Silence, is sometimes the solution On December 18, 2017 at 8:23 PM by navi yemon

“I have only just begun to understand this one.” Dorian’s words clung in Navi’s mind. She wondered what he meant by that vague statement. Was he really from another world? He seemed a bit out of place as it was though. Frankly, it was easier to believe the more she thought about it. She was pleased after defending Andras from the skepticism, Troy seemed to become more open minded to the idea. After grasping Dorian’s hand and eagerly shoving him into the portal she quickly reached for Troy’s. Instead of weariness, the gentleman seemed to become lighthearted about the situation, as he chuckled while stating that she wouldn’t have to push him in. Navi nodded, whispering just quiet enough that Andras couldn’t hear, “Okay, let’s proceed before he loses his temp-“ her soft words were suddenly drowned out by a voice seething with anger directed solely at her.

It was Andras who yelled her name as he dashed towards the portal vaporizing from the cold garage going to catch another rogue faerie on the other end. As Troy grasped Navi’s hand, he leniently followed her pace, and they met the frazzled pretty boy and Andras at the snowy end of the portal. Here was the boy Dorian, Navi watching him as his arms flailed about, shouting to Andras, “Keep her away from me!” As Andras stomped closer to Navi, she felt a light shove backward as Troy stepped in-between the two. Navi was taken aback by the chivalrous action; however, she would not cower behind another when presented with a conflict. Brushing past Troy, she closed in Andras. “Taedet me expecto. (I was tired of waiting)” she spoke confidently to Andras. Unexpectedly, Andras took on a tone just like her father.

Her blood now boiling with the sudden parental attitude Andras presented, she spat “Quod enim operor non intellego cur sic tam puer est reciprocus. (I don't understand why he was so reactive to something so childish.” “Vos autem non custodem. Noli loqui mecum sicut tu. (You are however, not my guardian. Do not speak to me as if you are.)” Navi spoke coldly almost as if her words were the ice and snow surrounding them. Dorian was still swept up in his fit of sudden anger shouting in their direction. Navi now sauntering past Andras and moved swiftly towards Dorian, she boldly stated, “Nos paenitet et tulit de rebus in manu sua. Et iterum tibi dabo consilium tuum. (Sorry I took matters into my own hand. Next time I'll let you make your own decision.) Not waiting for any sort of response she waltzed back over by Andras and Troy.

It was too good to be true. Navi thought to herself, now quieter than the muted snow falling around them. I shouldn’t have let him take me in. I would have been happier on my own. she kept repeating to herself, trying to convince her own mind she was right. Right now, her mood was as sour as Dorians and instead of asking the usual plethora of questions, she followed behind the gentlemen, browsing the snowcapped mountains and dense forest, longing for some isolation. After a brisk hike, they were met with a cobblestone road leading to the lodge. Yet, instead of going that direction, Andras exclaims that he has something else to show the faeries before they view the lodge.

Before long, they reach the top of a mountain that overviewed an entire city filled with faeries and luminescent lights. Navi didn’t understand, “How-“she started to speak and then caught herself. Standing there in silence and disbelief, she gazed upon the city stretched beyond her entire vision. She had many emotions presenting themselves to her at once but all she could do was stare as stone faced as a statue. She listened to Troy suddenly pledge his loyalty to Andras. Her anger now beginning to be lost in the sudden overwhelming tide of curiosity, she turned to the two faeries standing there with a plastered grimace on her face and stated, “I don’t have anyone to tell so you can confide in me.” She stood there, wondering, if this would be the place she would call home.



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