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Arlo James

See what it's like to be a vulture's lunch

Those words Sebastian offered saw his own lip quirk upward again, some part of the man almost...glad really, that at least one other vampire in the world spent his time bemoaning whether or not he was actually good enough for that person he’d chosen. Hell, Arlo had never really been good enough for anyone. Not as a human and sure as hell not as a vampire. Still, he’d never made a very good human, maybe he could make a better vampire one day? That was a thing right? He could do that, couldn’t he? Maybe Seb was right. Maybe vampires couldn’t be blamed for that, well, emotional nature he’d seen a fair few off his own kind display. They were damn well dead, stuck walking about only at night, they were hungry all the time and most of the time, really- they seemed not to like themselves a great deal, making it damn well hard for them to believe someone else could like them too. Especially not the Abby and Dorians of the world. He’d only met that Italian Monarch tonight and yet it didnt take a scientist to realise he was, well, good. For want of a better word. He was...gentle and Abby was hardly any different. They were the sort of people made to walk in the sun because they were bloody perfect and yet here they were- walking in the dark with the dead. God these were dejecting thoughts. Maybe this was another reason vampires were all emo. All these thoughts and too much time to think them. Arlo shaking his head again.

“Nah mate, I don’t blame them at all.”

He offered simply enough, Arlo willing enough to shift from that conversation to those far more pressing issues and the matter of Abby’s apparently very obvious….innocence, so to speak. How the hell did Seb know that? His own head lowered slightly to Sebastian’s eye level as the blue of his gaze fixated upon the young red-haired woman as if he truly anticipated to see, well, something. Not that he’d ever really been able to tell a virgin by looking at them before and yet honestly he would hardly put it past Sebastian to have some sort of power for that all the same. That soft comment that it was obvious saw that near blank look return to his own features. Arlo mostly sure he had spent his life missing obvious things and that this was another of them. Although, really, he supposed, when he thought about it there had been some signs. Not knowing why her dad might not want him alone in the house with her. Inviting him to share her bed purely for sleep. Those had been fairly obvious he supposed. Arlo affording Seb that almost sheepish grin as he offered them then. That pointed look he was rewarded with seeing his own eyes roll as that sarcasm easily found the other vampires words. Great. By the time they were done Seb would have successfully managed to see him fail in every area off his life. Wonderful. Still, that simper managed to find his lips all the same. Especially at Seb’s assurance he had taken several virgins before. Why had he even asked? Of course he had. Some men just walked in the sun…..metaphorically speaking. That soft utterance to ‘tread carefully’ in that virgin territory however saw that flicker of surprise return to his own features. What on earth did that mean? Arlo about to query that very thing, the man oblivious to an faith Sebastian might hold in him to work that out for himself, when that salad was suddenly placed before him and any other ideas seemed to fade.

He could smell that salad from here. That venom rushing to his lips in that purely instinctive response to an ingredient Arlo had hardly truly comprehended just yet. At least, not until that first lettuce leaf was lifted to his mouth. That sudden taste overwhelming. Arlo’s eyes widening with that realisation as he turned back toward the other vampire then with that query on whether or not Seb had….made that salad so to speak. The Englishman promptly informing him that of course he hadn’t. His maid or cook or...whoever she was had. He had merely contributed and yet- that singular contribution seemed to make all the difference. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d eaten a salad. Let alone all off it. Arlo very near inhaling that meal. If this was the before dinner snack then what the hell was dinner? Arlo suddenly finding he was distinctly curious to find out. That blood having a way of distracting him entirely from any and everything else. Had Sebastian…..contributed to dinner too? When was dinner? His forked dipped easily back into his bowl. Arlo making an effort to covertly attempt to eat what remained of that salad dressing from the bottom as the rest of the table started on their own salads. That sudden shout of Sebastian’s name from Abby seeing the man glance upward once more to look toward her almost blankly. Sebastian appearing equally taken aback. Alright then. What on earth had she and Dorian been talking about? Maybe this was a good time to tell her she looked pretty.

