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He didn't have a lot of confidantes growing up. Sure, he had a handful of buddies he hung out with so they could talk girls and cars and whatever else came to mind. But they weren't the kind of guys he could trust to tell about his hopes and dreams. It's not that they weren't trustworthy, well, all of them. His best friend Rodney was a nerd by all standards but they had things in common. Rodney hated his dad but he was a real tool. He actually beat his wife and Rodney when he could get his hands on him. Taylor wanted to go give the guy a piece of his mind more than a few times but Rodney told him it would only make it worse so he held back, only for his friend's sake. Rodney confided everything to Taylor, how he wanted to run away and take his mom with him, some place safe, some place away from his dad. Too bad Rodney never got the chance. Once they got old enough to get ahold of drugs, Rodney no longer cared about his grades or the science fair and he got hooked fast on the worst kind of stuff there was out there. He stopped talking to Taylor, tired of him always lecturing him about how he needed to get ahold of himself and stop. Next thing Taylor knew, he came to school one day to see a poster up in the hallway, RIP Rodney. He'd overdosed on some pain pills while mixing it with other drugs and alcohol. Everyone thought it was just an accident but Taylor knew better. He was escaping the only way he knew how.

Taylor built up his walls and after Rodney, he never really got close to anyone else again. He talked to his mom about some stuff but as he was a guy and she was a girl, there was only so much he could tell her without it getting weird. Sure, she wanted him to tell her everything but that was so not going to happen. He kept some friends but they all were kept at a distance, just close enough to make him not look totally antisocial but still where he could hold onto his secrets. When he wanted to clear his mind and get away, you'd find him in the shop working on the bike, blasting rock music as loud as the garage stereo would allow. He never did tire of girls though. There was of course always the prettiest girl in school, usually a cheerleader and the whole cliche package, blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty smile. She was way out of his league so he never tried for it, but when he dropped out of high school, his confidence seemed to soar. No more kids at school trying to tease him or bully him. Out in the real world, he was king. He finished the bike and road the roads and when he came across sweet Katherine Deegle, he manned up and asked her out. She said no about three times before she finally gave in to his persistence and told him yes. She was his first, but she certainly wasn't going to be his last.

He found out fast that the prettiest girl in school wasn't really his type to begin with. Too tame, too predictable. She wanted all the pretty things and the most expensive. She wanted to show him off as arm candy at parties and wanted to gossip about him in the hallways. She wanted him to kiss her in front of everyone just cause it gave her a reputation. It was all about her. He hated it so needless to say, him and Katherine didn't work out long. He dumped her and went through a few bad girls he met in bars, the rough and tumble type that'd just as soon cut you with a knife than look at you. Turns out they were more about flings than anything more concrete. He was okay with that for a while before he realized he wanted something more. Someone to wake up to in the mornings. Someone to laugh with and eat dinner with just hang out with. Maybe he was just lonely. That was around the time he met Becca. She wasn't a bad girl but she wanted to be. She hung out with them and tried to dress like them and talk like them, but she stuck out like a sore thumb. It was cute, really. Taylor was charmed by her pretty brown eyes and her innocent smile right off the back and they hit it off. He was sure she was the one by day four. It was just that quick.

Time would soon tell that they just weren't meant to be. Taylor had gotten away from there as quick as he could. Did he think he'd ever return? He'd like to think that he could visit his mom some day without worrying about bringing trouble into her life, but he knew that day was a long ways off so for now he'd keep it to short phone calls and maybe a letter every once in a while when he felt like writing. He never thought he'd get close to a woman ever again, not after Becca. Call her his hard lesson. He knew he was on dangerous territory with Adelaide already and they'd only just met tonight. She was beautiful and smart and classy. She had everything Becca had and yet she was the opposite in all the things that he didn't like about Becca. Where Becca thought she had to change to belong, he could tell Adelaide stood out in a crowd because she wanted to. She wouldn't be molded just because it was expected of her. Becca was spirited but she would put on an act every chance she'd get just to make someone like her. Adelaide was genuine and he had a feeling she wouldn't pretend no matter what someone said. What you see is what you get with her and he liked that. She was fierce in a way that drew him in but his walls were still holding. At least for now. She was way out of his league and maybe as long as he kept telling himself that, he could keep those barriers standing strong.

When he commented about her speaking in French, she laughed again and his eyes only brightened more at the sound. She let him know that it meant my friend and a warm smile tugged at his lips as he turned his head to the side a little so she could see it. "Your friend, huh? Alright, I guess I can handle that. Just know if you jump to my trusty chauffeur then you're giving me way too much credit." He said with a rev of the engine as he smoothly changed lanes and got ready to turn where she pointed out. He was gentle with her, driving much better than he ever did by himself when there was no one's life at risk save his own. He had to concentrate twice as hard to focus with her arms wrapped around his waist and her soft breaths brushing past his ear. It had been too long since the last time he was intimate with anyone and it was telling on him but he kept his cool, focusing on the direction he was going and what the other cars were doing to make sure he never got her in a tight spot. He wanted her to enjoy the experience above all else. By the time they got to her house, he was almost relieved to have her let go of him and get off the bike. The sudden space left him more relaxed and he could suddenly think clearly again. When she said something about her hair, he told her he had hair ties and at first she looked surprised before she seemed to remember that his hair wasn't exactly short. He smirked knowingly, letting it catch up while holding his tongue instead of teasing her about it like he first thought about doing.

