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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Feigning to be angry with the fae man for those devilish antics of his was impossible for the young woman as she watched the amusement flicker in those hazel depths as they looked down to her softly. She was almost entirely certain that there was little to nothing that he could ever managed to do that would upset her to that point of where she would never want to see his face, those deep hazel eyes, that wicked yet altogether charming smile that he so often gave her in those more playful - and even torturous intimate - moments when it was only just the two of them and no one else. He could lie to her, even break her heart and she couldn't help thinking that she would always love him... There really was no saying what would change between them as time went on, and in all honesty she found herself beginning to dread each and every day that would pass by as that fear of the inevitable seemed to creep ever closer to Beylani in those nights as she would lay there in that bed back in Sacrosanct, rolled over onto her side as she would stare into the night sky. Really, it was only just a matter of time before she would find him with those strong arms that made her feel so warm and happy and safe wrapped affectionately around another. The struggle between that frightfully uncharacteristic selfishness that the blue-eyed would feel when the idea of someone else making Andras fall for them, that want to call him hers and hers alone, it never seemed to get easier as she would tell herself more times than she cared to try and count that it would happen. And if not in her lifetime, then surely it would happen after. This wasn't some fairytale love story where one would cease to exist without the other. Andras would never stop breathing, stop living all for some foolish and ao terribly lovesick human woman that had fallen so deeply into him and those fantasies that he awoke in her. She would lay there under those covers and bury her face into them, wishing if only for a moment they might smell like him. Surely this was what it was like when Juliette fell into love with Romeo, the young woman and fae king being nothing short of what could only be star-crossed lovers, though in this beautiful tragedy it was only heard in the beating of that half a heart, it's wordless cries going unheard and unfelt until the day that it would give in altogether and simply... stop. In this tale, Romeo would find another to cherish him and his Juliette just couldn't bring herself to do anything other than try and be happy for the the only one she would ever love, even if her heart would hurt so much so that she would wish for it to just stop it's beating so she wouldn't hurt anymore.

No matter what happened, she'd made herself promise that she would only be happy for him, thankful for that each and every moment that she might be able to steal him away from the rest of the world. Even if it killed her in the end to eventually watch him with another, to have Andras in her life the one way that she could for at least a little while was better than being without him. He may not ever see the depths of those feelings that she had for him, they may not make sense in any sense of the word, but that wouldn't stop her from giving that half of her heart to the fae man. She knew that it was like placing a vase on the edge of a table that it would eventually be pushed over and come crashing down only to shatter as it hit the ground around her. It was better to have loved and lost than the never have loved at all... right? That was how the saying went anyway. So when those midnight tenor tones fell from those lips and the amusement illuminated those hazel depths, she smiles that affectionate smile and laughs that genuinely happy and bright laughter that trickles into the chilled air between them. No, he would never love her back and loving him was sure to be a one-way street to complete devastation, but that was something she was willing to face if it meant that she could pretend for just another day. She would die happy one day knowing that she'd given her heart to someone, that she'd made him smile, made him laugh, and just maybe even made his life a little brighter for however long she would be able to exist in it. And when the day came that he wasn't around anymore, she would still think of him and all those moments that they'd shared. It seemed like a lonely existence when all was said and done, but she couldn't see herself feeling so alive, so happy with another soul. Perhaps that was simply because she hadn't found someone that could make her smile how he did, give her those same feelings only this time they would be returned... Maybe she was just wanting to believe that there was no one else now or ever that she could ever love because she didn't want to think of being happy with anyone else. Would that all change one day, when perhaps she would wake up one day and finally win that battle within herself and finally force herself into moving on? Was there a chance that she would finally come to terms with those torturous feelings and be able to set them free so that she could return to that life she had before him? She didn't know. Time had a strange way or changing things and twisting them into the very last thing one would have ever expected. For now though, she didn't want to think about those days of heartache that rested somewhere in the near or far future. She just wanted to be with him now, as they were with laughter in there eyes as he takes her hand in his and leads her up to that wooden door.

Like a child on Christmas morning as they unwrapped that very first present, Beylani watches almost breathlessly as Andras pulls back that wrapping paper and lifts the lid of that box only to slowly take that scarf in his hand. She watched as those hazel eyes softened as he pulls it slowly over his neck and she can't help the happiness that swells in her heart as the man tells her that he thought it to be perfect as he leans over to press his lips softly against the skin of her forehead, lingering there for a moment before shifting away from her then. Brows rise in surprise as she goes on to tell him that she was happy he liked it, at what she does not truly know, but his gaze softens once again as he ushers another gentle thanks and all the blue-eyed blonde woman can do is smile warmly at him. It smiles though as she sees a faint glimmer of sadness in those hazel depths but before the young woman can ask him if he was alright, it was gone as quickly as it had come and she decides to stay silent. Today was a day for only happiness and laughter, for Beylani to take immense joy in seeing that utterly relaxed and carefree side of the fae man sitting there beside her at the edge of that bed. Whatever it was, it had passed for now and next time, if it dared to rise again in those hazel eyes she so adored, then she would ask. Delight soon finds his gaze then as she answers him, and she finds herself wondering for a fleeting moment if there was a chance that just maybe he enjoyed having her near him like she did him. If it were up to her, she'd never leave. She'd thought once to ask if perhaps there would be a way for Chika to join her here, though she had yet to brave such a question, knowing entirely well that the tortoiseshell she-cat and Andras didn't exactly get along well. How could she ever forget how the usually tame and friendly feline had turned into something almost feral when she'd discovered the fae man in that small apartment? It had left her in shock, seeing her feline companion and best friend in such a state, and it had also been the very first time that the young woman had felt those strong hands against her skin in such a gentle way that it had been perhaps the very first planting of that seed in her heart and soul that turned into the one-sided love that the was now. He smiles softly to her then as midnight tenor tones reply to her words and she can't help that gentle smile that finds her lips."I'm sure that I can manage easily enough on my own", she says in turn, baby blue eyes glittering playfully for a brief moment. Though she knew that it would be easy enough for him to have Ida or another housekeeper carry out this request, Beylani wasn't really accustomed to having everything at simple request away without needing to do it herself.

