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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Maybe, things could have been different that night when she'd been pressured into joining her so-called friends on that little skinny dipping adventure by moonlight of theirs. Maybe, if she'd been brave enough to take that plunge with Braydon and allowed for him to steal away that purity and that innocence that Jordan and Brittany had given up long before that little escapade to boys that they hadn't had even the smallest of intention on being with for the rest of their lives, then maybe she would have been braver than she was now in this moment as she remained pressed against the man that she couldn't fight her feelings for any longer. Maybe she would have leaned into him then as the warm waters of the hotsprings lapped at their bare flesh, allowed for him - all of him - to fill her in so many ways that no one ever has, surrendered her whole body, heart, and soul to the only one who had ever been able to make her feel so much that she could never have even imagined such emotion to be more than the things of make believe. After all, the fae man already seemed to consume her every single melancholy thought, taking it and turning it in other yet anger fantasy that she would look back on time and time again whenever she would begin to drift into that dream realm beneath those warm sheets of her bed. He already made her heart race so that she felt weak, made it skip a beat or sometimes even several with that predatory gaze and devilish grin that melted her every doubt and resolve. The way that he would look at her had the blue-eyed blonde woman feeling like she were the only woman in his world, tricked her into thinking that just maybe he had never looked upon another in the same ways that he did her, that somewhere in the hazel depths to beneath the hunger that filled them, there was something so much more hidden there just waiting for her to discover its existence... They were all foolish thoughts, nothing but silly little ideas and hopes of a human woman so hopelessly in love with a fae king who would likely never return that want of passion and affection in the way that her heart pined for. She was nothing more than a fleeting moment in his life and that was surely all that she could ever come to be.

Part of her dared to try and tell the young woman that she could simply pretend, that she could allow for herself to imagine for just a night, just this once, that he was hers and hers alone while in turn she was his and no one else's, that there wasn't another soul somewhere out there in the world that they could be more meant for than each other. If only for a little while, for just one incredible night where she would be so entirely taken and ravaged by the one that unknowingly had her heart clasped in those strong yet gentle hands, their bodies lost in those throws of sweet passion as they took to a lovers' embrace by the likes of which this world would never see again, she would be content. It didn't have to mean anything for him, didn't have to tie him to her for the rest of his days until she would cease to exist and he would go on living. No, she would never expect for Andras to give up so much for himself for someone that wouldn't always be there for him, even for she very much wanted to. In that moment, she felt for the first time a sense of selfish wanting that she'd never before experienced as she felt every fiber of her being craving him like nothing she'd ever known. This was so unlike the usually gentle and sweet blue-eyed blonde as she returned every kiss with that same near desperate desire that chased away almost every other emotion from her thoughts as she dared to imagine what the coming moments would hold for her, for them. She dared to imagine him taking her in this very spot, the soft glow of candlight barely breaking through the steam of the heated water as it rose into the cold night air that kissed at their exposed skin like something right out of a romance novels scene, those fantasies only bringing out a soft moan for the young woman as his lips traveled across her skin before they found blush-colored lips once more and those kisses became deeper and hungrier, setting her soul ablaze so that she could hardly think of anything but what she wanted, what he seemed just as hungry for. And then, like a ray of sunlight breaking through heavy mist, a question... Would she truly be happy with just one night? Could she go on living life just as full and happily as she had before tonight, before she knew the taste of his lips and the feel of his hand as it slowly caressed the soft skin of her back, holding her close to him with his own thundering heart beating against her own that raced wildly in her bare breasts pressed against the sinew of his chest? Would it truly be enough and not leave her starved for more only to never know such sensations again?

Nearly as quickly as it had come, as suddenly as those desires seemed to overwhelm them, those kisses that she never wanted to stop soften again like a passing rainstorm. Their breaths are ragged, baby blues meeting dark hazels, both still so full of deep want and desire when her name finds his lips and it brings Beylani back to herself. Hesitating then, she feels him pull away only just slightly, those dark and lustful eyes searching her own as thick lashes flutter lightly over glittering eyes a soft blie like a clear summer sky. Those words are hardly more than a hushed whisper then as that selfish wanting vanishes without a trace and she confesses to him that she'd never been with a man like this, that she still held on the that innocence she was always told to give only to the one she would be with for her eternity. And oh, how she could cry out to those silent stars that it was Andras she wanted and yet she does not for fear that those deep feelings for him would ever rejected, that he would return her heart to her when he found out that she'd given it to him without so much as a single, soft word. She knew now, even through the uncertainty that seems to make him falter, that she didn't want it back. It was his now, and if she didn't tell him, he couldn't give the back... right? She does not miss the astonishment that finds him when he realizes, a soft groan leaving his lips before he leans in and kisses her lips gently, the young woman happily returning that kiss. Once more he kisses her and she is eager to return it before he pulls away, an almost gentle grin his chiseled features as he whispers to her that it was time the moment came to an end. Longing rips through her, but she only offer him a gentle and affectionate smile of her own."Yeah, you're probably right...", she replies softly. She closes her eyes as he places a gentle kiss on her forehead before moving her reluctantly from his lap, standing in that warm water that now laps just below his waist. Midnight tenor tones fall slowly from him as he glances down to her and that soft smile grows as baby blue eyes soften."I would love that", she answers and when he bids her good night, turning away and moving towards the other end of the pool, she can practically feel that distance pulling on her heartstrings."Good night... Andras", she ushers quietly, trying to reign in the emotions that still coated her sterling voice.

Only when he's disappeared does she climb out of the water herself, wrapping her slender frame in that towel as she moves back inside and down those stairs, padding quietly to her own room. It seemed so empty now... She forces herself to bury those thoughts and churning emotions, that heart of hers finally settling into a calm rhythm as she slips into those warm sweatpants and oversized t-shirt before crawling between those plush covers. She dares to think then of him, how she'd found him sleeping in this very bed that day, how the glowing flames had kissed his skin... She doesn't even know how long she lay there staring into those crackling flames, but eventually sleep does find and she rests soundly, sinking into the comforts of a world she found only in those dreams. It is when the first light of morning filters through her window and those thick lashes flutter open over baby blues that blink away the tiredness. She is surprised how well she'd slept considering her crystal clear memory of last night, but those sheets and that pillow had been so warm and so soft... Suddenly she jolts to full consciousness, remembering that today she answers the fae man would be going to the Winter Solstice Festival and she would find that right moment to give him the gift she'd made for him. Throwing aside those covers, she retrieves her dark jeans, white long-sleeved v-neck blouse, black boots, and turquoise mid-length coat from the bag she'd brought, having not been aware at the time she would be gifted and entirely wardrobe upon her arrival yesterday. She then hurries down the hall to find one of the nearby bathrooms where she quickly showers and dries her hair, excitedly slipping into her outfit before gathering up her town and pajamas and depositing them into the wicked hamper in her room. Moving over to the nightstand where that festively dressed gift still sat, a gentle smile finds her lips as she picks it up almost carefully before exiting her bedroom once more and makes her way to the living room. When she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she spots Ida in the kitchen and offers her a warm smile."Good morning, Ida", she says brightly before moving to sit on the white couch in front of the enormous glass fireplace alive with crackling flames and glowing red embers. There, she waits for Andras, excitement keeping those still very fresh moments in the back of her mind as she relishes in the warmth of the fire, baby blue eyes admiring all the beautiful lights and garland that decorated the lodge before lingering affectionately on the radiant Christmas tree at the heart of it all as she waited ever patiently.

Beylani Rose~
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