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That genteel touch of Dorian’s fingers as they interlaced with his own drew the Englishman’s gaze away from his companion, settling on the Fae Monarch. That warm simper upon his fiancé’s features and those lingering silver eyes helped to soothe any concerns he might have held over the King’s feelings on that bizarre connection between himself and Arlo. The vampire hardly took any great interest within the guitarist -that is, those lustful desires towards the man were near non-existent. Such was hardly a peculiar thing in itself. After all, Sebastian’s usually salacious demeanor had all but diminished in the presence of any soul that was not Dorian for some time now. A small smile graced the man’s features in that moment, his fingers lightly squeezed the King’s hand before, slowly, he released his grip upon the man in favor of that lasagna that rested before him. Some age old habits, it would seem, remained ever intact. The vampire remained diligent not to dote too heavily on the man at his side if only for the comfort of their current guests. Even despite this, the vampire was entirely willing to let his posture deviate from those expected table manners. Rather, Sebastian leaned almost casually against that table as he savored that warm taste of cheese on his tongue.
That shift over the conversation to the various species and the staunch differences there within hardly intrigued the man nearly as much as his companions. He was entirely content to merely listen as the trio put together those observations that Sebastian himself had largely already been aware of. Rather, the vampire was far more interested in other aspects of that conversation. For example, he that intriguingly good relationship that Arlo had held with his maker, Abigail’s clear capability to speak of biology as if she was nearly as studious in the topic as Elizabeth, and, finally, those Fae’s near inability to procreate. Each of those aspects were vastly more intriguing to the vampire, even if he said very little on them in turn. In fact, it wasn’t until Dorian took an active interest in seeing that very blood for himself that Sebastian finally saw fit to speak up. Procuring that microscope and accompanying equipment was something he could surely do, particularly considering the cost that would surely accompany such a purchase. Those items Abigail rattled off in the wake of his offer only saw the vampire nodd in turn. “Don’t worry, dove, I’ll see to it all.” He readily reassured the girl. In fact, he was rather certain that this would be a purchase Elizabeth herself might take an interest in assisting with. After all, the very object might be given to her once their curiosity had been satisfied.
He hardly expected for that topic of Fae children to linger as it did and yet, it seemed Arlo took a vast interest in Dorian’s ability to have a child of his own. That mention of his own impossibility of fathering a child caused his head to shake in confirmation of that knowledge that Patrick had provided the younger vampire all those years ago. Where he was going with such a confirmation, Sebastian hadn’t been wholly sure until, finally that very question was quite near on the tip of his tongue. Children. Them? The whole idea of it caused his eyebrows to furrow ever so slightly in consideration. Although they were certainly capable of adoption, that lawyer part of the man could hardly help near immediately considering the difficulties that came from that. What if they did adopt and the child’s birth parents once again stepped into the babe’s life once their child became royalty? And if they did a surrogate, was he okay with a woman invading their life from an inability to let go of the child she had given birth to? Much less if he allowed the Fae King to naturally sleep with her in order to conceive in the first place. The whole idea made him bristle internally.
His gaze shifted but briefly towards his lover, the vampire was almost glad the Fae King took the initiative to respond. He had hardly expected to be given such a compliment on his own perceived ability to be a decent father, his eyebrows rose ever so slightly at those very words. It was, however that last sentiment that Dorian hardly wished to share his attention just yet, however, that prompted a grin on his features. That, he was sure, was something they could both agree on. “Sharing you with the dog is hard enough as it is.” He jested in return, only to pause and add with some measure of solemness, “However, I would not be opposed to the idea either when we decide the time is right, if it ever is.” After all, as Dorian had said, they had a near eternity before them and with no immediate need to produce an heir, the pair were given the luxury to spend their nights as they so saw fit for near as long as they saw fit before that little family unit expanded. After all, those near two years he had spent at Dorian’s side were hardly yet enough for the Englishman. For now, as it was, his whole attention was merely devoted to getting through that ceremony that would finally see them bound in matrimony.
His gaze turned slowly to that young mortal girl as she inquired after Dorian and his father’s relationship, in a more roundabout manner. It was peculiar that the Fae lacked that bond that all other species seemed to have, though he hardly questioned after it further. Rather, his attention was instead drawn to the young woman’s allusion to that age old fairy tale, one that certainly did draw some similarities between Dorian’s curse. He could hardly help that soft chuckle on his lips a# Dorian so bluntly answered that inquiry, the references so clearly lost on him. “No love, it is a French Fairytale. I am surprised you do not know of it. Le Bella et la Bete.” It was an old story. A tale as old as time, as the phrase went. He supposed, truly he had a rather lot he still had to show the King. Those Disney retellings of older, more macabre stories was surely one such thing. “I will show him it.” He quickly reassured the young woman, already preparing for that look of shock that would certainly come when Abigail realized that Dorian’s life was without such movies and books.
Fortunately, he was spared much of the young woman’s assault of questions by Arlo’s sudden announcement that he had a question. He suspected, largely, that no one at the table was truly prepared for this notion of a boy radar or Arlo’s trouble with males attracted to him. It was that very assurance that it was the man’s jeans that prompted Sebastian to mention that 90’s pop band. He could hardly help that amused look to his features as Arlo so connected the name with that euphemism for sex, the vampire quite near offering his companion an almost innocent shrug of his shoulders. Dorian’s own question of that very thing, however, caused his gaze to shift to his lover in that moment, the man wholly unable to prevent that smirk on his features. “I’ll show you later tonight.” He commented, entirely certain that such a suggestion for their later plans would go over young Abigail’s head altogether, whilst Arlo would surely not be nearly as perturbed of such a mention of sex as the young woman would. Thankfully, however, that sudden presence of dessert seemed to largely distract the pair across the table, his own nose twitched as that strawberry and chocolate creation was placed down before him.
He knew that scent near immediately, his younger ran across his bottom lip in near apprehension of such a taste. The Englishman’s gaze turned briefly towards his lover at that soft utterance. “Thank you, Ma Bichette.” He uttered softly. This, he was sure, was far more than he deserved and yet, he fully intended to indulge in that taste of blood, his spoon easily dipping into that desert with a glimpse of glee.


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