts to pretend he found something about that space worth visiting at all. That frown readily marked his features then, confusion adorning each line within his ever-youthful façade as Andras begun to speak of ‘portals’. Dorian had, in all his existence, never quite heard of the word let alone held any understanding off it. The Monarch momentarily considering that this was perhaps an English word he simply did not know the meaning off, the man near inclined to ask someone to translate it into his native Italian if only so he might better understand before both Navi and Troy seemed to offer their own opinions. This mention of transporting to other worlds was hardly settling his concern. Was it, perhaps, similar to the movement Matteo performed through time and space? That very query upon his lips as that sudden black hole seemed to formulate within that very space itself. Dorian hurriedly scrambled several feet back from it as if fearing it might somehow swallow him whole. He could see no true end to it, nor could he truly see within it at all. That near sinking feeling settling within the pit of his stomach with icy fingers. Was this some sort of witchcraft? The very black magic that had brought so much pain to his family already? His mistrust of that portal was surely clear in every line of his frame. Dorian simply unable to understand just what he was looking at. His gaze at last lifted to Andras as the man made an effort to answer his query on whether or not this was at all similar to Matteo’s magic. His silver eyes followed Andras’ hand across that room in that example of teleportation before the man attempted to explain they were, instead, travelling through a hole in a wall of sorts, one that led to another world. Dorians mind so struggling to comprehend those thoughts as Troy and Andras spoke of those concerns for Amelia. Navi suggesting that surely, as Andras’ friends, they should trust in his ability to guide them safely. Oh, how little she understood!

“I have no desire to go to another world. I have only just begun to understand this one.”

The others, perhaps, did not understand his true reservation in this and yet how could they? They did not know as he did, they had not seen as he had seen. Dorian so having spent the better part of nearly six hundred years trapped in one place. The idea of such a thing happening again was unbearable. Surely Andras had mastered that talent, Dorian hardly doubting his companion in any sense and yet still the ‘what if’s’ of that situation clung to him with a distinct potency. There was little about the man that was ever under confident in any sense. He had spent a lifetime upon a throne he had long since mastered the art of commanding and yet that combination of his lack of understanding and too- the shift to another plane was more than he was willing to entertain. He believed Andras when he spoke of that other world and for now that simple belief might well have to be enough. The man seeing little reason why he needed to see it in any sense.

He understood little of that conversation between Navi and Andras, his mind only half listening as his gaze remained on that swirling portal, some faint touch of curiosity lingering there, after all, the man was often decidedly curious by nature and yet how much he feared losing his life all over again, to be trapped in one place all over again. Could Sebastian even find him in another world? Could Matteo or Alexander? Surely it was not worth all that risk even despite Andras assurances of its safety and apparent stability. Dorian content to remain silent once more, at least until Troy’s near goading words were offered. Dorian, despite himself, unable to prevent that soft smile that found him before his head merely shook.

“I would be a poor King, Mon’Ami, if I let myself be goaded by such words as that.”

Dorian so long ago having learned to ignore that sort of persuasion, even if he so hardly blamed Troy for trying, the Monarch seeing readily through that effort before he turned to Andras. That authority so rarely used finding his voice then to deliver that simple statement that he had no intention of going through that portal. A sudden shout of ‘ah-ha’ from Navi momentarily seeing him eye the odd woman before that gaze returned to Andras at large. That apology offered in the same sentence. After all, it was not truly the man’s ability he doubted or even Andras himself. Dorian rather liked the man. It was simply that very idea of going to another world when the possibility existed that they might not return. No matter how slim that chance was. That near pleading from Andras tugged readily at him, that uncertainty tainting his features all over again. That query of trust seeing his gaze flick between that portal and Andras all over again. How decidedly delicate something like trust was. How easily it could be ruined. Dorian’s jaw setting firmly as he seemed to war so visibly with that decision. Dorian so teetering upon that metaphorical brink of stepping one way or the other. Andras, he knew, determined to allow him to make his own choice- a truly valuable quality in a leader and one Dorian wholly appreciated far more then the other man surely knew in that moment. His words careful then, hesitant and yet perhaps slightly yielding.

“Perhaps….were you to go first, I might….be inclined to…..look. Although I am not at all comfortable with- hmm?”

His gaze glanced briefly downward as someone so suddenly grasped his hand, Dorian allowing the little woman to lead him a little closer to that portal. That anxiety seeming to find him all over again despite those efforts he made to conceal it. Navi pointing then to something at the bottom portion of that swirling space, Dorian bending slightly to look at it, the man trusting that young woman then. A trust, it seemed, that had been terribly misplaced. Dorian hardly having anticipated that sudden shove that sent him tumbling into that space with a yelp of surprise. The Fae King entirely unprepared for that impromptu trip. Dorian landing unceremoniously some moments later on his back within…snow? That panic so readily saw the man sit upward. Nausea readily overtaking him then as one hand reached for his head. Heavens but he felt ill! Where was he? Where were the others? God he had known this would happen. He struggled readily upward then. That cold biting at him as he stumbled several steps sideways to lean against a frost covered pine. Dorian easing himself down once more on a fallen log as his breath rose in clouds of smoke. He felt so ill. The man having become decidedly pale in those few moments. His thoughts content to spiral in all directions as he but slightly shifted the ring upon his left hand, eyeing that bright red thread that still gleamed as always- that, at least some measure of comfort and yet that panic still gnawed at him relentlessly.

What if the others did not come? What if he had landed with the wrong world? What country was this? The sudden sound of someone else drew his gaze hurriedly upward. Dorian near relieved to see Andras step through that portal a moment later with the others in tow. That relief at the sight of them surprisingly short lived. His gaze narrowing abruptly on that little Fae woman. Dorian, the very epitome of delight and good manner, whom could count on one hand the amount of times he had so much as raised his voice, was decidedly angry. His words offered to Andras then with a distinct coldness so unlike the Monarch. Dorian shifting effortlessly into that age-old latin Andras was surely old enough to understand despite no one having spoken it for hundreds of years.

“Et ut eam a me: Gamygyn auditis? Non ego illam mihi secundum tempus, prope est”
(You keep her away from me, you hear Andras? I won’t have her near me a second time. Not today.)

The politeness existed still and yet those words were nothing short of icy and strained in their abruptness as the man forced hismelf to control that irritation all the same. Dorian so hardly upset with Andras in any sense. His irritation directed at Navi alone for that moment. How delicate trust was and how easily it was broken. Dorian clearly in no mood, at that very moment, to engage with Navi any further. At least not today. Maybe tomorrow when he was far less stressed and if they managed to return to their world at all.

Dorian Aragona


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