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With Taylor, she didn't feel some sort of expectation weighing on her shoulders, and it was just one thing about the roguishly charming that Adelaide had never really had the pleasure of experiencing on that estate. He didn't look at her like she were something out of place, like she didn't belong here. There wasn't the faintest traces of criticism in those hunter green eyes when they would collide with those of glittering sage. In Paris however, she'd known nothing else but those expectant looks and questioning stares when she returned to the manor with twigs stuck in her curled locks or scuffs on that custom made dress designed with only the finest fabrics. She had been expected to be every bit the elegant woman that she had grown into, refined and poised in all that she did. Her every stride and every lilted word was expected to be nothing short of pure grace and as near perfection as was possible by a human woman. Those ever critical and piercing stares fully expectant that she were to seem like a demigoddess of some sort, and she had hated each and every moment of those high standards that everyone held her up to. Anything that would fall even just slightly below that fine line of acceptable and absolute abomination would earn her curious side glances and soft murmurs as those people would gossip amongst themselves as they continued to watch to to see what else she might do that wasn't traditional or proper "for a woman of her class and pedigree". While it was not nearly as bad as it might have been centuries ago when there had been so much more was expected of a noble woman if she wished to avoid shameful or disgusted looks or worse, that still did not offer the dark-haired woman much - if any - comfort in the least. But, here in Sacrosanct, she was just another woman of wealth. Just another pretty face in an ever-churning crowd of strangers. Here in this new city where no one knew of her name or her family, she went more or less unnoticed aside from the occasional turning of heads on part of men that might find her beautiful or women that might find her curious. It was easy to breathe here in this city, and with Taylor, it was even easier for her to smile and laughter... to feel as free as she'd always hoped to be one day. What had once been nothing more than a wistful yearning had finally become the French woman's reality, as unexpectedly as it was for her to have come across the handsome man with kind and genuine hunter green eyes and that warm smile that only seemed to encourage one of her own to dance across those plush lips of hers, had turned out to be something even more than all those daydreams that she'd spent conjuring up as she would stare out to a clear baby blue Paris sky, leaving her amazed and ever more pleased with that decision she'd made to leave everything behind her thousands of miles away.

She was certain that the Englishman would have a few choice words about her behavior today at the very least, but it wouldn't be any more than she could handle and it certainly wasn't the first time that Townsend would let her know exactly how he felt about the situation. Especially when things came to his newest charge, it seemed like the usually calm and refined man was a bit out of sorts over the ordeal. Though he knew there would be no swaying the young woman about her decision to take on the man she'd only just met the other night as the chosen landscaper and caretaker of those heavier tasks, that definitely didn't mean he wouldn't let her know he found her nearly flirtatious antics around Taylor to be "most unbecoming", that he wasn't "a smart match" for her. Well, let him brave those fierce waters as he had a time or two before and see where it landed him. She loved the man dearly, like that brother figure that he very much was to her, but even he should know that to voice such words would only awaken a storm that he would not want to subject himself to. He knew even better than her mother and father how the French woman could get when anyone dated to try and tell her what she could and couldn't do, or who she should or shouldn't keep the company of. Whenever there was attempt made against that desire to make her own decisions, she would only act out even more fiercely and determinedly. So, though she did expect for him to scold her like the little sister he regarded her as, she was fairly certain he knew exactly where the line was that he was best not to cross lest she end up wandering those sparsely lit streets of Sacrosanct without telling him where it was she was going. And it was this knowing that nearly drove her to test the man's restraint and resolve with a glimmer of amusement that found her gaze then as he gave her the most bewildered of looks. Townsend turns his attention to Taylor then as he is quick to notice that mischievous look almost before it even finds the man's chiseled features and Adelaide can see that he was growing closer to calling it a day, but he seems to collect himself again and instead assigns the slightly younger man and captor of Adelaide's intrigue more tasks to be completed before the day was done. Taylor hardly seemed phased though and quickly gets to work gathering those clipped branches in those strong arms of his before dropping them into the stone fireplace a short distance away from where the French woman sat as the Englishman disappears into the greenhouse with watering pale in hand, though she was certain he'd be listening for any sort of noise indicating that the two left alone wouldn't enjoy each other's company too much.

