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Sacrosanct is an open world fantasy rpg. We've provided a bit of a background for you, especially in regards to the species but generally it's completely up to you and other players to shape this world! We want to see what you can do. We want to leave things up to your imagination and as of such we have very few rules against any plots. If you get a group of players together who want to do something dramatic, players who all agree to it together, we're not going to say no! This is your world!

General Rules



General Fairies, often called the spirits of the dead, are immortal creatures in the aspect that they will never die of natural causes. That said, iron is an extremely harmful substance to the fae folk. The smallest of touches can burn their flesh and prolonged exposure may kill them. Fairies are generally stealthy creatures, being far nimbler then the other races.
Becoming a Fairy Fairies may be born from two fae parents or a fae and human parents. With any other species, the fae gene tends to be more recessive to the point where it almost never occurs. Humans can also become fairies through a painful and rather terrifying ritual. First, the human is kidnapped by the fae race for a week's time before being ritualistically killed at which point they are brought back to life as a spirit of their former self - also known as a fairy in this instance. Fairies often do not have the same strong bond between themselves and their maker as other races do.
Appearance Fairies appear human for all intents and purposes. However, they are often smaller and thinner in stature then the other races. Fairies are also distinguishable by their pointed ears - most of the time this difference is subtle. Fairies are also the only race that may fly. Not all fairies are born with this ability (as it is a race specific power), but fairies that can fly have transparent wings that are only present during flight. However, those that are capable of flight often choose not to if only because it makes it far easier for Dark Hunters to distinguish them and, often times a spotted fae is hunted down and killed.
Monarchy Gatherings of faries are often called monarchies which are ruled by one king and queen fae. To create a monarchy, the members of royalty should submit an update through the updates page with the kingdom's name and the names of their fellow fairies.

Dark Hunters

General Dark Hunters generally have very long lives though they are by no means immortal. However, no one knows how long a Dark Hunter truly lives because, well, most just don't make it that long. Dark Hunters are the Hunters of other races. They are the checks and balances of the supernatural world. Dark Hunters can usually identify their prey with one look, however, other supernatural species can also easily identify a Dark Hunter. Usually, this works within the Dark Hunter's favor as this race has become the nightmares of the supernatural.
Becoming a Hunter Becoming a Dark Hunter is not an easy task. To become a Dark Hunter, the individual must be on the edge of death. A Dark Hunter must then willingly give their blood to the dying individual. Many do not survive the transformation into a Dark Hunter because they must first heal from this near death experience before they gain their perks of their new species.
Appearance Dark Hunters are usually quite fit and well trained in the art of combat. They generally have heightened senses, increased strength and endurance, and can heal faster then their mortal counterparts. Most Dark Hunters feel compelled to teach their proteges the art of killing the other species if only because becoming a Dark Hunter is practically a death sentence in itself.
Council Some Dark Hunters choose to hunt on their own while others may choose to hunt for the overseeing council.


General Vampires are immortal in the aspect that they will never die from natural causes. Vampires are, however, nocturnal unless they possess the rare ability to day walk (which may be received as a power). Natural sunlight will burn a vampire if they stay out within it for more then a few minutes. Should they continue to remain in the sunlight, a vampire can die. Silver may weaken or hurt a vampire but if you want to ensure a vampire is dead, a stake to the heart will do the trick. In general, vampires crave human blood, however, there are some that may seek out alternatives such as the blood of animals for substance.
Becoming a Vampire Humans may become a vampire if they are bitten by a vampire, drained entirely of their blood, and then given the blood of the vampire. A vampire has a special connection to their creator. They will feel compelled to answer their creator's call, may inherit their creator's abilities, and will feel inclined to save their creator no matter the costs. The loss of a creator is devastating for a vampire.
Appearance Vampire eye colors may change to unnatural colors when drinking blood. They can generally be identified by their pale skin tone and sharpened canine teeth (aka: fangs). Vampires possess enhanced senses in comparison to humans including enhanced healing abilities. A vampire’s blood contains healing properties that can be used on others if the vampire decides to be generous.
Covens Covens may be created if the coven leader has a minimum of two followers. To create a coven, the coven leader should submit an update through the updates page with the coven's name and the names of their followers.

Witches & Warlocks

General Witches and Warlocks generally have a normal lifespan that can be extended with the many spells they are capable of performing. These spells are generally what make witches unique. All spells fall within one of the five elemental categories: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Aethar. Witches are the only race that have this elemental affinity and can manipulate the elements. Witches and Warlocks also observe eight solar holidays that may effect their magical strength within an elemental category. Be on the look out for when these holidays occur on our front page.
Becoming a Witch/Warlock Humans can only become a witch/warlock under the tutelage of another witch/warlock. At the beginning, their spells will be extremely weak. Over time, their spells will increase in power as magic takes ahold of the individual.
Appearance On first appearances, witches and warlocks seem no different then humans. However, this species does have a defining mark on their body (up to the players preference on where) to denote their magical affinity. Witches and Warlocks, unlike any other species, are also marked by their silver blood due to their association with magic. This makes their blood a widely sought commodity even amongst their own species because of it's nature to strengthen spell workings.
Covens Covens may be created if the coven leader has a minimum of two followers. To create a coven, the coven leader should submit an update through the updates page with the coven's name and the names of their followers.


General Were-creatures live a natural but usually healthy lifespan. Were-creatures can generally heal faster then humans but silver weakens them. Decapitation is generally the best way to kill a were-creature.
Becoming a Were A human may become a were-creature if they are bitten by another were-creature or born of were-parents. Due to this, mythical were creatures such as dragons and unicorns do not exist in this world.
Appearance Were-creatures usually appear entirely human when they are, well, in their human form. In their animal form they may look no different then other creatures of their species. This means you won't see a werewolf running around on two legs - they'd look no different then a natural wolf. An exception to this occurs within their markings. A were-creature may have any markings or colors desired, natural or otherwise.
Shifting Weres who were recently turned may only shift during the full moon and may not recover from the shift for hours or days. The longer an individual is a were-creature, the more they can shift at their will, without the moon, and with less recovery time needed. Weres cannot vocally talk when shifted unless they obtain mental communication as a power. In their animal form, weres can communicate with others of their species. Weres may not partial shift unless they obtain it as a power.
Packs All gatherings of were-creatures are usually ran by an alpha and his mate, followed by the alpha's chosen second and third, and finally, the rest of the pack. Packs may be animal specific or contain multiple species. Rifts may form between packs of a single species and packs of multiple species. Packs cannot be formed without a minimum of two followers. When a pack is formed, the alpha should submit an update with their two followers (excluding their mate) and their pack's name.


General Humans are exactly what you think - mortal. This means they have average lifespans, are susceptible to disease and injure easily. Fortunately for humans, they outnumber the supernatural population greatly. Points earned by human characters can be used toward gaining potions (often a one-time use) enhancements, boons, or powers (that has a time frame).
Groups Humans can create groups, such as general crime gangs, hate gangs, and even groups that support the existence of other species. To create a group, the group leader should submit an update through the updates page with the name of their group and their two followers.

Please note that all species may also belong but not lead NPC groups. To update your profile with this information, submit an update specifying that this group is an NPC led group.


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