We are the prey of the Beast47.42.168.193Posted On January 07, 2018 at 9:49 AM by Donovan Grey

Another cold morning, and another restful night. The second was a rarity for Donovan; Sleep was something he struggled with, simply because he was always thinking about things that happened in his life, or some that recently happened.
Silliness in his mind, but maybe it wasn’t. Perhaps Donovan just was a thinking person and somehow broke stuff down trying to analyze everything, piece by piece.
Whatever the answer was, he needed to get himself out of bed, and going.
Even though it was a lazy day today. Donovan had been all over town just walking and keeping his mind busy, even meeting a ton of new faces.
Socializing wasn’t his strong point for sure, but all in all he was making it work.

Stepping out of bed, aka the couch, he walked to the bathroom and washed his face and gave his teeth a good brushing.
After that, he applied deodorant and walked to the laundry room and slipped on form fitting blue jeans with a short sleeved black shirt, and black socks to keep his feet warm against the cold floor.
As per his daily ritual, he looked at his tattooed arms and chuckled, as everything still looked as fresh as the day the ink was applied to him.
He even looked at his neck tattoos and saw the same results.
“Just never gets old seeing those colors.”
He said aloud to himself as he clapped his hands together and made his way downstairs.

Sweeping over his surroundings, he saw that Elain and Laz had not been around, and if they were then they had done a damn good job of making it look like they hadn’t stayed around for long.
Without a second thought, he walked to the kitchen and found the coffee pot was still very warm and he helped himself to a cup with a decent splash of creamer.
Donovan would then show himself to the couch once again, and took a few sips of coffee and hummed with pleasure.
Moments later, after setting his cup down on the coffee table, he would hear the door open.
Odd, this hasn’t happened in a long time. He was usually gone before someone came home from running errands or whatever.
He listened astutely to see if he would recognize anything that would tell him it was Laz or Elain.

Except, all he heard was very light shuffling that the human ear couldn’t pick up. Someone showed themselves in, but he wasn’t about to overreact. He just sat there with a blank stare and that natural grimace on his lips.
It was then, that he saw a woman dressed in all black with lengthy boots on. Her grey hair and blue eyes were a feature he hadn’t seen before.
She asked him who he was, and all he gave was chuckle at her second question.
“Actually, no.”
He said as he would put both of his tattooed arms back against the couch and stare at her intently. Wondering who she was and why she showed herself in.

“Donovan. I’m an old friend of Laz and Elain.. and you are?”

These Voices Won't Leave Me Alone
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