He shifted slightly closer to the girl to offer just those very words. Abby managing to squeak out that thanks as Arlo frowned slightly. She looked kinda...flustered. Not upset or anything just flustered about something. Was her salad bad? He was pretty sure she didn’t have to eat it if it was. Then again, maybe you couldn’t tell a King and a….whatever Sebastian was that his salad was bad. That very question only earning him a nod from the woman. Arlo, this time, intent to ask her if she was ok at all. The woman abruptly waving her fork at him in the same fashion she had at Dorian only moments later, declaring herself fine before staring at her salad as if it was the best looking salad she’d ever seen. Great. He’d broken her. He told her she looked pretty and he’d broken her. Seb had said that would work! This was like….the opposite of that. God, why were women so confusing? Did she not want to be pretty? That worried look touching his own features then before Dorian’s sudden mention of that old footage saw him glance toward the King. God he hated those videos. If only he could find a way to get rid of them. Still, there was not point in denying them now. That surprise touching his features again at Dorians assurance Sebastian and himself had enjoyed that particular song. Arlo managing a soft simper all the same. At least they’d liked it right? The sudden idea of a gig though saw his features wrinkle. Arlo eyeing them both warily now as Sebastian took over that conversation with the promise of the fame that would come with this apparent show. Worldwide fame if Dorian was to be believed. Enough that even his old band might see it. He’d stopped playing years ago, hell, he’d damn near lost interest and yet it would be a….lie to say a part of him didn’t want to, well, stick it to them a little, just a little. They’d damn well left him when he’d needed them the most. Those guys who’d been his friends for….twenty years. They’d dumped him like it was nothing. Why the fuck did that still hurt? Maybe he was interested in that gig, maybe, that warning he couldn’t sing hardly seeming to perturb either man. Dorian instead suggesting they could find someone to sing, Sebastian even claiming he knew someone they could get. Had these two rehearsed this pitch?

“Who is she? Maybe I know her. As for singing i used to sing backup on a couple of them, we all did. The songs Hit and Miss and Ready, Aim, Fire had all of us."

If she’d been around in the nineties he probably did. They’d had a million bands play support for them back in the day, hell, he’d met most girl band idols of the time too. Then again maybe it would be better if it was someone he didn’t know, especially now that Abby was around and all. That very notion of the past perhaps prompting that sudden question to Sebastian then. After all he’d...wondered about those songs for a long time. This seeming as good a time as any to at least ask the vampire about it. He’d told him he used to be a lawyer after all right? Arlo, until now, hardly having had the money to even consider asking a lawyer about those song titles he’d written and owned. Sebastian seeming almost thoughtful for a moment before stating it kinda...depended. Damn. There was always a but. His gaze resting on Sebastian as the man continued. Arlo’s eyes widening slightly at the notion of having prove he wrote those songs. How could he? Did he still have his original notebook? He probably did and yet….where the hell was it? He’d been so high half the time he didn’t know where half his stuff was. The mention of copyright attorneys and labels and infringements seeing him stare blankly toward Seb then. Maybe this was harder than he thought.

“Are you a copyright attorney? What’s an attorney? Is that a lawyer? What sort of lawyer are you?”

Alright, so maybe he wasn’t very good at this sort of thing. He’d never realised there were….different types of lawyers. Didn’t they all law. One hand lifted to run slightly through his hair again as he glanced up at Seb once more.

“I never signed anything over to the band or the label or the manager. I know that much. If I could…..get this proof and bring it to you, could you, I dunno, do anything with it or help me give it to someone who can? I think I might know where my stuff is. I’d just have to go home.”

The idea of it was more than he could bear. He hadn’t been home in years. His parents had told him not to come back. What was the chances of them even having his stuff after all this time? Maybe he could still try. God, maybe it wasn’t even worth it. The man dismissing the thoughts now to turn his attention back to that gig Dorian and Seb had been talking about. One that was apparently in Italy. At the palace. And was no less then Sebastian and Dorian’s own wedding. No one had ever asked him to do a wedding before. Arlo glancing between both men then. Dorian promising that he and Abby could stay anywhere they wanted if he agreed to it. The vampire glancing back toward Abby as if seeking the womans...approval somehow. Arlo almost...overwhelmed at the idea as he seemed to consider it for several long moments. He hadn’t played properly in so long and this was….kinda a big deal. A wedding was- well- big and important. Especially a royal one. Still, he owed Seb something in the least didn’t he? The guy had been nothing but decent to him and having a wedding to take Abby too was pretty exciting. That simper touching his lips again.

“Yeah, alright then, I need to know what songs you want like….now though, because if this is in February I need to re-learn some of them sooner rather than later. I’ll let Ab’s pick where she wants to stay though. I think you’d be better at that then me, Chicka.”

He found that grin just for her then all the same. Arlo attempting to return that woman to her usually excitable self. Those servants finally bringing what looked like dinner towards them. Arlo already keenly watching that food.

“Are you boys having like a bachelor party or anything? Do you do that when your both guys?


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