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Of all the things Lazarus would have done in that sober state of mind, the absolute last thing he would have ever even dared to consider for even a fleeting moment living no longer than mere milliseconds was that he would ever take the white-haired woman to bed with him. Sure, if he had been with any other woman in any other situation, the dark hunter would have happily obliged to that almost primal desire to see if he might have the chance to steal those sheets for a night as he allowed for the beast behind brittle bars to break free and ravage the creature at his fingers. Had it been any other time when the burning of that whiskey did not inhibit those previous and undeniably stubborn judgments, those fierce suspicions that the witch had some sort of motive for befriending Elain with a hidden desire to somehow use her in whatever game it was that she played, he would have been able to walk away from that warehouse door or even managed to linger without a care in the world on that bed of his back in Hawthorne Village. It was easy to believe that those sharp and near always rageful thoughts would have hardly seemed willing to give her any of his "good graces" that he gave to no one save for his little sister and unorthodox best friend, Donovan. And yet, here he was, having yet again been thrown into something that the thoroughly drowned part of him would have certainly been scowling at, undoubtedly scolding himself inwardly for even thinking that she looked completely tempting and deliciously sexy in those dark forest eyes of his, forgetting that hunger to undress her on that moment as he felt the very beginnings of that restraint fraying like a rope being pulled far too taught. There was still time for him to disengage, a small sliver of a chance that those suggestive words falling between himself and the woman would amount to nothing more than that.

It was a losing battle that Lazarus fought as he sat there with the witch at that table coveted in weaponry and liquid bottles that would likely be finished before morning came. Maybe. It was growing less and less unlikely that the man would be drinking him to that state of unconsciousness that he'd previously been hoping for. He'd only given that money to the bastard to get those icy hands off the woman, all because of those fucking feelings that he fiercely wanted to just smother until they couldn't come back to the surface. He especially didn't want to feel anything, not even that insatiable lust, for the witch beside him, but that wasn't going for as well as he wanted. Not in the least. He didn't want to feel anything for anyone except the honey-blonde woman who was so unfortunate as to be tied to the dark hunter by blood, and deep down Lazarus wished that it had been him and home alone to perish that night when those robbers had broken into their home. If he had stayed up like he would often did, he could have raised the alarm, at least saved Ellie and their mother so that they could escape as Lazarus and his father fought that impossible battle with nothing more than the hope that they would have been able to hold off the assailants until the women had been able to successfully slip away into that safe house underground. That was not what fate had planned for Lazarus though, having always been there in the background to remind the man with caramel colored locks that he was only in control of so much despite what he may think. No matter how much Lazarus tried to defy that sense of being unable to decide his own future, he was shown a thousand times over that some things were beyond his control.

As his blood burned ever more with that warmth from the alcohol that consumed those previous determinations to see the white-haired woman as nothing but a thorn in his side, he feels that sense of control slipping even farther from him, those male tendencies starting to override any and all sense of that self-control that he was almost always able to successfully keep about him as those wicked and drunken thoughts pulled him with such force towards the endless possibilities of what a night spent with the witch pressed against him as they took to a lovers' passionate and heated embrace would taste like, feel like beneath his hands as they explored her skin that Lazarus could hardly contain that hunger that stirred in him. Not that he was truly trying to fight them, admittedly, the liquor having easily worked out any and all reservations he might have used to reinforce those bars as the animal in him began to awaken and pace with an anxious desire to break free and take what his instinct wanted to claim, what it had decided in that moment when those two boldly spoken words tumbled without falter from those plush lips the dark hunter could almost taste with their closeness, the breaths mingling with the other's would be his. Brilliant blues lock with dark forest green glittering with predatory wanting as that wolfish grin only grows upon those handsome features of the man as he meets that look of hers with an equal fierceness. So, she wanted for him to prove that he could do so much more than just undress her with his gaze and enjoy what he could only imagine lay beneath?"Those are dangerous words, wouldn't you say?", he challenges in turn, a dark chuckle rumbling through him as she leaned forward then to run slender fingers over that bone dangling from its sterling chain.

