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What was with these two? The animosity was on an unreal level with Vhal and Laz, so much that it was like watching a scene from a movie play out word got word. The fire was like watching a match be struck on the starter and immediately catching ablaze as the wood would slowly be consumed by the fire, only then to leave ashes or a burnt object.
And their anger towards one another was like watching two male lions on the African Plains go toe to toe with each other over territory; Fangs barred, claws slashing at each other to and fro, and bodies colliding into one another like cars crashing at great speeds.
Donovan found that he could not look away from the two when they shot nasty glares at each other, or spat words soaked in venom in each others direction.

Was this really their entire relationship? This couldn't be healthy for either one of them, but Donovan had a sinking feeling if he even tried to step in between the two of them and tried to be a mediator. But that would only mean he'd be getting burned by not only Laz, but Vhalla too. And he couldn't afford a rift like that form, and he'd do everything he could to avoid that.
Donovan snapped back to after he came out of his thoughts and looked over at Lazarus, who was giving him a lot of shit. Hunting, how comical of Laz. Donovan could see all the way through that little jab at him; Yes, it wasn't a lie that the tattooed man was a little lonely when it came to wanting a companion of sorts, but where was he going to find that? Who'd want a man with a past like his? Not everyone liked tattoos either, or men that had abrasive attitudes and remarks for everything.
“Laz...The funny thing behind your question is that you don't even know what I do or where I go. Unless you stalk me somehow, then consider me flattered by that. I never know you felt so strongly, or looked at me like that. It's almost, touching…”

Such a reply like that would surely get a reaction from Lazarus, and maybe even make Vhalla smile and not want to slice the other man's throat. Not that she'd do that to Elain, at least Donovan hoped she wasn't like that. He picked up on what Vhalla did real fast though; Cleaning up messes and what not. Sounded like she was a hitwoman of sorts that did work when it arrived on her plate and asked no questions. An almost similar type of work to what Donovan would do. Except Kat wouldn't have him ”make people disappear” per say. But if the manner had arrived and Kat needed him to do it, he would do it regardless, just in a different way… But Donovan would finally come up off the couch and grab his coffee mug and take a sip of it, as the tattooed man ruffled a brow at the pair, who went back at each other.
“Guys… I like a good fight and all, but really? Can't you two figure out how to get along just for a day or so!?”
He said this, as his animal side would show itself as he took a drink of his coffee and felt a slight burn on his tongue.
He voiced out just like a Cheetah as he looked over and felt his cheeks start to flush a cherry red… Well shit, that just happened…

These Voices Won't Leave Me Alone
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