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death incarnate & night triumphant

The woman was completely intoxicating. The moment he walked into that room, he can’t keep the glaze out of his dark hazel eyes, especially when she turns towards him. How very tempted he is to close that distance and whisk her away to his bedroom, her scent told him everything that he needed to know; that she was simply thinking about last night in that hot springs. Control. That was what he needed, so, he allows that lazy grin to adorn his lips as he strolls towards her, hand in his pocket. As he bids her a good morning, he’s delighted to see that he was affecting her nearly as much as she was affecting him. As she responds to him, he merely flashes her a smile, finally closing that distance between them. Her sudden brashness has a dark chuckle rolling off the tip of his lungs as he watches her.

Shifting his wings, he offers her a small shrug, “I was out stretching my wings, I didn’t get a chance to yesterday. Plus, I enjoy patrolling Somnia,” he comments wryly, watching the way her blue eyes travel over his black appendages. How he wanted her to trail her fingers across those wings of his. The thought practically stills his mind almost instantaneously. He had never allowed anyone to touch his wings, and yet, here he was wishing she would. It takes a moment to draw himself out of his mind, to force the pictures, of the two mingling beneath the sheets, down. When he finally asks if she’s ready, he’s delighted to see her take his hand, enjoying the warmth she produced. Andras leads her through the living room, past Ida without a word, though he does raise a hand to wave at her, ignoring the knowing looks the elderly woman seemed to give him.

If she wasn’t practically family, he might have snarled at her to mind her business, instead, he merely avoids her as he leads Lani through the front door and into the cold. Glancing down at her, he offers a gentle smile, his gaze inspecting her clothing, lingering on the turquoise coat, “You look beautiful,” he murmurs, raising her hand to his lips and planting a soft kiss to the back of her hand. It was similar to the time in the forest, outside her car. If he had known then how much she might have meant to him in the days to come, he very well might have tried and stay away; of course, that didn’t happen and now he had no desire to spend time away from her. “Let me know if you get cold, we can head back to the lodge at any time, or I could simply buy you warmer clothes,” he states casually, his eyes glancing up briefly to the path in front of them as they approach the hill fairly quickly.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of stocking your closet with clothes suitable for Somnia. Ida told me she showed you,” he grins down at her, still not sure if she even appreciated the fact that he had gone off and bought her an entire closet full of clothing. It was for selfish reasons and he had even bought several dresses he desperately hoped to see her in and even some scantily clad lingerie just so he could get a rise out of her. He hoped she would find it and call him out on it. As his hazel eyes return to her delicate features, he asks her if she slept well only to be assaulted by her scent again. Andras was decidedly thankful they were outside and it was freezing, it helped clear his head but he couldn’t deny the fact that he still very much wanted this woman. His eyes snap down to her, darkness roiling through them as she is rather honest with how her night went. Brows furrowed for a moment, he has to take a deep breath to get himself under control.

“I didn’t sleep at all,” he murmurs down at her, eyes hooding with that desire that so courses through his frame. Pulling her closer, he plants a gentle kiss on her cheek. The man simply can’t keep his hands off her, nor his lips apparently. Yet, he’s quick to pull away lest they turn right back around and head for the lodge instead. So, he tugs her forward, leading her up that hill as the expanse of Somnia sprawls beneath them. He pauses only once, turning to Lani to watch her face as she takes in the finished decorations, lights strung from every storefront and tree, “It looks better at night,” he shrugs casually before finally leading her down that hill and into the bustling streets of the city. More than one Fae they passed greeted Andras warmly, calling to him casually and he would respond in turn with their name, a gentle smile on his face as he watches his people. A few even stopped to bow before bustling off and some children excitedly bounced around them, tugging at their hands to come play.

“Maybe in a little while,” he responded to the children, laughing as they take off, some zooming away on swift wings. “Well Lani? What do you think?” he asks, eyes turning back to her as he arches a brow, his hand still gently holding hers. “What would you like to do first? There’s food and music, art galleries, just about anything really.”

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