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Ludovino Donati
It feels like I only go backwards

As the moon rose higher, the space that separated Vitani and Ludo grew more and more sparse. The exchange of conversation decreased into a soft hush, Vitani twisting her body suggestively against the Dark Hunter. He felt her soft figure against the side of his body as he made mention of the wondrous stars showered above them. The crafty vixen played the role of a caring individual exceedingly well. Especially since Ludo had one primitive thought dancing about his mind. The tension became thicker between them as Ludo swept Vitani tightly in his arms, her in surprise exclaiming “Mi viziate (You spoil me)”. “But of course,” his cool Italian lyrics whispered into the petite woman’s ear as he slipped between the mansion doors following Vitani’s pointed finger guiding them down a large sleek hallway that at the end held the master bedroom.

He tossed her gently onto the silken sheets as his first kiss met her soft supple lips. There was an instantaneous passion that ignited between the two like kindle to a fire. It was as though there was a mutual understanding between the two that what happened tonight, would be the night for it to happen. There would be no other instances of such actions between the two. Ludo knew the game that was being played before him. It was a game of cat and mouse that would leave him unsatisfied until the very end. The continuous kissing was followed by Ludo firmly grabbing Vitani’s soft platinum curls as he ventured his other palm towards Vitani’s waist. Holding her pressed close to him, he felt her assertively grab for his arms leading one southward as an invitation to continue on. There weren’t many instances where Ludo had participated in one-night stands, but for some reason this time just seemed right.
Maybe the city was finally getting to him. How this could be the connection he had been craving, yet he knew by tomorrow that the feeling would be long gone. How much could it hurt though to play the fool for one night? For him to have his emotional and physical cravings satisfied?

Right now, all that mattered to Ludo was the woman who lay in front of him at that moment. His palm slid up to reveal what was beneath the woolen sweater dress Vitani had sported. Discarding the articles of clothing that covered them both, intertwined within one another, he took in the exposed Vitani before him. He felt his blood rush as he admired such a porcelain, perfectly sculpted figure. He couldn’t help but have his hands explore every inch of her body at this point. Labored breathing becoming the noise that filled the chambers he became entangled with her. It was a long night they had spent together, one where each seemed to have their desires satisfied fully.

Usually there was a familiar light that shone right upon Ludo’s face when the sun rose. Not there, in the sterile house where there was no such window surrounding them to bounce light upon the naked bodies that lay wrapped in expensive linens. Lucky for him that morning, since his head throbbed a bit from the intake of alcohol the night before. Focusing his attention to what laid in front of him, he admired the woman with whom he spent his night wrapped around. Her skin was as soft as the silk sheets they laid upon as he went to gently stroke her small face. Watching her drowsy eyes shift into focus, he quietly spoke, “Good morning, can I make you breakfast?” He figured it would be a good exit to leave on, as well as gaining more information on her security guard detail she had innocently mentioned the night before.

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