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death incarnate & night triumphant

“What’s the fun in that?” Andras asks her, brows arched in amusement. Of course, the man would hardly tell her if he was going to dive with her in his arms. It was far too exciting for the Fae to let her in on what he was planning on doing. Though, he hardly thought Lani cared; her heart raced beneath her breast, an affectionate smile so adorning her lips. Truly, it was something the monarch could get used to; her windblown locks and her cheeks kissed from the cold. It suited her in a way that he couldn’t explain and again, he pictures those black appendages sprouting from her back as if she were made to carry wings. Yet, the vision passed nearly as quickly as it had come. Grasping her hand with his, he quickly leads her into the cabin, that warm air kissing their skin as he shuts the door softly behind them. It doesn’t take them long to settle on the foot of the bed, Andras eagerly unwrapping the present Lani had so made for him. His hazel eyes soften slightly as he regards the scarf, the soft fabric gentle against his fingertips as he lifts it to wrap it around his neck.

Allowing that dark gaze to fall onto Lani, he smiles at her, his head dipping in a thank you as he learns forward and plants a kiss on her forehead, allowing his lips to linger. Her soft lyrics have the man glancing down at her, his brows raised in surprise. It truly was a thoughtful gift. “Thank you, Lani,” he tells her again rather grateful she decided to take a photo of him all those weeks ago, thankful she decided to venture into the park after dark. Andras had never realized how much a human might mean to him, nor would he ever believe anyone who told him this was to be his future. Though, their future together was brief, he would have to let her go eventually, her fragile human body far too soft to handle the supernatural world. A sad thought and that sadness flickers briefly through his eyes before he quickly covers it up by asking her if she wanted her things moved here. He’s delighted to hear her response, to know that she didn’t want to stay here permanently. He rather liked having her so close, where he could protect her, hear her heartbeat through the night when he was wrenched from those nightmares that seemed to plague his nights less and less since meeting the woman.

“I can have that arranged,” he tells her simply, a soft smile dancing upon those midnight lips. Reaching up, he tucks her hair behind her ear, only to play with that loose curl that refused to remain in place. Noting the way she tilts her head back to regard the decorations above them, Andras takes the chance to inspect her, letting his gaze travel the long column of her throat, that pale skin that has him wanting to place a kiss there. And just like that, the urge passes by as she looks back at him and suddenly stands, his brows furrowing in confusion as she moves to stand in front of him and then parts his legs to stand in between them. There’s a brief look of shock that dances through his eyes, the desire roaring fiercely back into his body as his hands automatically find themselves settling on both of her hips, Andras watching her with that predatory look once more. The pounding of her heart could be heard in his sensitive words and he’s curious as to just what Lani had planned, her soft hand coming up to place itself on his cheek, Andras leaning into her touch instinctively, as if he were an overgrown house cat.

Hazel eyes travel up to meet her blues as he watches her close her eyes and lean into him, her lips pressing so gently against him as Andras returns that gentle kiss. Its over far too soon as she pulls away, Andras’s eyes hooded with such predatory intent that he hardly looked like nothing more than an animal as Lani’s next words fall on deaf words. Tightening his grip on her, he moves in a quick fashion as he simply picks Lani up and turns her around, laying her on her back on the bed with such gentle hands. Crawling up the mattress, her straddles the woman, a hand planted firmly beside her head as the other caresses her cheek. His wings are relaxed behind him, though they are slightly flared so they don’t catch on the bedding, as he leans forward and covers her lips with his own, kissing her slowly and passionately, his tongue seeking entrance after a moment. Tearing his lips away from her, he glances down at the woman, “You are beautiful,” he tells her again, locking eyes with her as he reaches a hand up to tug on that zipper of her jacket, slowly unzipping the coat to reveal her clothing underneath. Leaning forward he plants another kiss on her lips before trailing small kisses along her jaw and down to her neck, kissing that long column that he so wanted to earlier.

“I can’t seem to keep my hands off you, Lani,” he whispers in her eye before tugging on her earlobe softly with his teeth. Adjusting his wings behind him, he moves his body so that he’s lying next to her, pulling them both up the bed so that they’re supported by the pillows, Andras wrapping an arm beneath the crook of her neck and the other finding a place on her cheek as he leans forward and kisses her again. This time he’s like he’s a starved man and Lani’s kisses were the only thing that could save him. The hand beneath the nape of her neck reaches up and runs her hair through calloused fingers, his other hand dropping down to find the small patch of skin exposed at her hip, his fingertips brushing that skin lightly while they are locked in a passionate kiss. Without warning, he moves his hand farther up her shirt to rest his palm against her ribcage close enough that her bra could be felt, his massive hand practically dwarfing her much smaller frame. Pulling away, he opens his hazel eyes to slits as he watches the woman in his arms, a wing folding over the top of them to block the majority of the sunlight, though the membrane does not touch either of them. “What do you want, Lani?”

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