and I will love you even when we're dust amongst the stars {LAZ} On December 17, 2017 at 2:35 PM by vhalla solarn

you could rattle the stars.
you could do anything,
if only you dared

Vhalla had secluded herself within her warehouse, refusing to step outside or return Ellie’s phone calls. She hadn’t felt herself almost lose control for a long time. The assassin was certain she had managed she learned to keep it on a short leash, to not allow her fire to run rampart when other emotions were devouring her alive. Trying to forget, she drank herself into a stupor the last few nights, sprawled out on the couch with bottles littering the floor and the counter. Yet, no matter how much she tried to drink away her problems, they still found her when she sobered up along with that pounding headache and upset stomach brought on. You think she would stop torturing herself with such nonsense, but the pure bliss of forgetting, even for a few hours was wonderful.

Her eyes peel open, bleary, before she lurches to a standing position and rushes to the bathroom, emptying the contents of her stomach. She felt like shit and has drank far too much during the day yesterday. Washing her mouth out, she groans as she makes her way towards the other bathroom, stripping her clothes as she went before turning on the faucet and slipping into the shower. The water is freezing and she yelps, her body shivering, though she makes no move to make it hotter. The cold water would help chase away that hangover that so wreaks havoc on her body. By the time she is finished, she slips into her assassin’s suit, braiding back her damp hair in that usual braid she always wore when working.

Slipping her boots on, a knock is sounded at the door and brows furrow. No one ever knocked on her door. And a thought crosses her mind, perhaps it was Lazarus? Almost hopeful, she finishes lacing up her boots, prowling into that front room and yanking the door open, “I didn’t think you would-,” she’s immediately cut off, the blood draining from her face as she beholds Ivan in front of her, his hands neatly clasped behind his back, that almost boyish smile dancing on bloodless lips as he regards her with amused eyes. Stumbling backwards, she nearly trips over herself as Ivan lets himself in, quietly shutting the door behind him. “What are you doing here? You never knock,” she says, her eyes widening in fear. As the man moves past her, those hands so remaining behind his back, he ignores her for the time being, colorless eyes scanning the bottles. Finding a seat on the couch, he lowers himself into it casually.

”The last I checked, I don’t owe you any explanations, pet,” his voice sounds equivalent to the nails scratching on a chalkboard, ”But since you asked so nicely, I smelled someone new when arriving. I was curious to see if you were waiting for someone,” that boyish smile remains as he glances across the room as if he were searching for something, ”Clearly, you thought I was someone else.” His response has Vhalla stiffening, backing away from him even farther, blue eyes watching him warily. “What do you want, Ivan?” she grounds out, finally planting her feet and crossing her arms as she defiantly glares at him. He tsks at her in an amused fashion, ”I merely came to see how my favorite protégé was doing. I’ve left you alone, for the most part, since you’ve arrived back in Sacrosanct, it’s time we discuss things,” he states without a care in the world.

His eyes hardening as he takes in her insolent stature, a flash of anger dances through his eyes as he raises a pale hand and beckons her closer. ”Come here, Vhalla,” and with that, Vhalla is moving towards him, knowing better than to refuse the man. When she stops before him, she notices immediately the way his hand extends out to encircle her wrist, dragging her body to him, turning her so that she’s perched on his lap, her back pressed against his chest. Stiffening, she can’t help but feel that panic well up. He had just fed recently, he never fed from her twice in a month, clearly, the scent of Lazarus in her home had angered him somehow, as he slides his hand up to grip her arm with a bruising force. Wincing, she doesn’t dare complain, knowing where that would lead if she so much as opened her mouth. Yet, when he brushes her braid to reveal her neck, she shudders in disgust at his touch, as his fangs slowly sink into her neck. Flinching, Ivan barely only is able to take a drag or two from her before he pulls back, eyes hooded in annoyance as his eyes glance towards the door.

”It seems we have company,” he sighs, just as a knock sounds at the door. Vhalla’s eyes widen and she struggles to remove herself from Ivan’s lap but he hisses in her ear, holding her in place with that iron grip on her arm, surely bruising her. ”Invite our guest in,” he purrs into her ear and no matter how hard she fought against that disgusting bond, she’s unable to clamp her mouth shut. “Come in,” she croaks out, loud enough for the person on the other side of the door to hear. And as she watches Lazarus enter through that door, her eyes are wide, horrified, though there is terror there as she glances at him. Even Ivan leans forward, his chest pressing against her back as he grins maliciously, ”Why, how delightful is this?” he exclaims with fake excitement. ”If I’m correct, this is the man whose scent is all over your apartment,” Ivan exclaims cruelly. ”I see you have taken an interest in my little pet, what is your name Dark Hunter?” Ivan questions, forcing Vhalla to remain seated in his lap. ”My name is Ivan, I’m Vhalla’s owner. Have you come to purchase her for the evening?”

Vhalla Solarn

To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered


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