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Sebastian Ellington-Aragona

His Royal Highness, Prince of Italy

Sebastian cared, admittedly, distinctly little for those affairs that surrounded his own wedding. As far as he was concerned, they could have merely eloped in some foreign country with an astounding intimate ceremony. He had never, in his wildest dreams, anticipated the extravagance that came with tonight, even though he had seen most of the particulars on paper. The applause from their guests brought an almost bashful grin upon the Englishman’s features as Dorian’s fingers intertwined within his own, only to lead the pair towards that congregation of guests that so eagerly wished to embrace them. His crystalline blue eyes but briefly met the silver hue of his lover’s own before that first familiar face stepped forward with outstretched hand.

Sebastian was hardly prepared for that sudden appearance of that young vampire as she skirted around his own business partner, abruptly interrupting the man with her own gleeful declaration. Usually, Sebastian tended to avoid his maker rather than engage in her childish antics and yet, tonight, even he had to admit she had been the picture of perfection. His wedding, and in turn his own good nature, had yet to be ruined by any sort of tantrum. A warm simper settled upon the vampire’s features as the young woman showed off that dress he had purchased just for her. Though he had seen it the night they had picked it out, and again when they’d picked it up after alterations, the vampire remained nothing short charming. “You look lovely, darling.” He reassured her. Sebastian was hardly surprised that she found that wedding ceremony insufferable. Truly, even he was amazed at how well she had behaved among that inevitable boredom. Even he could hardly help that chuckle upon his lips at that childish whine and yet, that inquiry of another wedding saw his gaze shift towards his lover again. “Definitely not another.” The man agreed, at least until he was offered that French sweet within her hand. “Oh! Yes, please.” He commented, taking that macaroon from her hand. He hardly had long to savor it, however, before the familiar face of Dorian’s fellow fae stepped up behind the young woman.

Troy & Amelia
Sebastian took that moment in which Dorian’s hand settled within Troy’s own to swallow that bite he’d taken of that macaroon. “Thank you, Troy.” He responded, his own hand fit in Troy’s, only for his gaze to turn towards the vampiric woman and the child held closely against her. Sebastian remembered well that very night in which they had been ushered abruptly from their household, ending their dinner prematurely. He watched as those little fingers reached out towards Dorian, that intent altogether clear in that grasping of her hand towards the fae Monarch. His own hand slightly tightened around Dorian’s own, the man altogether glad his husband hardly reached out to take that grasping hand. As much as Sebastian hated to admit it, those more animalistic instincts were particularly strong when it came to that possessiveness he held over Dorian. That delicate situation, frankly, saw the vampire remain silent, freely allowing Dorian to take the lead on that conversation as he watched that bubbly young child.

Tobias & Raven
Thankfully, he was saved from any great dwelling upon that peculiar child but the sudden presence of a face he hardly recognized. The intensity of that judgmental stare alone drew his striking blue eyes towards the peculiar fellow as he approached them. Perhaps he was one of Dorian's guests? His gaze briefly shifted towards his husband in an entirely inquisitive fashion and yet, he was hardly equipped for the rather abrupt celebratory sentiment. The volume of it alone caught the vampire by surprise, much less the fact that such phrasing hardly coincided with what they were celebrating. "Uh….thanks?" He offered, his tone pitched in an almost questioning fashion. His attention shifted towards his husband at those hushly uttered words and yet, all Sebastian could do was offer the man an almost helpless shrug. He, after all, had little idea at all who the man was or why he did…..what he did. The woman that appeared within his wake was met with an equally blank look upon Sebastian's features as she swiftly voiced her own congratulations only to stutter a promise that he'd 'be good'. Clearly, they were both one of Dorian's guests, considering how friendly she had greeted his lover. His bright blue eyes turned back towards the King in that ever present questioning fashion.

Arlo & Abby
Thankfully, Sebastian was saved from any further peculiar interactions with the strange couple by the familiar faces of a couple he quite found he thoroughly enjoyed. A warm grin spread across his features as his hand fit into Arlo's own. "Thank you, Arlo. We're glad to have you both here." He responded in the wake of those congratulations. The mention of that ice sculpture, however, caused his own gaze to shift towards the griffon upon the table and yet, before he could even speak, the young woman beside Arlo pipped up to correct her companion. That soft chuckle left his own lips as his bright blue eyes turned towards Abigail. "You do look absolutely ravishing, Abigail." He informed the young woman, only for his gaze to skirt back towards Arlo. Frankly, he was glad the young vampire had finally worked up the courage to ask after dating the woman, judging by the pair's closeness. He was rather content, in those moments after, to discuss their shared love for music as his husband so busied himself with the prospect of plants. Arlo, it seemed, was determined to remind him of that promise to play with the plan and the young japanese popstar he had coaxed to sing for them.He was almost remiss, truly, to have to say goodbye to the couple and yet, there were still several other guests that waited so patiently for their attention.

That rather familiar greeting his husband received from their next guest, however, caused the vampire's eyebrow to raise ever so slightly. Never, had he seen any individual greet his husband so…casually. He hadn't realized Dorian had gotten so close with someone else, particularly without Sebastian ever once meeting the fellow. That hand thrusted towards him, however, was met with a firm shake of his own. "Thank you." The Englishman responded, the man ever courteous even despite the simple fact that the fellow was a stranger - a stranger he felt the nagging sensation of knowing from somewhere. His gaze slowly shifted towards the young woman at Dareios' side. "Good Evening, Miya, you look lovely tonight." Sebastian uttered and yet, his nose twitched ever so slightly, he knew that scent from somewhere too. How...curious. His name upon Dorian's lips, however, quickly garnered his attention as his lover made an effort to properly introduce the pair. The mayor. Of course. "Ahhh, it is nice to finally meet you, I have heard quite a lot about you. Thank you for the chest, it's magnificent." Truly, he had heard quite a bit of the man, even if Sebastian had taken strikingly little interest in the political affairs of Sacrosanct. At the very least, Dorian had spoken of him before. The fae King seemed to enjoy his time with the public official and, in turn, it alone easily prompted the vampire's more affable nature.

Isolt & Damon
His attention, however, deviated at the sight of that near ethereal frame that moved towards them with striking grace. Isolt was striking as ever in that evening gown, a very vision from heaven itself. A warm simper crossed Sebastian's features as he embraced her petite figure, his arms easily enveloping her. "Isolt, my darling, you look enchanting." He uttered softly, his breath surely warm against her ear as the woman offered him a chaste kiss upon the cheek in return. He was well aware, in that moment, the effect that small brush of affection had upon his Supreme's fiance, regardless of the fact that Sebastian's interests were now quite clearly placed elsewhere. Even so, he hardly saw any reason to let Damon's demeanor sour his own mood as Isolt pulled away from him. "Ah, Isolt, this is Dorian, my husband, Dorian, this is my Supreme." His own body shifted within that moment, his left hand settled upon his lover's waist in that small glimpse of affection he held for the Italian Monarch. After all, it would hardly do for Isolt to be the only individual to receive his attention upon his wedding night, even if that action was an entirely subconscious gesture of reassurance. He watched in silence as Damon extended his hand to Dorian, that greeting far more polite then he had expected out of the fellow and yet, quite on cue, the Italian Prince found himself greeted with but one singular word. "Damon." He responded simply, his head dipped ever so slightly before those bright blue eyes shifted towards the Monarch at his side with an almost pointed look - as if to suggest he had hardly been overexhaggerating his thoughts on the fellow vampire. Thank God they didn't have to spend the whole evening with just them alone.

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