Perhaps that was just her defiance at being fussed over, but as he reaches for her, that train of thought is derailed entirely. He brushes those windswept locks behind her ear, toying with a rebellious strand and she searches those hazel depths. For what, she didn't really know. Maybe she hoped that there would be something there to help her understand what he felt for her, if anything. Perhaps she was trying to cling so fiercely that foolish idea that he might love her back. There had been wanting in those eyes last night, and the way that her name had fallen from his lips as they slipped dangerously close to a moment far more intimate that what any friendship would warrant - though in the same moment, even the closest friendships didn't typically involve passionate kisses like they seemed determined to steal from the other - almost had her thinking that just maybe there was a small part of him that felt something more. Partly to admire the simple yet perfect decorations and partly to distract herself, she lifts those baby blue eyes look up to that chandelier only to find that mistletoe there. What were the chances that they were there by sheer coincidence? That familiar boldness seizes her then, knowing that there would likely never be a chance like this again where she might have an excuse to steal a kiss from him this time, and so when she moved to stand before him, confusion etched lightly into Andras' handsome features. She moves between his legs only to watch that confusion shift into a breif expression of surprise and shock as before his hands rest on her hips then. When she moves to rest her hand over his cheek, she feels him lean into it and his gentle shift only encourages her further. Knowing that was now or never, she leans in and kisses him softly and Andras returns that gentle gesture. How she loved the taste of him, the feelings that ignited in her entire heart, body and soul with such a small kiss... It was like fireworks each time, and she would always find herself wanting more, never wanting to stop, imagining for a small moment that he might lift her into his lap again like in the hotsprings and they would find themselves once again in that very same position teetering so close to taking things further. She doesn't linger there long, fearful that her knees might grow weak if she did, and when she pulls away slightly from the fae man, she can see that predatory gleam in those familiar hazels once again.

He says nothing when his hold on her hips tighten and she feels her heart beginning to race even faster now. He moves quickly, effortlessly lifting the blue-eyed blonde woman onto the plush bed beside him, laying her there on her back gently. He is crawling onto the bed then and she is overwhelmed by that ever familiar warmth and before she can stop it, that memory of when she'd found him in that room now belonging to her, when he'd reflexively pulled her beneath him by firelight and given her that sultry look that had made it feel as though her heart would burst in her chest, it comes rushing back in full force. Thankfully though, Andras was clothed this time but such a thought was little comfort as she feels that desire rising in her as he lingers over her now with those wings flared just enough to remain free of those sheets. Baby blues look into those dark hazels as his other hand caresses the flushed softness of her cheek for a moment before he is leaning down and kissing her, Beylani returning each one with the same gentle passion and want as their tongues brush against one another with every embrace of their lips - such things that she'd never felt before. He pulls away then, eyes hooded and satin-smooth baritones are ushered quietly to her, his hand moving to slowly unzip thay turquoise jacket, her breaths quickening slightly now as she fought to keep those fantasies clamoring to the front of her mind away for fear that she would suddenly become too bold."Andras...", she breathes softly, all other words stolen from her lungs, soft gasps escaping between parted lips as his kisses set fire to her skin. He whispers in her ear then and she can't help but lift her head so that she could dare to leave a yearning kiss on his own neck that was exposed to her lips as she lifts her hand to trail along his muscled forearm that held him over her."It's okay, I can't seem to keep mine from you either", she replies between each breath that threatened to come quicker beneath the desire that seemed to be taking over. He moves to lay beside her now, a strong arms wrapping around her slender frame as he moves them to where their heads are resting on those pillows, one arm falling behind her nape as his other hand rests over her cheek and again he is leaning towards her and they are kissing once more. There is a familiar hunger in them that reminded her of last night beneath the stars and she can feel that craving in her rising as a soft and unbidden moan ushers quietly from her, her every sense aware of his fingers running through her hair as the other explores the skin exposed on her hip. She didn't want them to stop, returning each one with that same wanting she'd felt in those steamy waters... Suddenly his hand slides slowly beneath her shirt and her skin is electrified by his touch as he settles over her torso just beneath that white lace bra hidden beneath her shirt. She finds herself wanting to know what those same strong yet gentle hands would feel like on those other parts of her, caught somewhere between bold and uncertain though it only takes a mere moment for that boldness to conquer that hesitancy. If there was anyone she would want to touch her in the ways she'd only ever read of in romantic novels or seen in those movies meant for couples, it was him. Andras pulls away then, a wing draping over them as if to block out the rest of the world as those half-closed eyes search her own hooded baby blues blinking slowly beneath those thick lashes. He asks her what she wants then, and before she can stop herself, she gives him a tender smile as she reaches a hand to brush her fingers slowly, delicately over the bone of that magnificent wing just as she'd done once before though her gaze remains steadily locked with his."I want you...", she whispers softly, as if those words were her most carefully guarded secret, and even she hadn't expected for that pure honesty and desire to fall from those blush-colored lips. She searches his hazel eyes now, asking herself if she'd said too much, because truly those three words held so much meaning to them, meant so much more to her... She lays there in his arms, heart hammering in her chest as she holds her breath, waits for him to push her away or pull her closer, hardly knowing just what she should expect.

Beylani Rose~
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