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Ludovino Donati
It feels like I only go backwards

Ludo’s eyes lazily pried open in succession to greet the faint light streaming in from the thick curtains shutting out the outside world from the room she resided in. There a pearlescent figure laid sprawled about the bed, still half entangled with Ludo. He saw how the soft light reached her platinum day old curls that hugged around her body creating a halo effect. He couldn’t resist reaching out and petting her head, waiting for her to sleepily awake. Mostly the urge to not lay awake on his own, waiting awkwardly in a mere acquaintances house naked. As the jade green eyes fluttered open, he inquired if she would like breakfast. He always thought it was a good ice breaker for the next morning. “Sounds great, I’ll let you get ready,” he leans over to kiss her forehead and slides swiftly out of bed exposing all his chiseled features. Leaning down he grabs one part of his clothes, the rest remaining scattered about the master room floor. It was a night of passion, one he would be unlikely to forget. He was relieved though, that they both understood the disconnect that would soon happen after breakfast, or at least that was a naïve assumption for what was to follow.

He headed downstairs to the fully furnished kitchen and brainstormed some ideas for a nice quick breakfast. “Hmm,” he breathily uttered, as he scratched his stubbled chin deep in thought. Peering inside the fridge stuffed full of beautiful food, an idea popped immediately into his head. Swiftly grabbing the ingredients, he started to prepare hollandaise sauce, continuously whisking it while multi-tasking the prep work. About twenty minutes later he hears someone descending the stairs. Vitani had already completely gotten showered, dressed, and look as though she was ready to go out again. There was a part of him that was impressed by how quickly she readied herself but was a little disappointed that she didn’t reveal a more vulnerable side to her. There was a certain amount of defenseless after revealing yourself to a person that happened the morning after. He supposed it was truly Vitani’s style to remain mysterious and defensive.

Watching her slowly slide onto the bar stool seat that hugged the kitchen island, he plated the egg’s benedict with smoked salmon and arugula and sat down beside her. “Please,” he motioned for her to start eating, and he waited to start until she took her first bite. He wondered if it would suit her picky palate. Yet, as he bit into it, he was impressed. Although, bite after bite he started to pick apart and critique the dish inside his head, figuring out what exactly he could do differently. It was a critical analysis game that he played within his own mind. “How is it?” he asked, a sudden urge of curiosity for another’s opinion. From the looks of her plate, she seemed to like it. It was also a great way to start the conversation about the topic that they had briefly discussed the night before. Vitani was quick to mention the bodyguard work that she had told Ludo about. As they chit chatted he finally brought it up, asking what exactly she meant by being a bodyguard. He always liked the extra income, and he felt the job would be a great excuse for “full-time” work that way it’d be easier to cover up how much influx of money was flowing into his bank account from his missions his father gave him. He turned to her with a slight uneasiness though. “What exactly is the catch? If you don’t give me a solid answer, I’ll have to decline the offer,” he stated with a serious tone.

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