and I will love you even when we're dust amongst the stars {LAZ, DONOVAN} On January 07, 2018 at 7:34 AM by vhalla solarn

you could rattle the stars.
you could do anything,
if only you dared

Vhalla had not been to the Daray residence for several weeks now, though she hardly ignored Ellie’s phone calls and texts, realizing that the young woman could be rather… persistent. The assassin still had yet to accept those invitations over to the house to dinner, instead, she had insisted she take Ellie to a bar or diners in the surrounding areas. Though, the witch would never admit it to herself that she had been avoiding Lazarus after their last encounter. As much as the woman attempted to push that memory from her mind, the more it tended to creep up on her when she wasn’t paying attention. That night had been a first for many things for Vhalla, the woman hardly willing to ever take someone to bed of her own accord nor get entirely sloshed the way she did in front of someone. It was entirely obvious that a part of her mind had been clear that night, that she had known what she was doing and she simply chose to do it, damning the consequences that would so follow. Yet, there had hardly been any; at least not yet. She had promptly shut herself in that bathroom, locking herself in until Lazarus left as she ran from yet another problem, rather than facing it head on.

The Hunter had yet to make an appearance at her apartment since that night, and she wasn’t entirely sure if she were thankful for the solitude or not. Though, she had found herself staring at that door, hoping he would come knocking again. Something that was not going to happen she was certain. Lazarus and Vhalla had crossed a line, something had changed between them and neither were good at… talking. Heaving a sigh, Vhalla shoves her hands into her coat pockets, her nose burying itself into that red scarf, the only pop of color on her as the woman tended to wear entirely black when out and about. Today was no different, that chunky black sweater beneath that leather jacket, her jeans clinging to her hips and legs in all the right places and those ridiculously tall boots where she had hidden away her hunting daggers. The woman hardly ever leaving the warehouse without them. Rounding the corner on the street, blue eyes flick up to the familiar townhouse that she’s quickly approaching, only to pause in front of it. Part of her is torn to simply turn around and head back to the warehouse where she could continue to down those bottles of liquor, courtesy of Lazarus, but part of her knew she merely needed to stop running away from her friend.

Big deal. She slept with Elain’s brother, it didn’t change anything, it wasn’t as if Ellie knew. Plus, Vhalla had a sneaking suspicion the young woman would be thrilled if she ever found out. Steeling her shoulders, she hardens that gaze of hers as she saunters up to the door, reaching for the handle and simply pushing it open. She’s greeted by warm air as it folds around her chilled body, shivering slightly at the sudden change of temperature. Quietly shutting the door, she’s surprised to find it… quiet. Perhaps Ellie wasn’t home… or Lazarus. Her mind silently hoping he wasn’t… or he was. She couldn’t quite wrap her head around what she wanted, the confusion having so dogged her in the last couple of weeks. Shaking her head, as if she could rid it, she prowls farther into the house, her boots silent on the floor. Moving towards the kitchen, she leans her head in to do a keep sweep before her body moves towards the living room only to find a man sitting there on the couch.

Vhalla’s brows raise slightly in surprise, a hand finding her hip in that Vhalla-like fashion. Leaning against the frame of the door, “Who are you?” She asks, hardly caring that this wasn’t her home, that she had waltzed right into her friend’s home and was now demanding answers. “Ellie’s boyfriend?” She muses out loud, her blue eyes narrowing slightly as she regards the man before her, her features remaining indifferent.

Vhalla Solarn

To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered


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