Expose yourself to your darkest fears, only then will you be truly free. (Tetty, Tobi) On December 08, 2015 at 4:29 PM by Willow Malloy

Expose yourself to your darkest fears,

It had been so long since Willow was able to just calmly walk around her apartment without fear of being found and dragged back to that hell hole, for some reason Willow can't seem to place the men looking for her had all disappeared in the last few days and this had given the girl time to relax. Even though the men had disappeared it didn't stop the nightmares from coming night after night which is what led to the young woman moving about her kitchen baking whatever sugary delight she could think of. She had spent the whole night baking and it the sun was now gracing the sky with its beauty. This had become a thing for her, if the pale haired woman couldn't sleep she would rise and bake her way threw her cook books till the sun came up. She was currently standing in the kitchen the radio on as she danced around in her pj pants and a tank top her white hair being held up by a bandana a few strains falling out of place from her dancing about, with a few spots of flour on her person Willow looked just like a little baker.

Willow could feel the heat beginning to rise in her small apartment and took a moment to move across the kitchen and pull one of her windows open sighing contently when the cool air rolled in from outside. Even with the sun up the winter cold was still fresh in the air and began making it nice and cool in the apartment, the smell of cookies and brownies mixed with the smell of fresh winter air as Willow went back to her baking, another smile on her lips. Willow had been so focused on the next batch of cookies she jumped slightly when the timer went off signalling that the cookies in the oven ever cooked. The paled haired woman moved a few things off of the island counter in her kitchen before pulling on her light blue oven mitts before pulling the oven open and pulling out the cookies. The smell of chocolate and caramel took over the small apartment quickly as she placed them down onto the counter smiling softly.

There was only one problem Willow had when it came to baking all night long and it wasn't having to sleep during the day, Willow had a very small stomach and barely ate in the first place so when Willow when on these baking spree's she tried to eat them but they always went into the trash. Hmm maybe she would donate them to a home or some shit.


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Only then will you truly be free.


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