Adelaide can sense the tension in Rose as Taylor moves from the fire pit across the seating area and back when he retrieved the matches from the shed, rising to a sitting position as those dark chocolate eyes trail after him. Adelaide places her hand reassuringly not the beauceron, turning to notice Reginald dozing with his proud head resting over those large paws with the stick still laying there in the grass beside him. Clearly Taylor had managed to wear out the black and tan male, an amusement smile playing across her lips before she turns to watch as Taylor is removing his shirt. He is quick to counter with a teasing smirk of his own as he turns his attention to Rose who only offers a sniff in the man's direction while Adelaide can't help the gentle note of laughter that tumbles easily from her lips."I'm fairly certain there's someone much better that just so happens that be here already", she purrs delightedly as she. at those thick lashes over glittering eyes at the man as she gives him that sultry smile. He continues his work though, almost to the young woman's regret and yet she had only more admiration and respect for his sense of focus. Only when she speaks in regards to those faded yet still easily oticed scars does he turn to look over at Adelaide as he continues raking those leaves. She gives him a gentle smile, sage depths alight with amusement and yet there is something softer in them as she sees the light in his own gaze."I'll certainly keep that in mind. That sounds like a fair price, I think", she replies playfully though there is a sincerity in her lilted words as she she continues to watch as he works, piling that leaves into the trash bags and tying each one before he begins to spread that bark mulch around the hedges and the tree. Everything he did, he did with such care that she couldn't help the sparkle in her gaze as she observes the pride in his face as he steps back to examine the work he'd done. It wouldn't be much longer before the yard was restored to its former glory, though once the repairs were done then he would certainly be kept busy maintaining it. Not that she would mind seeing more of him, of course. She would need to see how his handy work could be applied to any home repairs that might need some care, or perhaps he might even help her with the plans she had in store for the business she fully intended on starting.

The sound of that greenhouse door opening again just as Taylor is setting the mulch next to the shed had Adelaide quickly turning back to that book, though perhaps she had been a moment too late as she can hear him clearing his throat. She glances up at Townsend then who, sure enough was looking her way before looking back over to the sweat-slicked man by the shed."I believe that'll do for today, sir. I expect you to be here at the same time tomorrow morning. And I might also suggest that you bring an extra shirt next time as well", he says pointedly as he eyes Taylor almost suspiciously before walking back into the house to clean himself up. The French woman cannot help but roll her eyes playfully at the Englishman as he walks past her to glance once more at her as he disappears into the house to likely clean himself up, rising from her seat then and moves into the house for a brief moment, carrying that tray with the glasses into the kitchen and reappearing under the covered seating area with a check in hand, accompanied by a smaller pieces of paper. Striding over to Taylor gracefully with dark locks cascading over her shoulders as she allows her gaze to run over his toned upper body before finally settling upon those hunter greens, she stops near him with a coy smile upon her lips as she reaches out her hand with the check and note towards him."Thank you for a hard day's work, Monsieur Taylor. This is pay for the next two weeks", she says warmly in those accented words, handing him that check written for six-thousand dollars."It's not much, but I suppose it is a fair start until you've built up some time here", she continues modestly. She'd been tempted to give him more as so little was nearly considered as nothing more than pocket change for the French woman, but she did not want for him to question her or insist that she was overpaying him. Her coy smile only grows then as she gestures to the folded note."And that is my number. You know, if perhaps you have any questions on what supplies you might need for the yardwork", she ushers with that silken voice. Little did he know that inside that folded paper with her number written on it, there was also a note waiting for him to discover it: Meet me at the street corner tonight at eleven o'clock for that second ride you promised me this morning... With love, Adelaide. She moves back towards the sliding doors that led into the kitchen, casting glittering sage eyes over her shoulder to ensure that he was following her back through the house and to the front door where Townsend waits with it opened for Taylor. She turns to face him then, soft hands folded behind her back as she offers him a sweet smile."Have a good evening, mon cher", she says in soft farewell, careful to keep that smile of hers gentle yet casual though there is a sparkle on her gaze as they meet Taylor's, hoping that when he read the note he would understand.

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