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Sebastian could see the way that Arlo looked at the young woman at his side - that look of awe and genuine adoration was all too clear within his friend's bright eyes. He knew that feeling well, as if she was the very embodiment of all that was good and right in the world. There were still moments in which the man was overwhelmed with those very feelings he held for the fae at his side. It was, in fact, that very staggering sensation that had finally prompted the Englishman to metaphorically get on one knee in the first place. To be subject to those feelings for so was only natural that he eventually desired more of their relationship. It was, he was sure, only a matter of time before Arlo began to follow that same path, he was sure. At least, he was mostly sure, if the man could muster the courage to even get started. As it was, his vampiric companion was…..well, rather lacking in that forward department. It was almost a surprise really, considering how quickly he had warmed up to those women Sebastian had procured for his companion during their first meeting. Clearly, Abigail had quite an effect on him, one he suspected even she was entirely oblivious of.

Such thoughts, however, were interrupted by that contemplative inquiry of insecurities, ones that even the Englishman shared. His gaze lingered upon his own fiance in that moment, the man momentarily considering just how he had managed to get so undeniably lucky. That was, at least, until Arlo's voice pierced through those dismal thoughts of just how unworth the Italian Monarch he was. His eye turned towards his companion, eying that lopsided grin Arlo provided him, even despite that insistence that their kind had a tendency to get particularly emotional when afforded the opportunity. "Can you blame us?" He inquired, allowing his own lips to twitch upwards ever so slightly. Still, not all of them were nearly as human as that, after all, his own maker was more prone to temper tantrums and bouts of anger then any such feelings of dejection and fears of self worth. She, he was sure, did not know the meaning of the words remorse. Still, tonight was hardly the sort of evening to dwell upon such an unwelcome soul, not when dinner was going so…..well.

His attention turned rather abruptly towards the young woman, the Englishman idly commenting on her clear state of innocence. Sebastian watched the way Arlo seemed to inspect Abigail, as if searching for something he alone could see. The truth, however, was that the vampire could see something else of vastly more importance, even if he remained altogether silent on it. Still, he could hardly help that amusement upon his features as Arlo admitted that he was altogether oblivious to life at large. He chuckled, his head shaking ever so slightly at Arlo's admittance that he had….expected something. "Uhh huhh….only a hint though." He commented, providing his friend with a rather pointed look. Still, that sheepishness prompted a snort from his nose as he saw fit to remind the man that Abigail had quite near blushed at the simple sight of them, a fact that surely would not have prompted such a reaction from most women. Still, ,he knew how important that first time was to girl's like her. Abigail certainly wouldn't forget it and yet….he strangely found himself having faith in Arlo, even if he warned the man to tread carefully.

It was that exclamation further down the table, however, that drew the man's blue eyes, his own fork pausing at the flailing of that very young woman they had so spoken of, his own name upon her lips. For a moment, Sebastian only offered the pair a blank glimpse and yet, Dorian certainly seemed particularly entertained. This, however, only served to perplex him further, if only for the simple fact that he was rather certain he'd heard his fiance say something several moments prior of Sebastian's ability to charm others. For a moment, his eyebrows furrowed and yet, rather then query on it further, his attention turned towards Arlo as the man asked after the contents of that salad he so seemed engrossed within. He was rather pleased to admit his own contribution, Arlo clearly enjoying it. His head shook ever so slightly as the vampire bit into that salad, his attention shifted as Dorian mentioned that very youtube video the pair had watched several nights prior in the warmth of their bed. He swallowed that bit of lettuce, as the vampire intervened, purposefully hyping up that event of their own wedding with the addition of the media coverage and Arlo's own band, a point he knew his friend was sore on.

He could hardly helped that please twitch of his lips as Arlo inquired about a stadium, his own head shaking even despite Dorian's admittance that he didn't know what such a place even was. Still, it was clear the rockstar was interested, even admitting as such. With a flick of his wrist, Sebastian brushed away those concerns for a singer, the vampire entirely unperturbed by this. "Don't worry, I know where to find one. I gather she was a pop singer once though, you might have to adjust for her vocal range but….if we want a singer...." His gaze turned towards Dorian as his voice trailed off, fulling allowing his fiance the ability to insert in his own confirmation or refusal of the idea.

Sebastian hardly expected that sudden inquiry, however, of the legality of those songs Arlo had written, his own features contorting ever so slightly in thought. "Well, it...depends." He stated in consideration, "Assuming you had no contract signing them over to the band or their label, the copyright would by default belong to you if you can prove that you wrote them. You could sue them for copyright infringement for taking your song without their permission but you'd want to hire a copyright attorney and provide them with any copies of any contracts you had with the band, your manager, and label and and original writings of those songs. If they were dated it would definitely be advantageous, I mean, I doubt you properly went through the process of filing a claim with the copyright office. If you did, that'd be bloody amazing. gets messy when you consider public domain and how long it's been." He shrugged, picking up that glass of wine if only for simple fact that, though he could easily continue on, most of it would be little more than pointless conjecture without something to work with.

He was altogether content to finish off that salad, his blue eyes entirely intent upon the pair as Dorian finally saw fit to offer the true details of that 'gig' they had to offer. After all, he had every intention to follow through with that invitation to invite Arlo and his companion to that event, they would be there anyways so, why not enjoy it in the way musicians best tended to do?


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