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Arlo James

See what it's like to be a vulture's lunch

To say he hadn’t been nervous about that upcoming concert would surely have been a lie. Arlo had done nothing but practice for weeks in the lead up to that big day. Abby, he was sure, was sick of hearing those songs. Arlo having played barely anything else since Dorian had sent him that list of music and he had met that young vampire woman whom had lent her voice to the occasion. It had taken at least a week for his own style of playing to tailor itself to Chizue’s method of singing and yet, once they’d finally gotten in sync with one another Arlo was mostly sure they had sounded pretty good. At least- Abby said they did. Although the vampire largely suspected Abby would have told him he sounded good if he was banging a stick inside a trash can if only to be supportive. Still, he appreciated her assurance all the same- and the use off her home. Those hours spent dedicated to learning those notes hardly viable in his own apartment with its rather close neighbours.

That trip to Italy, in the least, had been exciting for them both. That accomodation at the palace equally so. Arlo had never seen anything like that palace. The vampire having spent most of those first few days afraid to touch anything lest he somehow got into trouble for it. His and Abby’s room was bigger than his whole house. Every second thing made of gold or silver of some other amazing material and the staff! They had actual staff! Those maids and manservants constantly asking them if they needed anying or wanted anything. Arlo eventually having started to feel bad when he didn’t need their assistance- enough so as to prompt the man to ask them for whatever came to mind if only so they felt useful. After all, they always seemed so disappointed when he assured them he was fine. Then again, he and Abby had ended up with a ridiculous amount of obscure items in their room after he kept ordering them. Maybe he could ask them to take all the stuff away? That was still a job right?

By the time that wedding day had arrived Arlo was mostly sure he felt ready, mostly, the man still having a habit of fiddling with his tie until Abby quite promptly told him off for it and tied it all over again. It was choking him. He was sure of it and yet he managed to forget about it within that church. He couldn’t even remember the last time he’d been in a church. A part of him largely pleased that he hadn’t exploded into flames or something. Seb had assured him the day before that it really was more of a myth then any real truth that vampires were unable to stand on holy ground and yet a part of the Crusnik was unconvinced all the same. At least until he found himself sitting in that seat and not on fire. The appearance of those crowns towards the end of that ceremony readily saw him nudge his Little Bear then. Arlo hardly having forgotten that conversation on just where King’s kept crowns from that night those weeks ago when he’d finally asked her to go out with him. Maybe it was kinda fitting they were here for Seb and Dorian’s big day, after all, it was Seb and Dorian’s dinner invitation that had finally pushed them together.

Arlo rose easily from his seat as Seb and Dorian passed to head back down that aisle, his hands clapping eagerly together, that grin readily upon his own features. The man having forgotten to even be nervous for his own performance in those few moments before he glanced back towards Abby once more. He’d been distracted by that dress she’d been wearing all day. It was….perfect and by far the loveliest thing he’d ever seen her wear. He’d even remembered, this time, to tell her just how good she looked when she’d stepped out of that room all dressed today. Seb would have been proud. In fact, he’d told her how good she looked several times over. A part of him still not entirely capable of processing it. She was so…..sexy. God. These were not at all the sorts of thoughts you were supposed to have in a church or a cathedral or whatever the hell this giant religious building was.

His hand reached out to Abby’s own then, leading her after the rest of those guests and to those waiting cars to take them to that reception. It was only once they had found their table and he was sure Abby was comfortable (and that everyone in the room knew exactly who she was here with because that vampiric possessiveness had been on fire over her of late) that Arlo headed for that stage where Chizue was waiting to pick up his own guitar. That first wail was no more than a test of sorts to make sure that perfect Red-Panda decorated machine was in working order. Several of those wait staff shooting him glances as those crystal glasses shook with the vibrations. Aright. Maybe he should turn it down a little. God he hadn’t played in front of people in song long and now here they were all….looking at him. His gaze easily found Abigail’s own in that crowd then. The simple sight of her proving to be a ready distraction. A part of the vampire determined to impress her alone. His fingers finally finding those strings before the first of those songs began to play, his head nodded towards Chizue that he was surely ready as she picked up that tune. Seb and Dorian arriving a few minutes later.

That first song lasted several minutes, Arlo managing to find a grin for those cameras that flashed towards him, his fingers shifting to begin that second song as people began to spread out in that reception room to enjoy that food or great the couple itself. God he’d missed this. Even if it wasn’t exactly the high energy rock concert he was used too. He enjoyed this, all of it, every part of it. Seb had even promised to play one song with them. Arlo looking forward to getting close to that band he was sure they could form and take over the world with even if Seb remained...reluctant. It was only once that receiving line had lessened a little and that second song was finished that Arlo let those last notes fade. The young vampire content to let those backup musicians take over for a few minutes to let Abby and himself say their own hello to that couple. Arlo easily dismounting that stage to head back towards Abby then, his hand held out to her own.

“C’mon babe, lets say hi or congratulations or whatever it is you say before my next set. I know I said this before like five times already, but you really do look good in that dress.”

That boyish, lopsided grin found his features again as they joined the end of the line. Arlo’s gaze lingering on those ice sculptures and the chocolate fountain nearby. Human food wasn’t exactly his thing and yet ever since that dinner he’d been….more interested in trying it again. Even without Seb’s blood included. Maybe he’d even try some of that chocolate. His gaze wandered briefly to a vampire woman holding a baby. She smelled...appealing and yet Arlo had gone to every length to assure he wasn’t hungry today, at least, not at any unbearable level. Still, even he could hardly deny Abby smelled quite good today too. Despite Were not being his usual favoured flavour. Any further thoughts on food was briefly forgotten as they reached the front of that line. Arlo eagerly reaching for Dorian and Seb’s hand in turn to shake them.

“Congrats on the whole marriage thing, it was pretty impressive,I mean, Ab’s and I were really impressed. I gotta say though, they totally fuck-er….messed up your bird statue there Dorian, bud. I think they stuck an eagle on a lion's body or something. I mean it still looks badass though.”

That a Griffin was supposed to look like that had clearly never occurred to him, Arlo giving Dorian and Abby that moment to discuss those flower arrangements that both totally seemed taken with as the younger vampire turned his attention to Seb once more. Arlo offering that vampire child nearby a curious look. She seemed almost familiar and yet for now he paid her little attention.

“Seriously bud, your wedding was great. I’m real happy for you. You both looked perfect up there. I even told Ab’s how good she looked today. I’m on fire today.”


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