His encrypted warning that if she dared to shatter what remained of his steadily wearing control there would be no going back hardly seeming to go heeded, the man hardly trying to hide that glimmer of satisfaction though even those drunken thoughts acknowledged for a fraction of a second that he would refuse to confess such pleasure at her simple gesture of stealing that reminder of the past from its place when he returned to that sober state of mind in the morning as dark forest eyes watch as the woman dances away from him with surprising ease given the fact that they'd both managed to drown their premonitions in that liquid amnesia. He answers her challenge eagerly then, stalking over to her and managing to successfully take her into his arms as he pulls her to him. The mere feel of her womanly features pressing into his toned chest further pushing him close to that edge despite her teasing gesture as she moves that necklace behind her back. Before he can make any sort of move, it is her words spoken in an almost sultry way that distracts him and the next thing he knows, those lips are kissing the skin along his jawline and he hardly protests. Then, she finds that place on the dark hunter that breaks any and all sense of control that he had over himself, those kisses setting fire to the man as that pure hunger and lust roars fiercely to the surface, the beast breaking free as it overrides all that was Lazarus. She bites him there and he groans in wicked and wild pleasure. He is about to return that favor upon he own skin when she wiggles free of his grasp, but by now there is only that predatory desire burning in those dark forest eyes trained upon her, trailing down to those womanly features as the animal drank her in with a wild thirst, leaving only a pace between them until he has her trapped there against the wall. Gods, how he wanted her.

Lazarus wastes no time in taking that necklace from her only to release his hold of it, that predatory gaze holding fast and fiercely to those blues burning brightly with wanting as his senses hear the sound of silver and bone clicking against the floor. He takes hold of her again as he pins her there against that wall, pulling her to him once more as he kisses her hungrily, selfishly though he is entirely aware of how eagerly her own lips meet his, those deliciously sweet lips parting so that their tongues brush feverishly against the other with every deep and lustful kiss, that soft yet certainly not missed moan falling from the woman only encouraging him further, those more attuned parts of the dark hunter stiffening against those relaxed fix jeans as his grip only slightly tightens on the back of her neck. She whimpers softly between their rapid breaths as they refuse to pull away from those starved and ravenous kisses when he slips his hand beneath her underwear to grasp her soft skin there, that whimper of desire only deepening his lust to take her here and now against that wall as another guttural and thick growl leaves the dark hunter's throat. Fuck, the things that she was doing to him...

She moves those hands to the back of his neck then, the man's skin all too keen to her touch now as he feels those fingers twist into those curls before gripping at them and again a hungry growl so rumbles through his throat. She breaks away from those ravenous kisses then to trail those lips along that sensitive flesh as she bites and sucks at his neck, succeeding in further quickening the already rapid rise and fall of his muscled chest as she forces another deep moan of wicked pleasure from Lazarus, head tilted back to subject himself to those damn near torturous kisses as his hand drops from the back of her neck for a moment to explore those assets hidden only by the thin fabrics of that tank top that was in serious danger of being shredded by the hunger that roared through the hunter, those fingers gripping neither powerfully nor gently at the flesh there. He can feel her hand unzipping his jacket then, needing no more guidance as he only briefly moves his hands from her so that it can fall to the ground. She makes quick work of his shirt then, slipping it over his head and now it was his turn as his own hands nearly tear off that tank top to reveal those glorious breasts, so bare and so perfect. He reaches for her again, pulling her to him and reveling in the feel of her bare skin against his own, one hand slipping beneath that spandex clothing as one hand returns eagerly to explore the newly exposed skin of those womanly features that had his attention when he'd first realized that they were not locked away behind the confines of a bra. She continued to kiss the skin of his chest for only another moment before she leans farther into him and dark forest eyes find those brilliant blues so full of wanting as he hungrily leans down to devour her lips once more. His name slips over her tongue beneath those nearly ragged breaths as she moans into his ears, and when she practically begs him with a single word, he takes her into his strong arms as his hand that had previously occupied that place on her breast moves to grab her other cheek still hidden beneath that spandex as he lifts her with ease.

More than confident that she would anchor and balance herself against him with those pale legs and arms around him, he carries her down that hallway and towards the bedroom, hardly breaking from those ravenous kisses. It was clear he'd done this a time or two before as he is careful not to knock her against a wall or the frame of the door. It is only when he reaches the edge of the bed that he bends down to lay her there, lingering over her with one hand resting on those covers beside her head as those strong fingers on the other easily discard that last remaining piece of clothing, that fire raging wildly in him as the beast is more than poised to ravage her. He tosses those boxer breif shorts to the side before moving that experienced hand to her core where he caresses with precise care the delicate and oh so very sensitive parts of her, the animal in him craving to hear those ever delightful moans of pleasure as he sought to make her want more, want all of him in a way that she would never have wanted a man before or after. He breaks from her lips now, allows for his own feverish kisses to taste the skin of her neck as he hungrily returns her earlier gestures, subconsciously aware of how hard to bite that skin without breaking it or causing harm, his own deep and groaning growls falling thick with fierce lust as he seeks to please her, hungers to feel her body answer his own wordless demands. It was something entirely unlike him in any other set of circumstances that he would want to please another, but the dark hunter was hardly as selfish when it came to those throws of wild lust and wanting... something that the witch was quickly finding out though this was only just the beginning of what was sure to be a night neither of then would ever be able to forget anytime soon.
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