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Dorian was perhaps hardly surprised to learn that Sebastian was assured he could find a young singer to support Arlo’s musical talents. His lover was vastly well-travelled, personable and despite his efforts not to form those true and meaningful friendships with others the vampire still knew a great deal of people even if only as mere acquaintances. Dorian himself perhaps equally so. Those social circles they moved within providing them the opportunity to meet a vast array of beings and yet- even the Monarch held some surprise that Sebastian so knew of an asian all-girl band. How intriguing a being she might be to meet. Dorian readily agreeing to that notion of at least affording her that invitation in turn before Arlo sought to inquire after those decidedly more legal matters that he himself held decidedly little knowledge on. That near dubious look his own lover afforded the other vampire over that notion of what was or was not signed readily saw Arlo defend himself once more. The younger vampire admitting that he had, once, been given those very papers only to throw them on a desk, unsigned, to forget about them altogether! That look of shock upon Dorian’s own features was surely clear in that moment. To forget about paperwork near a sin to the Monarch's own mind. Dorian near obsessive in his own organisation of those documents he handled daily. To simply say he had forgotten one would never hold before his own court. Such carelessness was unheard off! The Fae King genuinely shocked at this idea that some people simply did not care. Dorian leaning forward ever so slightly toward Abby once more.
“If Bastian gives him any paperwork do not let him lose it or put it on a desk or anything else so terribly silly as that.”
Women, Dorian was sure, were vastly more trustworthy when it came to this. Perhaps Sebastian should give those documents directly to Abigail and save them all the bother. The Monarch taking another sip of his wine as Sebastian continued with those explanations then. Dorian rather inclined to find his Lover’s professionalism in that moment distinctly….appealing. That very realization near catching him by surprise and yet he could hardly deny it. He hardly understood the meaning of those legal terms and yet he decidedly enjoyed to hear Sebastian say them. Those Italian lyrics leaving his lips then in admittance off just that. The chuckle he was rewarded with only furthering that near impish grin that found his own. Sebastian assuring him within that same Italian language that he would be sure to reward him with more of those words tonight. Ah, but how he might look forward to what they might enjoy after their guests had left! The promise of that night to come readily seeing a myriad of other thoughts occupy his mind.

“Non vedo l'ora.”
(I shall look forward to it.)

He added simply, his gaze meeting his lover’s own once more before Abigail promptly declared she would gladly go with Arlo to find these missing songs Sebastian apparently required. It was a curious thought perhaps and yet that very prospect of ‘home’ did not quite seem to delight Arlo in any sense. The younger vampire was a distinctly difficult sort of person to read, Dorian assured he did not know the man well enough to know him quite what about this home might distress him and yet, Arlo, rather like Abby herself, was quick to overshadow any displeasure with a ready grin once more- accepting that offer to play at their wedding. Dorian’s own delight in such a thing was surely clear, that thanks readily offered along with that chance to stay anywhere the pair might like within Italy. The Fae King hardly anticipating Abigail’s request that they might stay at Caserta with Sebastian and himself and yet, really, he saw little need to deny the girl in any sense. Why could they not stay? It was hardly as if they did not have room and while Sebastian and himself would undoubtedly find theirs days in the lead up to that ceremony distinctly busy the pair would surely have one another to keep themselves occupied. Although, how on earth they were to feed Arlo perhaps remained to be seen. Could Sebastian alone provide for him if he was well fed enough in turn? Then again with all that needed to be done Sebastian himself might prove largely unavailable. Perhaps he need discuss that with his fiance tonight.

Sebastian’s idle comment that Abigail was already a princess seemed to bring that giggle to her lips before his own acceptance of that request prompted that ready squeal of girlish delight. The young woman declaring him to be the best, that surprise clear upon his features at such an unanticipated reaction before that grin seemed to find his own. Dorian chuckling softly then. In all the things he had ever been called within his terribly long life ‘the best’ had not been one of them. How silly it was and yet how terribly it amused him all at once.

“I am quite pleased to be ‘the best’ I think. Perhaps I ought to add it to my titles. Dorian Valerio Ellington-Aragona ‘The Best’ King.”

His own soft chuckle hummed easily from within his throat then, amusement tugging readily at those lyrics as Arlo inquired after those servants he desired. That near quizzical look so finding the Monarch's features then. Had Arlo truly believed he would not assign him servants to attend to him? How impolite that would be! Dorian so veritably missing that jest of sorts as Abigail hurried to hush her companion.

“Of course, I shall assure you have a full staff to attend you.”

He offered simply, as if such a thing was very much the norm. The mention of that Stag Night, as Sebastian called it, seeing his head tilt slightly once more as that dinner was served and Arlo proceeded to demolish it with the same vigor as that salad. Heavens but Sebastian had not been lying about the other vampires penchant for his blood! Just what exactly this Stag Night was however remained to be seen. The name decidedly misleading if only for any lack of actual deer involved, the event hardly appearing to be any sort of gentleman's hunt but rather a….party. Was it expected of them? Arlo certainly seeming to think so. That comment that surely it was the task of a best man to organise such things only further seeming to perplex him. Frankly Dorian was assured he would rather not have Alexander attempt to throw him any sort of party, let alone have Matteo attempt to help him as would undoubtedly happen. Arlo’s query on whether or not he had someone to drink with seeing the man frown slightly. Alexander, Matteo, Dareios, Andras or Troy were all surely capable of that and yet Dorian remained near uncertain as to whether or not he saw any need for such a party to begin with.

“I am assured I could find someone if need be.”

He offered simply, the Monarch curious as to what Sebastian’s own choice in that might be before Arlo’s query on those gardens saw his features brighten once more, Abby appearing equally as intrigued as he nodded, that warm simper upon his features then.

“Yes, the Palace has over one hundred and twenty hectares of gardens, they are world heritage listed and most of them are themed, you’d be quite welcome to enjoy them at your leisure. There is also a waterfall, lakes and fountains to enjoy too. They are lit up at night so it's quite safe to wander in the evenings. There is one place in particular I think you would enjoy, Abby."

How much he enjoyed those gardens! Caserta affording him a space even more vast than their gardens here. Dorian so relishing in the simple life that bloomed in those natural spaces and appealed so desperately to his Fae nature in turn. How eager he was too, to show that space to Abigail herself, the woman clearly as appreciative of flowers as he was in turn- even if Arlo might find that experience less than thrilling. That thought of the younger vampire within his palace prompting that final thought.

“Arlo, might I ask a somewhat unusual question? You need not answer if you care not too and yet I have been given to wonder. You are not like any other vampire I have met before you see. I know that it is so that vampires are more given to be protective over those they are with, especially when other vampires are present but do you think you would be protective over Sebastian in the presence of more of your kind since it is his blood you favour?”

It was a bold question to be sure and yet it was a genuine curiosity to the Monarch, those words offered with a respectful politeness all the same just in case Arlo should take any sort of offense to that questions off his protectiveness- or possessiveness.

Dorian Aragona


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