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Lani’s words bring a sigh for Andras’s lips, his brows arching in amusement at the young woman as she promptly denies him the job of moving her belongings to the cabin. “We have this thing here called magic,” he teases her, that devilish smile stretching across his lips as he gently lifts a hand and pokes her nose. “But if you insist on lugging all your clothing here by yourself,” he pauses, shrugging his shoulders, “Suit yourself,” Andras teases her once more, that grin of his so easily finding his lips when the woman was around. How he enjoyed spending his days with her, she made things bearable, gave him something to look forward to. How the man desperately wanted to share everything about his world with her, even if it would only be a fleeting moment in his immortal existence; Andras would take whatever he could. Perhaps a selfish need and yet the man could hardly be apart from the woman without being utterly consumed by her.

When Andras lifts his hand again, he goes to push those luscious locks back, only to play with that curl, enjoying the way she immediately stills under his touch, a soft smile so curling at the corner of his mouth. His hazel eyes inspect her fiercely when she looks away from him, her head tilted back to regard the decorations with that wonder that so seemed to be etched into her blue gaze while she was in Somnia. When Lani shifts to a standing position, Andras immediately drops his hand, though there is a bit of reluctance on his part, his eyes narrowing in confusion as she so makes her way in front of him. Carefully parting his legs, Andras lets her do as she wishes, though his strong hands find themselves settling on her hips, perhaps out of instinct as his own hazel eyes bore into hers as she leans forward to place a kiss on his lips. He returns that gentle gesture, though, the moment her lips touch him, a roaring fire blazes through him, her next set of words entirely lost on deaf ears as desire so forces its way through his body.

The moment they part, Andras can’t help but let that predatory gleam so ignite within the depths of his eyes, his hands tightening slightly on her hips. The sound of her racing heartbeat only encourages the man as he quickly lifts her up, placing her on the bed, Andras straddling over top of her as he kisses her passionately. His fingers move to the zipper on her jacket as he carefully unzips it, pulling back slightly to glance down at the woman, his woman, as desire so dances through those hazel eyes. The way she says his name, the way it rolls off her tongue makes the man want to practically groan, how he desperately wanted her to be saying his name continuously. It was arousing, perhaps not what Lani had intended, yet it still managed to tug on that carefully constructed self control he so constantly kept himself under whilst in the presence of the woman. The way those soft gasps so emit from her lips only encourages Andras more, his lips trailing gently, softly across her skin before rising himself enough to whisper in her ear.

He’s almost surprised when Lani lifts herself up to plant a kiss on his neck, his entire body going taut at the contact and when she lifts her hand to touch his forearm, it takes everything inside of him to not shred her clothing. He was perhaps thankful that she was inexperienced within the bedroom, and yet, it was arousing all the same. The things she did to him made it all that much more because she simply did not know the effects she had on him. Leaning down, he steals another kiss from the woman before moving them up the bed so that they could be within the confines of the many plush pillows. His arm carefully snaking under her nape, the other to find its way beneath her shirt only to touch that soft skin of hers. Gently folding his wing over them, successfully blocking out the sun, he allows that appendage to hover over them as he pulls back slightly, eyes hooded in desire as he asks her what she wants. What the man doesn’t expect is the way she lifts those fingers and brushes them along that sensitive wing, Andras’s body immediately stiffening beneath her touch, his eyes rolling closed as he shudders under that exquisite touch.

The man has to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from groaning her name, to launch himself at the woman. His hazel eyes snap open suddenly when she declares that she wanted him. And how Andras wanted her and yet, he can’t help but stop himself from taking things too far, he hardly had any control when it came to the young woman and he desperately did not want to hurt her. The battle wages on in his mind, that conflicting dancing in his eyes as he watches her carefully. No, he couldn’t do it, but he could please her. “Lani,” he groans her name before covering her lips with his, kissing her feverishly as that hand grips her ribcage a touch tighter before he drives his tongue past her lips, his breathing growing heavier as he presses himself to Lani, his manhood straining against his pants. This woman was going to be the death of him. Lifting his hand ever higher within the confines of her shirt, he trails his fingers over the top of her lace bra, tracing the curve of her breast before slipping his hand beneath the confines of that undergarment, to touch her womanly figure.

The man is entirely gentle, aware that she had perhaps never been touched like this before, his fingers kneading her as he finds those stiffening buds, a finger gently flicking her as he devours her sounds with his lips. He’s entirely patient in his administrations, showing her just what a woman’s body could feel beneath the skilled hands of a man. Nipping at her lower lip suddenly, he removes his hand from her breasts, only to trail down to the waistband of her jeans, his fingers quickly undoing the button there. Andras hardly hesitates as he slips his fingers beneath the waistline of her jeans as well as her underwear, quickly finding her core only to groan into Lani’s mouth by the wetness he finds there. His fingers expertly play her like an instrument, his administrations entirely gentle though its clear he knows exactly what he’s doing, wanting to push her over that edge. He hardly wanted to make the woman uncomfortable, and yet, he still couldn’t keep his hands off of her. “You smell delicious, Lani,” he can’t help the growling words that so slip from his lips.

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