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Navi recalled on her many encounters before the Shadow court, people who had mentioned her needing to be introduced to a man named Dorian. Great advice I had been given. she sarcastically thought to herself, amused by the circumstances that were presented before them. Perhaps her and Dorian were too alike as far as wariness of others and self-centeredness went. For her, she held the world at a cynic’s point of view. It didn’t matter to her if she stepped on others toes because ultimately, hers would be safe. It’s not as extreme as to say she was heartless, it was that she fundamentally was misunderstood, and didn’t make an effort to let others understand her. Who could blame her, with the past she had been so fated to live? When she had trusted, reached out to so many people, ultimately to have no helping hand. There were many reasons she left her home, wandering about in the forests. She recollected the first time she had encountered Andras. It took many times to coax her into even speaking past her brash, harsh words. She didn’t trust anyone. No one. Why should she trust that man? Soon, for whatever reason it was, she couldn’t help it but follow those man’s footsteps which invited her in to a warm shelter. She would even be so brave as to call it something close to what a home would feel like. Yet, how come she felt happier isolated and at peace with her thoughts? All of the social cues, and walking on eggshells with other personalities was tiring for most, but extremely exhausting for her.

After she had bitterly spoke to Andras, he stressfully told her that they all had pasts. Embarrassingly enough, she didn’t take that into consideration. She had been so consumed by her own past that she didn’t try to insightfully be aware that others could have just as bad of pasts, perhaps even worse. Not wanting to admit her mistake and naivety, she just glanced downward and nodded just once, but in a manner, that spoke volumes of “I won’t say another word,”. Not long after his explanation, Andras made mention about her asking Dorian his experiences with portals later, when the situation was diffused. Yeah, I’d have to have the luck of Buddha for that one. Navi thought as she sauntered over to the fuming man named Dorian. After apologizing to him, she trotted back over to where the rest of the group was, as they continued onward in their quest to find out exactly what Andras was being so secretive about. Except, there was the young man Dorian, telling all of them to excuse him for a moment. Navi now showed slight irritation on her face as her eyes became almond slivers, and her brows burrowed closer to her eyes; she was tired of waiting any moment longer.

She watched the monarch take what seemed to be a drawing utensil out of his back pocket and squat, drawing…wait, what exactly was he drawing? Navi still annoyed, couldn’t help but take a few steps forward, observing what is was the fairie was doing. “Is that….a jacket?” Navi asked quizzically. She watched as not a moment later, he had grabbed that drawing of the coat and watched as the article of clothing appeared right in front of their eyes. That must be one of his powers she thought, admired by how accurate the coat was to the drawing. Acting stubborn about the situation beforehand, she waltzed away, not wanting to show any sign of being impressed by his magic.

They continued along their trek as silence suffocated the air around them. In the wintertime, the snow became a wonderful noise canceler, yet right now, that was the last thing any of them wanted. Still examining the dense forest longingly, she felt a presence slow their pace down to walk beside her. It was Troy who now tried to match her walking pace. He had opened up to her and let her know that she confide in him. Lucky for her, he was quite understanding and possessed the qualities of a patient, caring person. Surprised by the gesture, she felt a little more at ease. She gave a deep nod, as they carried on walking, until they came across a view of an entire city lit up before their very eyes. Oh! How Navi had so many questions to ask, how many new things to experiment with! Yet, anything with more supernatural beings left an awful taste in her mouth. She really didn’t want to have to deal with anyone else today. Any energy left in her was sapped out. After she had let Andras know that she would keep his secret hidden she felt a sudden hand reach out, ruffling her hair. Ducking and covering her head, she saw that it was Andras who had messed with her hair. Not knowing how to react, especially since he smiled at her, she slowly returned back to her stance beforehand, and continued to gaze upon the city before them. Dorian persistently decided to blurt out questions, Navi half-listening to the facts and details that would usually excite her. Somehow, she just wasn’t feeling up to listening. Squatting down, her feet dangled off the ledge of the mountainside where snow was hanging only 6 feet below. She wanted to convince herself that somehow, someway, her parents were still alive, perhaps just waiting for her here. She knew very well that that wasn’t the case. Finally, after the three of the men were done discussing issues, she propped herself up into a standing position. Eyes still glued to the city perfectly aligned with the horizon, she spoke softly, “I’m ready.” It wasn’t quite a long journey onward. Most likely it was a half an hour hike, before they were all met with quite a large lodge sitting atop the mountain.
The lodge was bigger than any home Navi was used to in comparison. In fact, you could have fit her entire village into the home and still have plenty of room. That was besides the matter at hand. She watched the other faeries carefully. Even though their jaws weren’t agape as their heads raised and lowered to take in the whole place, the expressions surely conveyed the idea. The place was massive, with sleek modern windows allowing them to see right inside. She watched Andras proceed to waltz to the front door, and motion his hand for the others to join him in the lodge. As they all met inside, Navi saw that houses were commonly decorated in the same fashion. Chairs and the dreaded couches were placed methodically about with some sort of warming device located in the middle. She turned to Andras, waiting to hear more explanation as to why they were here.



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