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death incarnate & night triumphant

Sleep did not come easily to the monarch. He woke several times in the middle of the night, his desire hitting him so deeply that he had even taken to pacing his room, pausing to listen to the quiet breathing of Lani, her gentle heartbeat. He even stared at the door for a good hour, hoping to see her walk through it, or perhaps, part of himself hoped he would rip it from its hinges and prowl down that flight of stairs and to her. By the time the sun peeked over the mountains, bathing the world in soft light, he was already showered and ready, his wings slipping out from his back as they stand at attention proudly behind him. He had taken extra care of his wings, to make sure they were brilliant, clean… shiny. The man practically cringes at the thought, he was getting himself ready to see Lani and he clearly wanted to look his best. That had hardly happened in centuries, not since he was a young man who hadn’t a care in the world except women. Running a hand through his hair, he releases a sigh through his nose. It was far too early for Lani to be awake, her steady heartbeat told him enough that she was still asleep.

So, the man simply dresses for that cold weather as he steps out on the balcony, wings stretching in the sunlight. A small smile curves at the corner of his lips before he simply falls from the edge of the balcony, wings snapping out to catch himself at the last minute. And just like that, he’s soaring through the frigid air, without a care in the world, enjoying the patterns of the wind, the air sweeping his hair into a tousled mess. He flies for a while, soaring over the city, hazel eyes inspecting the preparations of the Winter Solstice Festival, decorations hung from every store and house. He simply could not wait to show Lani. And just like that, the thought of her brings back last night, her soft body pressed against him, sitting in his lap. He’s quick to snap out of it, the last thing he needed was his desire to show as these black pants hardly did much to hide anything. Andras is almost glad how frigid the air is, it helped him clear his head. It isn’t long before he wheels in a circle, doing one last lap over the city before he returns towards the lodge, his feet touching down quietly on the brick path before he folds his wings in.

Making his way towards the door, he runs a hand through his already messy hair, unusual as he normally had it well kept. Pushing through the door, the warmth hits him instantly, his nose and cheeks flush from the cold. It was clear as to what he had been doing all morning. The sound of her voice fills his ears immediately as his gaze travels towards the wall, as if he could see her through it to where she sat on the couch. There’s a brief greeting from Ida to Lani in response as the elderly woman comes around the corner, her eyes bright with amusement as if she knew about his struggle last night. Andras simply glowers at her, ignoring those looks before he heads towards the sitting room. As he rounds the corner, he pauses as he watches the woman sitting in that blue coat, her blonde locks falling in beautiful waves behind her back. He practically has to bite back that groan that threatens to swallow him whole, stop himself from crossing those last few feet and sweeping her into his arms.

God, what had this woman done to him?

She was a drug and he couldn’t stay away, couldn’t stop being in her presence, her very scent was intoxicating; he simply did not want to stay away from her, not anymore. So, he swallows that lust and desire that so flashes through those hazel eyes only briefly. Shoving a hand into his pocket, he casually strolls over to her, allowing that wicked grin to adorn his lips. “Good morning, you’re up awfully early. Excited to see me?” He purrs at her teasingly, hardly caring that he could feel Ida’s eyes watching him. “Are you ready?” He asks before helping her to her feet and instead of offering her his arm, he simply takes her hand as he tugs her through the living room. He needed to get outside now the man wasn’t entirely sure he could keep himself from her, especially in a confined space. Leading her out the door, the cold air touches their exposed skin as he relishes the feel of her hand in his. “How did you sleep?” He asks, hazel eyes glancing down at her, unable to keep the memory from last night, what he felt, from that gaze.

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