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Ezra Human70182Posted On May 28, 2014 at 1:51 PM by Ezra

A thunderous roar makes all present fall silent, the obsidian panther padding forward with a scowl upon his facade, glaring at the female interloper who had come to my aide.

But then his gaze is upon me, and something stark within them makes my fur bristle indignantly. He stares me down hard, demanding to know what it is I seek, clearly disbelieving of my words.

I felt my heart harden against unspoken accusations. What did he mean, what do I Seek? This was My forest! My Home. They were the invaders here! Gathering my courage I stood to my full height, I was still a couple inches shorter then the large black cat, but I held my head high and proud, ears flicking back to flatten against my skull.

"I could ask You the same thing!" I growled back at him, surprised even at myself for the strength that has suddenly stolen possession of my voice. "This forest is my Home. You are in My territory here...."

I glanced around at the three of them. Maybe I was outnumbered, but I was no coward.

"Tell me, when someone comes traipsing into Your home unannounced, do you simply sit by and let them take over the place, or would you go investigate as well?"

It's about this time I notice the very primal way in which my attacker is eyeballing me, looking me over like a juicy gazelle on the serenghetti. When he speaks, the words cause my muzzle to crinkle back in another sneer, long luxuriant plume lashing with agitation. Something told me his idea of 'play' wasn't much better then his game of 'fetch' had been.

I feel my claws unsheathe, extending to score tiny trenches into the soil at my feet.

"Touch my again and I'll rip that nasty look right off your face you Creeper!" It wasn't a threat, it was an absolute promise! I hated when others touched me, I hated feeling their memories flood my mind, the nausea that accompanies the spinning of thoughts and names, faces and places and details. It was a wonder I hadn't thrown up all over the bastard the first time he'd man-handled me. It was only the saving grace of my instincts for self preservation that spared me the turbulent maelstrom of his personal life story the first go around.

Only the female of the trio seemed at all friendly. At least someone in the bunch had a level head on her shoulders, it figures it'd be the female. She sidles up alongside the larger black brute, speaking in soft hushed tones to both males before stepping forward with a regal air to her posture and a smooth, fluid charm to her words.

Still, I regarded her with unease. She appeals to my better nature if only because she is far gentler then her masculine counter-parts, and I owe her a debt of thanks for alleviating me of that brutish brother of hers. Ears flick forward as she approaches, my coat smoothing as the hostility of my pose becomes more lax and serene.

I give a pensive expression as she inquires of my name, feeling altogether exasperated and wishing I'd just stayed in my cave with my treasures. I sure as Hell wasn't interested in being interrogated, but there was no help for it now... and at least the female had the good sense to be polite and somewhat kind. Did I really wish to give away such information? These guys weren't really getting anywhere gaining my trust, but then again I could see the truth of her words and how my actions were construed as suspicious.

after several moments consideration, I finally indulge myself on a sigh and gift her with an answer.

"My name is Ezra. And you are?"

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