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sebastian ellington

Sebastian could hardly help that almost questioning glance he gave the vampire at the sight of that young woman at his side. He'd hardly anticipated for a woman whom had been little more than a pet to be so particularly….pleasing to the eye. That almost smug glimpse upon Arlo's features hardly went unnoticed, even as he offered the man his hand with a teasing tone upon his lips. That distinctly casual fashion in which he was so told to 'shut up' hardly perturbed the Englishman in the slightest, instead it coaxed a chuckle from his lips before his attention turned more pointedly towards that panda he had heard so much about. A single outstretched hand was offered to her, at least until her petite fingers fit within his palm, prompting Sebastian to afford the air above the back of her hand the most genteel sort of kiss. He was aware, in some regards, to that sudden tenseness that so seemed to afflict Arlo's frame, just as he too could feel the increased beat of the young woman's heart at that simple gesture. The vampire part of him was altogether aware of just how close to that boundary he danced, being so close to such a major vein and yet, he hardly saw a reason to so tempt his companion when this dinner party had been so long in the planning.

Rather, the vampire stepped away from the woman, entirely content to linger alongside his fiance as Arlo admitted that he had showed a great many of those pictures of the panda off. He was almost surprised, truly, that the woman hardly seemed to take offense to being showcased like a common housepet - quite on the contrary, she seemed to be quite displeased at the notion of being called anything other than a real panda. That lover's quarrel brought a warm grin to his lips, even though the Englishman hardly saw a reason to intervene. Rather his gaze shifted but briefly towards the fae Monarch with a hint of amusement, the man altogether oblivious of the fashion that his own scent seemed to be so terribly distracting to Arlo, in those moments. Sometimes, it was easy to forget he was no longer the very top of that food chain. Thankfully, any sort of disagreement between the two at Abigail's status of a panda was altogether short lived, his own attention entirely steadfast at the mention of Arlo getting his hands on a proper guitar.

His nose wrinkled ever so slightly at the idea of 'coming around' to join in on a jam session with that keyboard he'd left in Arlo's care. That electronic device paled in comparison to the grandeur of his own beloved Timothy. "How about next time, you bring your guitar here. That Yamaha was shite compared to my grand. We'd have the whole ballroom to ourselves." The vampire offered without missing a beat - after all, he knew well how...close everyone lived within Arlo's dingy apartment. It would hardly be long till his neighbors were throwing a fit about the noise. That inquiry of their significant other's capabilities in that musical realm, however, near immediately seized his attention if only for the simple fact that Sebastian had never actually inquired such a thing of his lover, merely assuming that the Italian stuck to those arts rather then venture into his own realm. Sebastian could help that look of near horror upon his features at Abigail's admittance that her own childhood had been rather absent of such instruments entirely. And yet, even that hardly prepared him for that sigh that let Dorian's lips.

Sebastian's eyebrows raised in a rather clear indication of surprise at his lover's admittance of that Cornett, the instrument had still been alive and well within his own day and age. "Really?" He inquired, entirely baffled to even consider the fae King with such a peculiar little pipe. It seemed so….unlike what he knew of the man in every sense. That blank look upon Arlo's features, however, told him all he needed to know of the man's knowledge of that pipe. "It's a wind instrument. It has a huge range, somewhere between a flute and a trumpet." He informed Arlo, still largely vexed by this newfound knowledge of the King. Still, he hardly missed the fashion in which the man seemed keen to move beyond the topic, as if he hardly enjoyed that instrument to begin with. That sudden insistence from Abigail that they should both play, prompted a small simper upon his lips, the vampire simply offering her a small nod in agreement.

He was, however, entirely pleased to fall into step with the fae King as the pair moved towards that dining room, that sudden exclamation from Arlo was hardly surprising in any sense and yet, Dorian seemed all too keen to inform both of their guests not only why there were so many pieces of cutlery but too, the proper way to choose which one went with which dish. Frankly, he suspected neither of their guests had visited any sort of establishments that offered even more than one fork. How much was sorely lacking in their lives. Any movement Sebastian might have made to his own designated seat, however, was interrupted by that soft utterance of Arlo's voice, that comment alone prompted him to pause within his step. Though his gaze lingered upon Abigail and his fiance, his attention was wholly directed upon Arlo's request for assistance. He could hardly help that small snort that left his nose at the sheer idea of Arlo complimenting the girl on having a clean house, as if this was a great trait she had so strove for. That mention of Dorian, however, quickly derailed any such thoughts, his own features almost softening ever so slightly at Arlo's admittance of how utterly attractive the man was, particularly in that well tailored dinner jacket. "You have no idea." He muttered softly, once again considering the removal of those very articles of clothing later that night.

With a small shake to his head, Sebastian quite purposefully turned his attention towards helping his companion in that clear desire to woo the young woman within that room. It was clear that Arlo was quite near smitten with her, even if he failed to admit it. "Well….you did tell her she looks beautiful tonight, didn't you??" He inquired, his blue eyes pointedly meeting Arlo's own. It was, perhaps, an obvious first place to start and yet, if he was resorting to complimenting her home for cleanliness, perhaps Arlo needed the bare basics. Hell, Sebastian was hardly opposed to providing assistance of the more...magical variety. After all, there was already a clear attraction between the two of them, it was one his own affinity for pheromones could quite near feel. Their bodies alone were already chemically inclined to one another, all it would take was a little push, one he was certainly capable of providing.


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