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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

He had a hold on her in such a way that she nearly couldn't breathe and yet in the very same moment, she hoped almost desperately that he would never let go. He made her lightheaded, made her feel like she was on cloud nine and she didn't ever want to come back down to earth. She felt things that she hadn't imagined herself ever feeling, like the desire that set a fire in her beating heart that she couldn't seem to still even when he was a world away from her. Just the sheer thought of him, of that devilish and handsome smile on those chiseled features, of the way that his fingers ignited her skin when they'd caressed her bare, wet skin beneath that sky full of glittering stars, of the way that he looked at her beneath the cover of night as the steam rose around them like a veil… it was enough to make what had once been an inkling of something more that she hadn’t fully realized and even tried to convince herself wasn’t really there and turn it into that warmth that wrapped around her until he was all that she could think of, all that she could want in that very moment. And when he was close to her, it was a purely and undeniably impossible thought to think that she might not feel as she did it this very moment as he moved to stand there before her less than an arm's length away. With Andras so close to her, she felt like she had next to no control over the torrent of emotion that churned within her, and even less stability over those thoughts that danced wildly and unbidden to the forethoughts of her mind. Despite the clothing he wore, she could still see him in all that he had been that day, those covers flung from his naked frame beneath the glowing light of the fireplace as he pulled her beneath him with those wings flared above them. Just like that, she is flung into that fantasy world of hers as she would dare to imagine those own gleaming appendages wrapping loosely around them as the fae king's lips locked with her own in another battle of passionate kissing that she was so sure she would lose herself in, but then again it would be easy for her to melt into him and beneath those strong yet gentle hands if she wasn’t trying to catch herself.

Flashing her a smile, it only encourages her own, thick lashes blinking slowly over those glittering baby blue eyes as that looked up into those hazel depth she could blissfully fall into for the rest of the day, watching as the delight flickers across them as he looks softly down at her. That deep chuckle falls effortlessly from his lips then in wordless reply to her bolder remark as she took him in. her attention is brought back to him as those bat-like appendages shift slightly on those strong and muscular shoulders as he gives a small shrug, offering an explanation that she could only find truth in. That was how they’d met in the very beginning, the man lounging in that tree under the pre-dawn light with those large wings hanging loosely down to either side of him. It was an image that she would never be able to forget, as were all the other moments that they’d shared with one another thereafter. She held each one close to her heart, cherished it like something so precious and breakable – even if mutual feelings were nonexistent. How she longed to know what she meant to him, and yet in the same moment she was afraid. It was a silly thing to be afraid of, the truth. It was what she only ever searched for in all that she did, all that she said. She could never lie to Andras, and she had in fact told her mother about him only just briefly because she had always struggled with keeping anything of the sort out of her parents’ knowledge. Sure, she was a grown woman and could do as she so wished, but the way that she saw things, if she wanted those in her world to be honest with her no matter what, then what sort of person would she be if she did not return that gesture? That being said, she’d found ways to tiptoe around the more intimate details, especially when the woman had asked about the nature of meeting this Andras fellow. She’d told the older woman that they’d met at the park unexpectedly and it just sort of went from there. That wasn’t a lie, it was certainly how they’d met. But she simply didn’t tell her mother that she’d been out and about at night in an unfamiliar city, wandering through a dark wood, only to stumble upon a fae king. She’d told her mother that he was nothing more than a friend – despite what her heart truly wanted him to be to her – and even though her mother seemed hardly ready to believe that the blue-eyed blonde wasn’t hiding more, she left it at that and so did Beylani. He was going to be meeting them in a few days anyway, so that would be proof enough hopefully for the curious older woman that there wasn’t some secret relationship unfolding in her daughter’s life… Okay, well, the young woman didn’t count it as a relationship of that brand when it was all one-sided, so that didn’t really make it a lie. Or so she was content to convince herself of

