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The enormity of that single moment was hardly lost upon the Monarch. Each stroke of that fountain pen further adding to that family name Sebastian and himself had agreed upon several months before this very day. This the very first time the Fae King had ever been called upon to sign it. Dorian utterly unable to deny that sense of warmth that near fluttered about within his chest with each and every stroke of the pen. How surely he would remember this moment but all his life. How satisfying it was to see his new name so penned upon that official paper. That warm simper tugging at his lips at the sight of it before that pen was handed to his lover in turn. Dorian so allowing the silver off his gaze to linger upon that paper once more as Sebastian saw to adding his own moniker to that document in turn. It was surely foolish of him to feel so decidedly emotive over the sight of a name and yet he could hardly deny how simply wonderful it looked to share that name with his companion.

His own figure shifted away from the vampire only once those names had been penned. Dorian taking up his own place beside His Holiness now to commence the final part of that ceremony and the part, he suspected, might cause any real genuine sense of nervousness within his lover. To ask Sebastian to take him as a husband was one matter, to have the vampire willing take on a country was another matter entirely. While the pair had surely discussed that coronation at length, Dorian so affording his lover but every chance to ask as many questions as he desired to so prompt his further confidence in taking up that mantle the very significance of that title of Prince, he knew, weighed heavily upon the vampire all the same. Sebastian was not the sort of man to take any vow lightly. He was, much as Dorian, born in a time when the words of a man meant a great deal and those responsibilities he took on were taken with a great sense of seriousness. Sebastian, he knew, fully intended to live up to those very vows even if the vampire was surely apprehensive about them in any sense. To ask a man to be a Prince was no small task. That Sebastian was willing to stand at his side not only as his husband but as a fellow ruler in turn meant a truly great deal to the Fae King. Their marriage, after all, was a love marriage. One entered into by choice alone rather then duty or obligation. An arranged marriage was so often based upon the suitability of his bride as a Queen and those political aspirations such a union might afford him. Any such woman having been trained from birth to take on that roll within the Monarchy. Sebastian had chosen, of his own free will, to take up such a position. Dorian once, so never having believed he might find another willing to share that burdan. His love for his husband impossibly great in that singular moment. That reassuring smile offered to him all the same. Whatever they would do in this life from now on, no matter what it might be, they would surely do together.

“Breathe, love.”

He offered softly, those words surely just loud enough for that vampiric hearing. Dorian returning those gentle words of reassurance then as the Pope begun those vows of royalty and leadership that would so see Sebastian take up his place as a ruler of Italy beside him. Sebastian’s own voice rung clearly out in response to that first vow, Dorian placing that royal ring upon his finger and sliding it smoothly into place. That second vow too, one that called for mercy and justice readily prompting that reassuring promise from the vampire. Dorian fixing that decorative sword to his lovers waist, one that would, forevermore, be called upon to be worn at any official ceremony. It was that final vow however- and the edition of that royal crown- that seemed to prompt that almost fleeting look of anxiety in the vampire. Dorian’s desire to reach for him almost overwhelming in that moment and yet he held his place all the same least he interrupt that ceremony. Sebastian’s voice was slightly quieter then before and yet that promise came all the same, that new crown placed upon the man's head. Dorian so at last permitted to take his hand once more, lacing his fingers in his lovers own to turn and face that crowd. The Pope so at last announcing them by those new names and titles- introducing them to that crowd as husbands.

That grin that found his lips at even those simple words was surely clear, one that seemed near mirrored upon his lovers own features, that squeeze of his hand readily returned in kind. That music suddenly filling those halls as the congregation stood to applaud once more. That soft chuckle of delight humming from his own lips then before Sebastian so subtly gestured toward that aisle. The Fae King’s head nodded in turn. Dorian willing to allow his husband to lead them back down that aisle and toward those doors. The man offering those nods and warm smiles to those beings they passed even if he was sure he hardly recognised any of them. They had no sooner stepped out of those doors then the flash of cameras and the roar of the public seemed to meet them. That crowd, impossibly, seemed to have grown even larger. Dorian’s own gaze widening in surprise and yet his attention was so quickly drawn to that all-too glorious carriage and those horses harnessed to it. How much he adored those golden fittings! The gilded edges and Italian colours only adding to its appearance. Dorian eagerly following Sebastian towards it before stepping up and into it with a decided care so as not to become entangled within his royal cape before the vampire joined him. That sound of hooves so drew his attention then. That Hunter Mounted Unit guiding several of its men and horses to take up those positions two-abreast behind that carriage if only to make that procession all the more glorious as they headed back towards their Palace. That excited crowd pressing at the barriers all around.

“Heavens but I think this is half of all of Italy.”

