and I will love you even when we're dust amongst the stars On January 01, 2018 at 9:29 AM by vhalla solarn

you could rattle the stars.
you could do anything,
if only you dared

It was clear their conversation was taking a turn to more… suggestive things as they begin to talk about woman’s assets, Vhalla even going as far as to comment that he could at least appreciate them. And truly, the assassin should have been prepared for his response, they had been drinking, both of them entirely drunk at this point but as Lazarus responds, she feels a growing desire in the pit of her stomach. The woman entirely wanting to see what he could do; the feeling so foreign to her, she hardly knows what to do in that moment and before she can stop the words from slipping off her tongue, “Prove it,” she states dangerously, her blue eyes locking on Lazarus before taking another deep drink of the alcohol, her blood thoroughly warmed. Vhalla then leans forward, her eyes focusing on the tooth briefly before her eyes meet his gaze, aware of that predatory glint dancing in his eyes, a hunger for her that seems to engulf him in that moment. It pleased the woman greatly to see that he at least desired her, appreciated her womanly body in that moment and when her eyes travel to his lips, that memory of being pressed against him in that club, kissing him, is brought to the forefront of her mind.

Yet, the assassin wanted to play. And that’s what she does, stealing away his necklace and dancing away from him, graceful even though that alcohol courses fiercely through her body. She dangles that cord in front of him, taunting him, daring him to try and take it and when he sweeps her into his arms, Vhalla entirely allowing it in that moment, she laughs and hides the necklace behind her back. The woman is almost disappointed that his control hasn’t snapped, even with his strong arms sweeping her body to him, her body pressed flush against him, her eyes searching his features. The witch can tell he’s not quite there, hadn’t taken that plunge yet, so she slips her hand up around his neck, toying with his curls before she reaches up on her toes and trails that line of kisses along the stubble of his chin, her lips moving to his neck only to bite him, hard. Perhaps if she had been sober, she would have noticed the way his leash had snapped, that her lips merely touching his neck was what practically did the man in. What she does notice though is that involuntary groan that slips from his mouth, that sound bringing that stoking of embers in the pit of her stomach to full on raging fire.

Vhalla wanted to taste his groan. Yet, the assassin has a touch more control than the man as she wiggles free from his grip, dancing backwards only to feel the wall pressing against her back, her lips parted slightly as she dangles that necklace in front of her once more. This time, Lazarus doesn’t seem to take his time as he closes the distance between them quickly, placing both hands on either side of her body, the man successfully trapping her against the wall and yet, Vhalla hardly felt trapped, no, she felt alive and by the gods, her skin itched to be touched and she is entirely ready to drop that ridiculous game and pull him towards her just so she could feel his toned body on hers. Those icy blue eyes are a raging inferno as they meet that hungry gaze across from her as her hand loosens unconsciously on the necklace. She hardly fights him as his hand darts out lightening fast to retrieve that necklace, and there’s a brief moment where she thought the game might be over, that he might simply take that necklace and put it back on and leave. Yet, that thought immediately vanishes from her mind the second he releases his hold on the necklace, the tooth clattering to the floor.

Vhalla’s eyes widen slightly, missing the way his hand darts towards her and slips around her waist, Lazarus closing that distance and pressing his body against her, pinning her to that wall. She can feel his other hand slide into place along her nape and she’s momentarily distracted by his touch that she almost misses the way he moves into her, his lips crushing against hers. A small, involuntary gasp emits from her lips as she kisses him back fiercely, her eyes fluttering close, her lips parting to allow his tongue to seek entrance, her own tongue battling for dominance and yet, it was clear that she wouldn’t win this one. Lazarus seemed to be an entirely different person, almost animalistic and its as if that thought of hers brought out that growl he so directed her, Vhalla only responding with a soft moan, her chest rising and falling and a rapid pace wanting to feel her skin against him. She got exactly what she wanted, feeling Lazarus’s fingers slip beneath her spandex material only to grip her bottom, which only causes Vhalla to rise to her toes and press her lips harder against him, a whimper of desire escaping her throat.

Finally, she snakes a hand around his neck, her fingers running up through his curls only to tug on them, separating their lips briefly before she turns her attention on his neck once more, biting and kissing and sucking, successfully leaving her mark there before her other hand reaches up and grasps that metal zipper on his jacket, unzipping it quickly and pushing it off his shoulders and revealing that tightly fitted shirt. She wastes no time on slipping her wingers beneath the hem of his shirt and tugging it over his head, his skin deliciously warm against her as Vhalla continues her administrations on his chest, planting kisses across his toned muscles only to return her lips to his, kissing him ferociously, both hands snaking around his neck and intertwining in his hair again. Groaning against him, she wanted more her hands gripping his brown curls fiercely, “Laz,” she moans against him, his name rolling off her tongue with thick desire, though she hardly breaks that contact with him. “Please,” she begs, the woman never begging in her life and yet, she wanted this.

Vhalla Solarn

To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered


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