As they walk down that paved pathway parting the glittering white snow, blissfully enjoying the crisp and cold winter air while her hand was folded gently into his, they travel around the gentle bend when she feels his hazel gaze and she looks up at him curiously, warmly and when he offers her a gentle smile as he appraises her attire, she smile sweetly back to him. Midnight tenor tones murmur down to her as he lifts her hand to his lips and presses his lips gently against her skin, as he did that very first day that they’d met, bringing that warm flush to fair-skinned cheeks as she grows shy beneath his compliment. It wasn’t like all those times where he’d given her a sultry grin followed by suggestive words that he might find her attractive. No, this was something gentler, something more heartfelt and she feels her heart skip a beat as the affection she feels for him dances in those baby blues.”Thank you”, she replies softly.”No one’s ever told me that before, except from my parents of course”, she admits openly. She’d been told that she was pretty, but even Braydon hadn’t called her such sweet things. His nickname for her had only just been the same name that would fall from the fae king’s lips. Lani. She was just Lani. Sure, her mother and father had told her that she was beautiful, but it wasn’t quite the same for obvious reasons. He goes on to ask that she let him know if she grew too cold, but she only laughs sweetly.”I don’t think you’ll need to worry about that”, she answers in that sterling voice. How could she become cold when he filled her with such warmth that it would often find those cheeks of hers? Moving along the path that cuts through the trees now and towards where she knew Somnia rested, there is a slight pause before he continues, his words causing her baby blue depths to widen in surprise as he grins down to her. So he’d been the one to fill her closet? Her smile softens, eyes twinkling playfully now.”I’m flattered. You didn’t have to do that, I could have brought my own things. You certainly have good taste, though. Thank you, Andras”, she says brightly to him. There wasn’t a thing in that closet that she didn’t like – though she also hadn’t really gone rummaging through it thoroughly just yet. She would need to do that when they returned later today, though she certainly hoped it wouldn’t be a for a while yet that they would find themselves tucked into the warmth of the lodge for the rest of the day. She wanted to experience Somnia, wanted to see his world.

There is a shift in their conversation then as he seems to hesitate, drawing a deep breath and she looks up at him, those baby blues ever searching… For what, she didn’t know, but she could swear that there was something flickering across those hazel depths that look back to her, that desire she’d seen in them last night coming to life only to disappear fleeting moments later. When he replies, his velvet baritones a soft murmur, that wave of warmth overwhelms her and before she can say anything in reply, he pulls her closer and those lips press gently against her cheek and she feels her heart race before she is able to calm it, an affectionate, tender smile finding blush-colored lips. She presses herself against him as they climb that hill, a soft sigh ushering through her unbidden and yet she didn’t care that he would likely hear it. They pause for a moment then atop that hill where she’d first laid eyes upon the fae village and she draws a quiet breath in amazement. Every building was lit with bright lights, every little thing seeming to be decorated and it reminded her so much of Christmas in Willowhaven. She felt like she was home… It was a strange feeling to wrap around her but she couldn’t help that unexplained love that found her heart then. She can already feel the excitement bubbling just below the surface the longer she looked upon the village.”It’s perfect, Andras”, she says almost breathlessly as he leads her down the hillside and soon they are walking through those cobblestone streets. Andras was greeted by those walking by, some simply saying hello warmly while others bowed, and it was amazing to her that he called them each by name, but it made sense that he would know each of the fae people. They were then approached by several fae children and she can’t help that radiant smile that dances across her features, a gentle note of laughter tumbling from her lips as a little fae girl tugs at her hands and begs for the two to join them for a game, tight blonde curls bounding around her small shoulders. Andras sends them on their way though and she can’t help but wonder what sort of father he would make, glancing fondly up at the fae king then. She almost felt out of place beside him, and she wonders if any of them didn’t want her here, but they all seemed so warm and friendly despite the fact that she was clearly human.

Walking together in comfortable silence for only a moment as the young woman simply looks all around her in bewilderment and wonder as she watched the fae folk mingling with one another, everyone seeming so happy and so bright. Her world needed this kind of warmth and love… There was so much hate and sadness back where they’d come from, where she came from, and she wished so much that just a little of this love and kindness would follow her back to Sacrosanct when she regrettably returned to the world that she belonged in. What I wouldn’t give to make this my home... It was an unrealistic thought really, but it was of some comfort to the blue-eyed blonde that Andras had seen her fit to have a room at the lodge when she came to stay for a while. She was simply thankful for that much. Andras turns back to Beylani now and his question has her mind reeling as she looks around at all the illuminated stores and buildings. She could hear music in the distance and she knew without question that she would want to be a part of that, but it was the sweet and savory aromas coming from the bakery that made her realize just now how hungry she was.”I want to experience everything, but food definitely sounds like a great starting place”, she says brightly to the fae king as she turns her gaze back to those deep hazels, her hand still blissfully held by his as she remains pressed gently against his arm, relishing in his warmth and nearness with his gift still held in her other hand, her thoughts drifting excitedly for only a moment to what he might think of it as she waits for him to lead the way, despite the excitement that caused her baby blue eyes to glitter like the snow that draped lazily over the roofs and beside the buildings so full of life and cheerful festivities. How she wished that each and every day could be like this.

Beylani Rose~
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