and I will love you even when we're dust amongst the stars On December 29, 2017 at 9:22 AM by vhalla solarn

you could rattle the stars.
you could do anything,
if only you dared

“My offer still stands, be my sparring partner. It could be fun,” she drawls lazily, watching the way he takes several more swigs from the bottle, her turn to follow suit before casually lifting her legs and setting them on his lap. She was far too comfortable around him at this given moment, never had Vhalla allowed herself to get drunk with someone she hardly knew. Though, there was no denying that she found the man attractive and he matched her fire with some of his own. They would make an undeniably destructive pair but that was all Vhalla knew. She hardly knew how to love, nor to show compassion, loyalty was perhaps the only thing that reigned supreme in her wild emotions. Such thoughts; why they seemed to filter through her mind now. With great difficulty, she shoves them away, hardly wanting to dwell on those thoughts for long. Right now, she merely wanted to get drunk and spend time with another being rather than being alone. So, Vhalla casually crosses her legs over each other, blue eyes darting up to Lazarus’s face with a wry grin.

She’s entirely aware by the way Laz’s eyes drop to travel her pale skin, her legs shifting slightly under his gaze as she watches him closely. No, she hardly minded the attention at all. It was a nice change to be viewed as a woman rather than an object that simply belonged to such a creature like Ivan. She doesn’t comment on it, though she’s content to watch him, taking drink after drink out of that glass bottle. As she invites him to raid her drawers, she merely shrugs at him, laughter threatening to bubble from her lips, “Oh please, you wouldn’t know what to do if you caught me in lingerie. Plus,” she pauses, sniffing, “These are practical. Who wants to fight in lace undergarments?” She asks, waving off his comment with her hand. “Though, I’m fairly certain you would like it if I sparred in nothing but my underwear next time,” she laughs, raising her brows suggestively. And she was drunk enough to do just that right now, she wouldn’t even mind the cold in the warehouse.

When he suddenly states that he’s aware she isn’t wearing a bra, she easily calls him out on it, only to have Lazarus challenge her. Brows raising with amusement, “Well, at least you can appreciate a woman’s assets,” she shrugs before taking another drink of that whiskey, that warmth fully spread to her fingers and toes, and this time, it wasn’t just from the alcohol. His growl sent a shiver down her spine and the woman can’t help but picture his lips pressed against her, growling into her mouth. To hide the fact that her mind had taken a turn to much... dirtier thoughts, she takes another drink, blue eyes watching Laz. As she rattled off her next set of words, her delicate brows arch in surprise at his response, a roguish smile dancing along her plump lips, “Happy to see you’re being honest with yourself for a change,” she teases him darkly, snatching away his bottle only to leaned forward and fall into his lap, laughing. “Well, when it’s your choice to kiss someone, you tend to like it much more rather than it being forced on you,” she shrugs casually, practically admitting that Ivan’s advances were unwanted.

She watches him finish her bottle, reaching for another and taking a swig. It was clear the man could out drink her, yet she hardly cared at this point. She felt wonderfully warm and content, the thought of Ivan a distant memory, even mentioning him briefly couldn’t chase away her happy feelings. Leaning forward, she pulls that necklace out, running her fingers across the smooth bone, blue eyes traveling to his face once more as she admits she likes his butt. Laughter rolls off her tongue, their breath mingling as she merely shrugs at him, refusing to deny her statement. And then she’s demanding again, the change in Lazarus almost immediate as he takes on an even more predatory look, that look heating her core as she regards him openly, waiting to see just what he would do. Yet, she wanted to play, make him work for it, merely because she wanted to give him the option to simply leave.

So, she pulls that necklace off his neck and dances away, that grin so adorning her lips as she lets the tooth dangle from her fingers, hand planted on her hip as she listens to his deep voice slither down her spine. “I like this playful, Lazarus,” she coos at him, taunting him with his necklace. Vhalla watches him intently, the way he casually moves towards her, and she’s ready to take several steps away. Yet, he anticipates the way she moves and his arm snakes around her hips easily, though she practically lets him as he pulls her close, her body flush against him. Transferring the necklace to her other hand, she quickly hides her hand behind her back, an amused grin dancing on her lips, “Hah,” she laughs, as if he wouldn’t be able to reach it. It’s only then that she realize that his arm has completely circled her waist, his touch heating her core even more.

Tilting her head back, she watches Lazarus, her eyes darting down to his lips briefly before flicking back to his eyes. Brows raised in a suggestive manner, “You have more self control than I give you credit for,” she states, bringing a hand up to cup the side of his neck, calloused fingers plying with his curls absentmindedly. “I don’t though,” she says suddenly before pulling him closer, except instead of planting a kiss on his lips, she maneuvers herself onto the tops of her toes and trails a line of kisses along the stubble of his jaw, only to press herself harder into him and continuing her torturous kisses along his neck, only to bite him. Though, it was hardly hard enough to break the skin, it was still hard enough to leave a mark. Pulling back slightly, her eyes are hooded, any amusement she had felt earlier was entirely gone as her blue eyes inspect him. Quickly, she moves out of his grasp, only to take a few steps backwards, her back pressed against the wall as she lazily dangles his necklace in front of him once more. “Didn’t I tell you, you had to get this first?”

Vhalla Solarn

To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered


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