He commented simply. The Monarch so having anticipated crowds and yet, even he had failed to anticipate this many people. Still, he could hardly remember the last time he had travelled by carriage. Not since his earliest days! That very ride a decided nod to both their shared pasts within such an age and one Dorian found himself immensely enjoying. That carriage so parading the long way around if only to afford that crowd more of a chance to glimpse a sight of the pair before at last gliding through those gates. That procession of Hunters and horses easily followed, along with those cars carrying those guests invited to attend that reception. That carriage had no sooner arrived at those front doors then those footman and his own household staff eagerly appeared to receive them, those ready congratulations echoing all around. Several of them coming forward to shake Sebastian and his own hand before guiding them inside. That Palace a flurry of activity. Dorian rather assured, one day, he might even be permitted to speak to Sebastian and yet, there was at least one more task to be completed before that reception. His own PA, Emma, dressed to the nines in her dress and gloves was already rushing toward them to usher them upstairs and toward that balcony that overlooked the front of that palace. Your Majesty, Your Highness, you are at least thirty six seconds late for you balcony appearance and kiss Dorian could so hardly prevent that playful roll of his eyes.

“Shall I have a word with the horses about their lacking performance?”

Such words were offered with nothing save for playfulness and yet Emma hardly seemed amused. Dorian chuckling softly all the same as Sebastian and himself paused before those double doors that open out onto that balcony that had so traditionally been used as the stage for that very first kiss the world at large might be permitted to witness. Dorian readily holding his hand out to Sebastian once more. Emma, in her usual flurry, attempting to hurry Matteo, Alexander and Giles to that balcony in turn. Alexander, he was sure, seeming to walk deliberately slowly up those stairs if only to fluster the woman further. Dorian so attempting not to allow that amusement to show. That wedding party at last assembled as those doors were opened. Dorian turning toward his lover once more.

“This will be the very moment on the front of every newspaper and television set. I quite think we should make it a splendid one. Are you ready, Mon Cher?”

He stepped easily forward then and onto that balcony. The true number of people present becoming apparent for the first time. Emma leaning forward then to assure them the official number was well over a million. That cheering near akin to a roar that seemed to echo upon that sea of people. Each and every one of them so here today to see Sebastian and himself. Dorian so lifting his hand to wave then, affording that crowd his full attention even despite those overwhelming numbers before at last returning his attention to Sebastian once more. How bizarre it was to consider that, once, their relationship had been such a secretive thing. Those more intimate gestures and touches reserved entirely for behind closed doors and yet, here and now, the very eyes of the world were upon them in anticipation of that singular gesture. Dorian so offering Sebastian that warm simper before at last leaning forward to meet the man's lips with his own in that kiss that was far more chaste and fleeting then he desired in any sense and yet- the roar of that crowd was near deafening in response!

“Hmmm, I think they liked it.”

Such words were little more than playful a whisper as he pulled softly away at last. Dorian lifting his hand to wave once more before Emma so finally allowed them to return indoors. Sebastian and himself the last to leave that balcony. Dorian almost pleased for the relative quiet of the inside of the palace. Those duties, however, were so hardly over yet. Dorian no sooner having stepped inside then those official wedding photographs were required. The pair and their wedding party directed to several different areas of that palace and gardens in turn to take more photographs then Dorian was assured had ever been taken of anyone before. A final photograph of himself, Sebastian, Matteo and Alexander taken before the photographer announced himself finished and that he would return later in the evening to have them select which photograph would be released by the palace itself as the official photograph of the day. Benito appearing then to direct them to one of the palaces spare waiting rooms to ready themselves for that reception. That door, at last, softly closed behind them. Leaving the pair alone, even if only for twenty minutes or so, before they were anticipated downstairs. Dorian so finally taking that opportunity to breath and remove that royal cape. The Monarch gently laying it down upon one of those plush couches for the servants to collect and store. That ceremonial sword was removed in turn to be laid beside it, that crown carefully placed upon the table. Only that royal ring left in place. Dorian’s shoulders rolling reflectively now they were free of the weight of that cloak. His gaze turning toward Sebastian then, the vampires back to him as he removed that sword and crown in turn. The Monarch unable to lessen that warm simper upon his lips.


He waited only so long as it took the vampire to turn, Dorian crossing that room in barely two strides before throwing his arms about his husbands neck in that clear and joyous affection, his lips meeting Sebastian's own in that far more fervent, passionate kiss. The very sort of kiss he had longed to give the man since that moment he had seen him within the church. Dorian hardly hurried in so ending this kiss. His arms remaining easily bout the vampires neck when he so finally lent away.

“I forgot how to walk when I saw you standing at that alter. You looked so very perfect. I have been dying to kiss you like that since that very moment and yet the world seems determined not to give me even a moment alone with my husband.”

His Royal Majesty

Dorian Aragona

The King of Italy


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