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death incarnate & night triumphant

As they stroll hand in hand, he watches her carefully, brows raised in curiosity as she mentions her only relationship to be that of a high school boyfriend. It surprised the Fae King greatly, how she did not have suitor after suitor lining up to woe her was beyond him. There was a larger part of him that Andras wasn’t willing to admit that was thankful and rather pleased that she didn’t have much experience, he wanted to be the one to show her everything, starting with sharing his home with her. The man is entirely aware of the sadness that so seems to engulf Lani briefly as she trails off, “Two things, Lani darling, first: I should go visit your old boyfriend and demand why he didn’t give you the world and two,” Andras pauses, tugging Lani closely, his hand reaching up to cup her cheek, pulling her body flush against him, “There’s nothing wrong with being just Lani, I think you are wonderful and beautiful and incredible. Own who you are, there might come a day where you will want to turn back time and be who you are today rather than the Lani you’ll be years from now,” he says gently, though his eyes blaze fiercely with honesty.

Leaning forward, he plants a kiss on her forehead before pulling away from her, flashing that devilish grin towards the woman. It doesn’t take them long to reach the village, the Fae children dancing around them, tugging at their hands and clothes. After a brief moment, he notes the sadness the so seems to coat the woman again, his brows furrowing as he inquires as to what’s wrong. Her response only manages to deepen the frown on his features, “I don’t think that Somnia is particularly warm,” he teases her gently, “However, I understand what you mean. When you don’t have to fear the outside world, it’s amazing what that can do for a person,” he nods down at her before his eyes scan the crowd of faeries before them, a soft smile toying on his lips. As she snuggles closer and whispers softly to him, he turns those gentle hazel eyes onto her, his arm instinctively releasing her hand and wrapping an arm around her shoulders, “You have no idea how pleased it makes me that you enjoy Somnia,” he replies back to her, meeting her blue gaze.

Finally, they make their way to the vendors, Andras’ eyes searching Lani’s face as she takes in the sights and smells, an amused grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. As he purchases the baked good, he’s quick to hand it to Lani as she takes a bite, that sound emitting from her lips. His body subtly stiffens, his mind wandering back to last night. How he wanted to be the one to make her make that sound again. Nostrils flaring, he has to look away from the delectable treat before him, being Lani and not the baked good, his hazel eyes rove the crowd making eye contact with several faeries, amused expressions dancing across their features before moving along. Sighing, he runs a hand through his hair as he gets himself under control. Turning back to Lani, he smiles down at her, “I’m pleased you enjoyed it,” he winks down at her before tugging her along to the next stand, his favorite stand. He’s quick to buy one off the vendor, taking a bite before handing it to Lani, rather enjoying the delight dancing through the woman’s eyes. “Don’t ask me what’s in it,” he says seriously, pausing for a brief moment before a dark chuckle emits from his lips.

“I’m joking, Lani,” he teases her again before turning his gaze towards the box she had held onto since they left the lodge. Her response brings a curious glint to his eyes, brows raised as he regards the woman. Shrugging, “Well, I don’t think you can ice skate while holding that box,” he murmurs to her, that devilish glint so dancing across his features once more. So maybe he was curious and wanted to bribe the girl, how could he not? As they move down the stands, the music growing ever louder, his ears perk a bit as they enter the square, the crowd dancing to the faerie music and children chasing each other around, it was a truly peaceful sight. The question that leaves Lani’s lips has Andras glancing down at her in surprise, brows arched, “Absolutely,” he breathes and before Lani can object, he grips her hand and tugs her into the circle of dancing faeries, his hand settling on her lower back, while the other grasps her petite hand in his own. Realizing she didn’t have anywhere to put the box, he takes it from her quickly and slips it into his coat pocket.

“I promise I won’t look,” he winks at her before pulling her along to the upbeat music, gracefully weaving themselves between the other dancers. A grin adorns his lips as they dance fiercely with the music, moving quickly and slowly to the rhythm, though many of the other dancers are careful to avoid his massive wings. A crowd of watchers surround the dancing couples, clapping to the beat and some stomping their feet, everyone seems to be truly happy in this moment. Roaring laughter escapes Andras at the utter joy he finds himself experiencing, hazel eyes locking with Lani. “Never ask a faerie to dance,” he shots over the music, amusement dancing across his dark features, “You’ll never get a break, however, I’m a rather benevolent faerie so I suppose I can give you a quick rest,” he laughs loudly again before tugging her out of the square, his chest rising and falling quickly from the excitement. “I haven’t danced in a long time,” her murmurs, pulling Lani close and wrapping his arms around her, “I think we need something to drink,” he states suddenly, reaching down to hold her hand as they move off to the next vendor.

Retrieving two beverages, it’s an almost fruity consistency though there is clearly alcohol in it as he hands one to Lani before downing his own cup quickly. As they catch their breaths, he grins down at the woman, eyes alight with joy. “You have two options now, we can go ice skating or,” he pauses briefly, “You can have your Winter Solstice present,” Andras mentions casually, his head tilting slightly as he regards her, “If you want your present, we have to leave the city for a little while though,” he explains casually, his eyes twinkling devilishly as he watches her, waiting for Lani’s response.

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