As they reached the door, he got his first glimpse of her...doorman? Butler? Grandfather? Body guard? Taylor didn't know what to title him but it was easy to see that he was genuinely worried about her whereabouts and safety tonight and he obviously didn't approve of Taylor. He was used to that. He wasn't the guy you take home to meet the parents. Most would give this reaction or worse. Adelaide told the man that it was a good escape and he told her to at least let him know where she was next time. Taylor scowled soberly, not wanting to be a smartass when it was obvious Townsend only meant well. He was actually glad Adelaide had someone like him waiting for her back at home. It made him feel better, oddly enough. She asked him about liquor and he ended up telling her to give him whatever she was having. He didn't want to be picky, especially when it came to free alcohol. She seemed highly amused about something for a moment before she turned to Townsend and asked for something called Bastille. He wasn't quite sure what kind of liquor that was but oh well. He'd drink it and be grateful anyway. He arched a brow when she asked for tweezers too. Of course he wasn't going to get away with not letting her doctor him up. Guess it could be worse though. At least he would have something pretty to look at while she did that. He watched as Townsend went off to fetch what she asked for before she surprised him by suddenly reaching for his hand to lead him somewhere. He tensed but didn't pull back, gently folding his hand around hers and following her into what looked like a living room but much much bigger. Maybe the size of a hotel lobby?

He couldn't help but look around as they walked, anything to distract him from the warmth of her hand or anything else he might look at on her body from behind. The place was huge. There was fancy vases and stuff everywhere, way too much breakable crap in his opinion. It looked more like a museum than a house. There were even friggin scupltures! His eyes widened as he took in the ones by the fireplace. "And it's real." He muttered to himself as he looked at the flames dancing in the hearth. Most people he knew had the fake propane fireplaces with red lights that look like flames but there was no doubt that this was a real one. He only looked back at her when she let go of his hand, watching her sit on the couch and pat the place beside her. Clearing his throat a little, he slowly took a seat and angled toward her, though careful of her space. He didn't want to smother her or creep her out. Seems she already had too much of that tonight. As she reached for his arm, he thought about pulling it out of rech but realized that might make him sound like a bad guest so with a soft sigh, he held it out and let her take his arm to look at the wound better. She said something about being there a while and he scowled softly. "You would think the bottle would have gone easy on me but I guess that's too much to ask of a guy like Jack Daniels." Yeah, he was trying to be funny and it was corny and probably stupid, but there ya go. Plus he had to keep the conversation light cause this was almost too romantic of a setting for his taste. He felt awkward, like he was at a job interview or something and it made him impatient and squirmy.

He offered a smirk after her spoke, hoping to at least coax an amused smile to her lips again, even if it was just to laugh at how stupid he was. He could take that. It kept him humble, after all. When the sound of claws on the floor came to his ears though, he tensed for a new reason and turned his gaze on the two huge dogs that came walking into the room and took a seat as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He swallowed and glanced at Adelaide, raising a brow. "Your body guards, I'm assuming? I hope you pay them well. They're intimidating enough." He assured her before letting his gaze sweep over the dogs once more. They were beautiful animals, to be sure. He didn't know enough about dogs to even guess a breed but they definitely looked like they could do damage if they wanted to. His gaze left them only when Townsend came back into the room and he was immediately aware of how close she was sitting to him on the couch and how she was holding his arm. His smirk was sheepish as he looked up at Townsend. His eyes practically begged for his life. He watched as Adelaide took the bottle and glasses from Townsend and the rag, barely looking up at him before dismissing him from the room. He wondered what that was about. Did she just know the kind of look she would be getting if she dared to look at him right now? He wanted to say so because Townsend looked like he wanted to say something before he finally just told her that he would be in the study.

Taylor didn't miss the curious look he gave him before he turned to walk out. He watched him go, barely paying attention to what Adelaide was doing until she started pulling glass out. He jumped. "Ow! Oh, sorry. Didn't know you were gonna do that. Some warning next time? Just a suggestion." He smirked lightly before holding his arm out to her again, watching her work, careful only to take short cursory glances at the concentration on her face before he would look at his arm or the rest of the room or the dogs or anything to keep himself from staring like he wanted to. Her face was curious, something for him to study, to memorize, but he didn't want to be rude. Luckily she gave him something to focus on when she started asking about him. He snorted and shook his head. "Not even close. I've only been in town maybe a week or so. Needed a fresh start. You?" He wasn't about to just lay out his whole back story without a little give on her part too.


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